Gift Ideas for the Marvelous Man in Your Life

Cocktail Shakers and More! The Top 7 Must-Have Gifts for the Man in Your Life

Cocktail Shakers and More! The Top 7 Must-Have Gifts for the Man in Your Life

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to give a unique gift to your guy, as unique as he is. Opt for a gift that he’ll cherish for years to come. A gift that will bring you to mind each time he sees it or uses it. And forego giving something temporary and disposable, such as a boxer bouquet or a box of chocolates. We’ve compiled our top seven must-have gifts for the man in your life, that will leave him feeling loved and adored. Afterall, isn’t that what Valentine’s Day is all about?

1. Cocktails with Class:- For the man that loves to host and show his master mixing skills, a Classic Cocktail Shaker is the ideal gift. Whether he prefers more traditional beverage such as an Old Fashion or a Sazerac, or he enjoys keeping up with a more modern libation, such as Devil’s Martini or a Dark Side, the Julia Knight Classic Cocktail Shaker is not only beautiful but it’s also created to be fantastically functional. Easy to use, chic and stylish, he’ll definitely be up for creating his favorite cocktail for himself and you!

Classic Cocktail Shaker

2. Valet, Please!:- Every man needs a go-to place to stash his keys, wallet, sunglasses and cell phone. And no one has a larger collection of unique, one-of-a-kind dapper catch-all trays and bowls than Julia Knight. The perfect valet can be utilized on a table, as you enter your home, on a dresser, nightstand or even a shelf in the closet. No matter where he keeps his goodies, we have a style to suit his needs. Consider the rustic ruggedness of the Eclipse Collection with the Stackable Square Trays in a 3”, 9” or even a 13” size. Does he need a little more space? The Eclipse 14” Tray will definitely leave him with room to spare. Does a like a more classic styling? The Classic 14.5” Petite Bowl Tray is elegant and yet spacious enough to collect all grab-and-go items.

Another gorgeous alternative is the Classic 6.5” Pagoda Bowl. The unique shape of the bowl is deep enough to hold a plethora of items while still looking like an absolute piece of art. If he gathers a large collection of small scale items in his pockets, consider something with edges, such as the Cascade 9” Guest Towel Tray or the Classic Guest Towel Tray. Both of these trays will easily contain all his goodies and the scale of both styles will suit a variety of locations in his home.

Eclipse Collection 

3.Show Him How Nuts You are for Him:- Julia Knight is well known for her sophisticated yet spirited figural serveware and the Squirrel Collection is a happy example of how wonderful her pieces are. The Squirrel 3” Bowl is playfully petite, and perfect to hold a ring or car key. Place by the sink and serve as a temporary place holder for luxury jewelry, while he washes his hands or the dishes. Show him how nuts you are for him, and give him the Squirrel 8” Nut Bowl filled with sweet and spicy pecans or rich and meaty walnuts. To take the gift over the edge more than it already is, set him up with a monthly subscription of carefully curated nuts that can be mailed directly to his home or office.

Eclipse Collection

4.Don’t be Vain!:- Clear the clutter and gather all his frequently used toiletries in one easy location in the bathroom or powder room. If he enjoys a cleaner more updated look, select either the Cascade 9” Guest Towel Tray or the Cascade 12” Vanity Tray from the Cascade Bath Collection. For a more traditional viewpoint, choose the Classic 12” Vanity Tray or the Classic 9” Guest Towel Tray. Both of these trays will easily contain all his goodies and the scale of both styles will suit a variety of locations in his home, not just his vanity.

classic-bath Cascade Bath Collection

5.Don’t Put a Ring on It!:- Everyone should definitely consider a set of drink coasters for their home. And if you have more than four guests, including yourself, you really need to keep a reserve on hand as well. The Julia Knight Collection has a handsome set of hand-crafted, mother of pearl infused enamel set of coasters that come in a beautiful coaster holder. These coasters are embodied with the hand applied Julia Knight signature thumbprint swirl and have a lip on the edge to prevent water or condensation from dripping over the sides. They’re not only practical but they’ll make a pretty addition to his coffee table, side table, dining table or bar.

Barware Collection Barware Collection

6.The Perfect Pick:- When consider the perfect pieces to have the most perfect bar for your guy, don’t forget the timeless Classic Cocktail Pick Set. To create the final, dramatic presentation, cocktail picks are a critical addition to your favorite beverage. They are also perfect for spearing wedges of lemons, limes, cherries or olives, and make each drink just a little more special. For the novice bartender who has a passion for cocktails, be sure to gift these vital bar accessories for your man.

Classic Pick Set Classic Cocktail Pick Classic Cocktail Pick

7.Home Décor for the Home Office:- Whether you’re working from home or working back at the office, Julia’s bath accessories double as stunning luxury office components. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking at the more traditional Classic Bath Accessories of the more modern take of the Cascade Bath Collection, both collections offer pieces that moonlight as home office. The tumbler is the perfect counterpart for pens and pencils, the soap dish is ideal for paper clips, the vanity tray and the guest towel tray are great catch-alls for mail or magazines and the tissue box and waste basket is a timeless piece for every desk.

No matter what his style profile is, you’re sure to find a stunning piece from the Julia Knight Collection,  to add to his own personal  collection, that is beautiful, fierce and fabulous. And the above selections of our top favorites based on what your guy is into, will ensure he’s getting a pierce that will last a lifetime.