Cascade Enamel

Cascade Enamel

The large and extra-large round bowls are ideal for family meals, able to hold the most scrumptious fettuccine alfredo, add a rectangular tray for garlic bread, and a small or medium bowl for your favorite marinara sauce. And don't forget the add the salad serving set, a must-have accessory for all luxury serving bowls. Summer salads look stunning in the large stainless steel bowl or shallow bowl, and the hand-beaded edges will encapsulate the shadows of the mountains as they expand across the horizon. For a lovely dessert bowl, use the 6" bowl or the shallow bowl and serve up a vibrant sorbet, with fresh fruit from your garden. And for the hostess with the mostess, grab the 20" rectangle tray with handles and create a fabulous charcuterie tray of savory meats, decadent cheeses, and fresh bread from the local bakery. Partner this with the 3-part server and fill with olives and oils for dipping. These modern organic pieces will create an eye-catching table that will bring guests back to nature will hand-finished edges and shimmery mother of pearl infused enamel like the sun reflecting off the mountain range, onto the ripples of the lakes. The depth and movement in the Rainbow Bronze and Graphite finish will have you longing for a quiet sunset, swirled rich in colors from a Denver sky.

Inspired by the rugged mountain range and majestic peaks, the Cascade Collection was the first stainless steel collection introduced into the Julia Knight collection. Julia wanted to expand on the highly requested modern viewpoint and it was instinctual to go back to what inspired her, travel, and nature. This stainless steel collection consists of our signature enamel infused hand-crushed mother-of-pearl as well as a stunning trade secret metallic finish. With hand-cut, hand-beaded, and hand-finished metal, the Cascade Collection's durability brings to mind the unyielding strength and unique beauty of the mountainscape. The asymmetry of the mountain range lends itself to the hand-beaded edge of each piece and the hand-layered crushed mother of pearl infused enamel truly makes these pieces one-of-a-kind collector's items. Reminiscent of the cascading mountains, nesting the bowls makes for simple storage. The Cascade Collection is food safe, dishwasher safe and can go into the oven up to 250 degrees.

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