Celebrate generational traditions with the Judaica Collection by Julia Knight. The Kiddush cup will honor the blessing recited to sanctify the Shabbat, while the classic seder plate will be the centerpiece of every seder table. The beautiful classic menorah in the rich colors of the hand-applied mother of pearl is a stunning way to honor the eight-day festival of Hanukkah. The octagonal tray is ideal for presenting guests with loaves of braided challah. And the pair of classic candlestick holders will help set the mood for the traditional holiday moments.

The Judaica Collection offers the most iconic pieces in this timeless collection. With heirloom-quality pieces that are steeped in tradition, this compilation builds a connection with the present generations to the past. Celebrate the occasions and honor the memories in your life with the classic styling of the hand-cut mother of pearl mosaic, crushed mother of pearl infused enamel with the signature thumbprint swirl, on hand finished sand-cast aluminum. Fostered in tradition, these pieces will create moments that will last a lifetime. The Judaica Collection is food safe and can go into the freezer and the oven up to 250 degrees.

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