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Top 10 Amazing Enamel Bowls & Serving Pieces Under $50

Top 10 Amazing Enamel Bowls & Serving Pieces Under $50

There’s no doubt that everyone loves Julia Knight. The collection has been coveted by collectors for years and those that amass pieces, often have, (on average) eight pieces in their repertoire. You may prefer to stick with such timeless styles such as the Classic Collection, the Peony Collection or the Florentine Collection, or branch out into the more updated looks, like the Cascade Collection, the Sierra Collection and the latest collection, the Astra Collection. Both viewpoints offer a lovely selection of serving bowls, statement entertainment pieces and stunning serving utensils. Not to mention the beautiful bath collections in the Cascade Bath Collection or Classic Bath Collection.

The team at Julia Knight has created the perfect selection of our top ten exceptional enamel bowls or serving pieces, all available for under $50. Whether you select pieces for yourself, or for someone else, at this price point, you can make sure no one is neglected.

Astounding Astra – Starting at $30

The latest collection from Julia Knight, the Astra Collection offers simplistic lines and design, for modern living. Inspired by the celestial bodies and their sweeping arcs in the night sky, the Astra Collection will add modern elegance to every occasion. Pay special attention to the Astra 4” Bowl priced at only $30. The three finishes to choose from include the tried and true, Snow and Platinum color, as well as the brilliant Glacial Blue. Perfect for your treasured jewelry by your bedside or your favorite dips, candies and nuts, the Astra 4” Bowl is the perfect foray into the latest Julia Knight Collection. 

Astra Collection 


Cascade, Classic or Eclipse…Oh, My! – Starting at $30

Whether you’re a fan of the stainless-steel styling of the Cascade Collection or the sand-cast aluminum of the Classic or the Eclipse Collection, you can be sure to try out all three with a starting price of only $30 - $40. (depending on the collection) Each collection offers a wide array of finishes in stainless steel or mother of pearl infused enamel, and is sure to be a wonderful addition to an already existing collection or the perfect place to start your treasured collection. Great for dips, olive oil and vinegar, or even a sweet scoop of your favorite ice-cream, the 4”bowls will become a daily necessity. Collect a plethora of 4” bowls and coordinate them with a matching 14” tray and you can have an easy go-to from appetizers to desserts.

Cascade Collection 


Serving Style with the Classic and the Peony Serving Utensils – Starting at $50

At dinner parties, small gatherings or even gala style events, serving style comes down to the most minuscule details. That’s why Julia Knight has the most beautiful serving utensils. Within the Classic Collection and the Peony Collection, the must have pieces include the Serving Spoon and the Meat Fork. Handcrafted for beauty and refinement, both collections have these traditional pieces, that will be cherished throughout the years. For the sweeter side of life, the Classic Cake Knife and the Classic Cake Server make the perfect wedding gift, birthday gift or even self-love gift! Beautiful details, such as the finite, hand-cut mother of pearl in the Classic Collection, or the soft curvature of the handle in the Peony Collection, make these pieces truly a special gift that will be adored at every occasion.

Classic Serving Utensils


We Absolutely Love You, Heart & Soul – Starting at $40

We love romance and love. And there’s nothing more meaningful than giving a piece of your heart to someone you’re wild about. Enter the pretty Heart Collection by Julia Knight. Starting at only $40, you can unabashedly gift this lovely little token to show your true feelings of adoration and devotion. Sweet, scalloped edges, the Heart 4” Bowl comes in the most romantic colors, such as Snow, Raspberry, Pomegranate or Pink Ice. Give yourself, heart and soul.

Classic Serving Utensils


Sweet Sea Turtle – Starting at $50

Swimmingly sweet, the Sea Turtle 6” Bowl is a whimsical addition to every occasion. Hand carved textural details on the flippers and the head, give a life-like look that is only enhanced by the beautiful hand finished coastal colored enamel. The Sea Turtle 6” Bowl is great for candies, nuts or dips. Perfect for jewelry, it’s also a lovely addition to a countertop, chest of drawer, vanity or bedside table.

Classic Serving Utensils


Lovely Lily – Starting at $35

The ideal flower that lasts a lifetime. The lily flower symbolizes rebirth, purity, admiration and love and the Lily 4” Bowl is such a wonderful way to express yourself and your feelings. Whether you’re searching for a gift for your mother, sister, a colleague or a best friend, the Lily 4” Bowl will sure to be a gift that will be adored for life.



A Rose by any Other Name – Starting at $35

A rose has significant meanings, originating from hundreds of years ago. The red symbolizes romance, love, beauty and courage, while the pink traditionally stands for appreciation and gratitude. Gifts for your lover to gifts for your mother, the Flowers Collection is a perfect way to express yourself and the Rose 4" Petite Bowl is the perfect start.

Petite Bowl


Opulent Elegance – Starting at $50

Rich and decadent, the Florentine Gold Knife and the Florentine Gold Cake Server add a little bit of shimmer, depth and lusciousness to every occasion. Bold and beautiful, these amazing pieces will step up your dessert table at your next event and are perfect for a weddings, birthdays, and a “just because” kind of a day.

Florentine Collection


Oh, My Seaside Stars! – Starting at $45

A natural reflection of nature, the Julia Knight Scallop Starfish 4” Deep Bowl and is absolutely charming. The scalloped edging of the clam, topped off with the authentic looking shaped starfish are a dream pairing. Chic and stylish, this bowl is perfect for all your favorite seafood delight, such tarter sauce, shrimp cocktail sauce or even hot melted butter for luxurious lobster.


Florentine Collection


Pretty Peony – Starting at $40

Pretty bowls that are practical are the perfect way to sum up the Peony 5” Oval Bowl and the Peony 8” Oval Bowl. In a vast selection of colors, the Peony Collection is one of the original collections from Julia Knight. Timeless and feminine, these enamel bowls will be used on a daily basis for sweets, candies, ice cream and nuts.

 Peony Oval Bowls Peony Oval Bowls