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Fall Into Autumn with Dynamic Mix and Match Tablescapes

Fall Into Autumn with Dynamic Mix and Match Tablescapes

Classic styling oftentimes includes perfectly matched serveware that creates a stunning table for guests to ohh and ahh over. At Julia Knight, our collections are created for these types of dinner parties. But did you know, we are also able to create a table that has a mix of this and a dash of that?

Parties and soiree’s that are eye-catching, yet cohesive, and highlight your favorite pieces from your favorite collections are one of the things Julia Knight does best. Below, we share some tips for dinner table décor and tablescape ideas that create a stunning mix and match presentations for your guests to relish.
The key ingredient to mixing and matching tabletop and serveware, is having an impactful visual tie-in. Tablescape design and beautiful table settings can be easily accomplished through a variety of simple ideas.

Color Scheme is a Dream!

Nothing is more stunning than creating a glorious tabletop with a brilliant collection of color! The beauty of styling a tabletop with color is the bold color blocking that creates a ‘wow’ statement. And the secret to adding depth is to expand your color palette with the wide range of hues that are within that color. For example, pale pinks, deep pinks, soft pinks and bright pinks, combined, tell a truly full and robust story. This look can easily be accomplished with the vibrancy of the Flowers Collection. Or mix the various blues and blue-greens from the Peony  and the Classic Collection and you’ll have a viewpoint that is elegant and interesting. And to add layers of excitement, bring the colors in with the use of florals, napkins and candles.

 marble serving tray marble serving tray


Pattern, Shapes and Textures…Oh, My!

Nothing makes a statement more than a creative tabletop that is a fun and flirty mix of patterns, textures and shapes. Bold patterns, such as stripes or polka dots, paired with feminine florals, create an enchanting place setting filled with charm. A focus on figural shapes, such as the Luxe Lodge for fall table decor or Flowers Collection for everyday tablescapes, bring a table to life with their cheerful appeal. Layer in another stylish element with course and textural looks, like the Frosted Finish in the Sierra Collection or the Cascade Collection. These pieces can be neutral in color but add an expansiveness that grounds daring pattern combinations or a massive mix of shapes. And don’t forget that combining a shiny finish with a matte finish, can add the final layer of style and spirit to your well-versed table settings!


Weaving the Old with the New

Create a tabletop that is filled with stories and memories by bringing in cherished pieces from  past generations. Whether it’s your grandmother’s delicate china or your mother’s favorite platter or bowl, combine todays style with yesterdays’ grace and tell a story that’s truly your own. Couple these special dishes with graceful pieces from the Peony or Classic Collection and you’ll have an elegant tablescape that is lovely and lavish, and entrenched in moments, memories and magnificence. Adding a marble serving tray is significant for tablescapes.

Meticulously Mixed Metals

Mixing metals is a sophisticated sense of styling that shows your chic side! This look broadens your viewpoint and allows the mingling of the warmth of gold or the coolness of silver to tell a cohesive metallic story. Whether you have a mixed metal serving piece, such as something from the Sierra Collection, or a robust metallic feel, like the Eclipse Collection, or you choose to bring in a vintage piece that has both metals, the way to combine the style is to have a “base” of mixed metal pieces that ground the look, and then carefully fill out the individual metals throughout the rest of the table. (Hint! Pairing mixed metal colors in flatware is a sweet surprise for guests and offers a subtle elegance to every table.)
marble serving tray marble serving tray

Tell a Well-Told Story 
Delight your guests with a carefully constructed theme that is thoughtfully selected. Whether you want a wildly daring story that is hard to miss or a cultivated look that is refined, a story helps create a mood that you can carry throughout your party. From the invitation to dining table centerpiece ideas, to the parting gift at the door, accentuating a theme can be fun and unexpected. An example of a table setting idea that is curated and carefully crafted is to create a coastal connection with the By the Sea Collection from Julia Knight. This collection is reminiscent of the shore, with Scalloped Starfish Bowls, Enamel bowls or decadent Sea Horse Pedestals in opalescent, shimmery finishes. Partner this collection with modern white dinnerware, pale blue linens, soft florals and you have a sophisticated seascape that will be sure to enchant guests.
marble serving tray marble serving tray

Consistency is Key!

No matter what your style, viewpoint or story, to keep a table from devolving into chaos, it’s imperative that you decide on the factors that will be the basis of your party. Start with defining the story and the color, and carefully roll in the necessary accents, such as texture, pattern or style, ensuring your tablescaping will be a place of discovery and surprise for each of your guests!