How to Plan Your Sports Party: 5 Checklist Items You Must Have

How to Plan Your Sports Party: 5 Checklist Items You Must Have

How to Plan Your Sports Party: 5 Checklist Items You Must Have

Hosting a party for the Big Game, or just celebrating your kid’s soccer game can be a simple and effortless affair with a few ideas and tips from Julia. Since the focus of this event is effortless food, refreshing beverages and the big game, with a little pre-planning, you’ll be able to cheer your team to victory with your guests.


Keep it cool and casual when it comes to food for your guests. Since the focus is game day, consider making easy ahead of time snacks, such as buffalo wings or BBQ meatballs. Always a crowd favorite and you’ll also be able to replenish as needed throughout the day. For an easy breezy side, add veggies and dip in the Julia Knight Ying-Yang bowl, and an abundance of chips, dips and salsas. And for a well-rounded table, don’t forget to add a sweet treat, like bars! The perfect grab and go, so no one misses a minute! And Tiered cake stands can create unique styles.



Sandwiches are a safe bet at any super bowl game! Shy away from messier options, such as meatball heroes and instead, opt for more classic sandwiches, such as Italian, chicken sliders or turkey clubs. Keep is simple, yet stylish by serving on mini buns and presenting stacked sandwiches on a large platter or serving tray by Julia Knight.  


Play the long game here and start out slow and steady with soft drinks and beers. For fun and interest, pick up a couple growlers from your local craft brewery. This is a fun way to introduce a few new flavors to friends and family, as well as support a local business. If you feel inclined to provide a cocktail, go back to basics with gin or vodka, and create simple and easy classics, such as a gin and tonic or vodka sour. Less time making cocktails means you’ll have more time spending time with guests. Score with family and friends when you shake up their drinks with the pretty yet practical Barware from Julia Knight.


An appealing smorgasbord of a well thought out buffet only adds to the appeal of gathering with your family and friends. You’ve already worked so hard on all of the details to prepare for this fun day, don’t settle by using plastic serveware. Let guests “feast with their eyes” and enhance the table with distinctive serveware and flatware.


Make sure everything is ready to go when guests arrive! Check that your Wi-Fi, cable or satellite is properly working and make sure to test run whatever it is you’re showing the big game on. Depending on the size of the group, keep in mind the size of the screen, available seating and the volume of the speakers. You’ll want to make sure guests are comfortable throughout the length of the game, and the volume is set at a comfortable level allowing guests to be able to carry on a conversation.