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How to Set Yourself, and Your Table Apart, with Serving Trays and Centerpiece Bowls

How to Set Yourself, and Your Table Apart, with Serving Trays and Centerpiece Bowls

Spring is right around the corner and what better time than now, to plan a fabulous party! From a small, stylish soiree to a more lavish celebration, hosting a party at home is a great way to bring those closest to you, together. After so much time apart, everyone is so excited for an invite!

1. Great Expectations

In this day and age, setting expectations up front is key to helping your guests determine if they are comfortable attending or not. At this point, it seems as if everyone is ready to mingle, and laying out the plan for guests will help put them at ease as they begin to socialize in-person again.

2. Small, Special Soirees

In this day and age, the guest list is more about quality over quantity. It’s about taking the time to thoughtfully curate a list of people that will genuinely want to connect and create new memories with others. At this point, it’s not about how many people can I fit comfortably in your house, but more about spending quality time with the people that are attending. As the host/hostess, it’s a rare opportunity to really spend more time, intimately and one-on-one, with each and every person attending your party. It’s being able to exchange moments that become cherished memories.

3. Breathtaking Tablescapes

Entertaining a smaller number of guests does not mean you should scale back on style and décor. In fact, it means quite the opposite! This is the perfect time to maximize the budget and create stunning tablescapes that will leave your guest oohhhing and ahhhing all night long. From linens to place settings and centerpieces to serveware , even the smallest details can have the largest impact.

Peony Collection Peony Collection

Vintage pieces mixed with a dash of nostalgia are the perfect combination to light up every table. Look through your cabinets and curios and pull out those sweet pretties from your grandmother and mother. Mix these beauties with Julia Knight enamel bowls or layered with the serving trays with handles, and you’ll have a fresh look that’s modern and magnificent.

Make an impressive statement by combining the bold Cascade 13” Round Tray in the daring Cobalt finish or the soft finish of the Surf, with a sweet floral or deco pattern from times past. Mix new with old. Fill grandmas gravy boat and pair it with a serving tray with handles from the Classic Collection. The Classic 25” Rectangular Tray or the Classic 21” Beveled Tray with Handles are absolutely gorgeous and ideal for a spectacular turkey, roast or ham. Partnered with the gravy boat, and you’ll make a lasting impression.

Cascade Collections Cascade Collections

Centerpiece bowls offer bold ways to add drama to bland linens. Perfect for spring, think brilliant colors. February and March are the days we all begin to long for the beauty of color and warmth. Consider adding interior colors to your tablescape. The dazzling Lily 15” Bowl has a brightly hand painted finish that is truly art all on its own. For a look that’s warm and inviting, add water to the bowl and float flowers and candles. Cascade this down the center of the table, with additional candles in the Rose 4” Petite Bowl and the Lily 4” Bowl with fresh flowers and greens, and your guests won’t want to leave until flowers have bloomed outside.

Cascade Collections

4. Interactive Stations

The overall experience that will bring all of your guests together, is your beverage and menu choices. To encourage conversation and interaction, and eliminate the gathering of everyone in your kitchen, we suggest setting up “stations” in various parts of your home. For example, create a self-serving bar area with beverage dispensers filled with premade cocktails. Or create a bevvie tasting station with mini samples of beers, wine or nonalcoholic vintage soda. Add vintage glassware and stemware with the Julia Knight Classic 3 Quart Jumbo Double Walled Ice Bucket with Tongs and the Classic Ice Scoop. Don’t forget the simple things, like the lemon or lime wedges in the Citrus Bowls and the Classic Cocktail Pick Set. Self-serving ad still stunning.

 Ice Bucket Citrus Bowls Citrus Bowls

For another food tasting station, a cold appetizer area is always a welcome site. In a second room, create gorgeous charcuterie options. For visual interest, mix great grandmothers Thanksgiving turkey platter with the Julia Knight Florentine 23” Beveled Tray with Handles, or the Peony 22.5” Rectangular Tray with Handles.

 Citrus Bowls Classic Collection Trays

Gather smaller scale bowls, such as the Peony 4” Petite Bowl or the Peony 5” Oval Bowl. The Julia Knight Collection has a large array of smaller dipping and sauce bowls, in a huge selection of finishes, all with the illustrious hand crushed mother of pearl and enamel. To mix elements, grab the teacups from the china set that has been passed down generation to generation. Any small, bowl-like container or vessel will work. These small bowls are perfect for things such as dips, sauces, jams or lose ingredients such as olives and nuts. They are also helpful as a support to hold other loose ingredients in place.

  Dipping Bowls

Another fun and unexpected way to serve veggies, fruits, dips, meats, artisan breads and crackers and utilizing the often-underused cake stand or server. Julia offers the most elegant Peony 10” and 14” Cake Stand as well as the Peony Two-Tiered and Three-Tiered Server. For a little more glitz and glamour, the Florentine 14” Pedestal Server and the Florentine Two-Tiered and Three-Tiered Servers offer space saving functionality as well as height and spectacular styling options. Load up with your appetizers, your charcuterie components or delicately plate with your favorite treats and desserts for an appetizing array of tasty morsels. And don’t forget the small details, such as serving utensils, like Spreader Knives, Cocktail Forks and Cocktail Spoons, keep serving simple and keep people’s minds free of concern.

 Dipping Bowls Florentine Servers

No matter what you’re serving, it’s always nice to remember, your friends and family are going to be there simply for you and your amazing companionship. So, relax, have fun and lean into the lovely experience of long-awaited home entertaining.

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