Luxury Bathroom Accessories

Luxury Bathroom Accessories

To the majority of us, our bathrooms are no less than our personal sanctuaries. Where is the one place you can go to for a relaxing bath at the end of a long day? Which is the one place that lets you forget about the world, even if it is for a short period of time, so you can get in tune with yourself and take on your day with lots of energy?

Our restrooms are our very own space of bliss where we clean not only the body but also cleanse the spirit and invigorate the mind leaving us refreshed and rejuvenated. With the right design, you can make any bathroom feel like your own, and hence Julia Knight brings you the perfect bathroom accessories collection that can prove to be wondrous for your bathroom. 

Bathroom accessories from Julia Knight are sure to leave you inspired and coming back for more. Add a touch of flair and sophistication with our marvellous line of bathroom accessories.

What is the importance of luxury bathroom accessories?

I think we can all agree that your home is a pretty well-defined depiction of who you are. Every little bit of space can say something about you that is open to interpretation. Your bathroom is just like any other room of the house. In fact, I would go so far as to say that your bathroom is probably a true reflection of how you manage your space and your home. A clean and well-organized restroom means that you take good care of yourself and are not only sanitary but also like to make sure that the one place that is private to you is well-kempt.

A well-groomed and well-mannered individual treats all aspects of his or her life with equal importance and respect. Picking out the best outfit for that special meeting with your new board of directors is just as, if not more, important as having a clean, well-organized home and a bathroom that gives you a placid feeling of serenity.

Much like the majority of us, if your bathroom is also your safe space then you need to make it look like it too. Enter: Luxury Bathroom Accessories from the Julia Knight Collection.

Our Classic Bath Collection has all the necessary items that you could ever need to make your bathroom feel it’s like your own. Whether it be a guest towel tray or a tissue box, a much-required tumbler, or something as basic as a soap dish; find yourself the best accessories today from our collection, available in enticing colors like Snow, Aqua, Platinum, Toffee, and my personal favorite, Pink Ice. Browse through the top-of-the-line luxury bathroom accessories below!

Aqua Bathroom Accessories - the new in are here to stay.

Not so long ago I was wondering the same thing you must be thinking right now. What’s so special about the color Aqua and why have people taken such a liking to it? The color Aqua has many variations and as such has many names. Turquoise is one of the most popular variations of Aqua. Other colors that closely resemble Aqua are Aquamarine and Teal, the former being the darker shade. The color Aqua can have different meanings depending on its shade. It is often seen as the color of creativity and individualism. Due to this many artists and expressionists have taken a deep liking to this color. It is one of the most light-hearted and blissful colors and is said to bring peace and tranquillity to one’s mind upon shifting one gaze to it.

Aqua bathroom accessories are usually found in homes of people who are creative in nature and have a deep connection with the element of water. Many take a liking towards the colors Aqua and Teal because they have been proven to promote attributes such as commitment, calmness, and spiritual advancement. This is one of the main reasons behind the surge in demand for aqua bathroom accessories.

What is the need for a bathroom accessories tray?

Do you have a lot of stuff cramped behind your bathroom mirror? Do you often lose stuff in the bathroom never to be found later? Then you are in need of a bathroom accessories tray, also known as a vanity tray.

What’s so special about a tray you ask? Well, when you have more than just your toothbrush and a bar of soap on your bathroom vanity counter then it can become difficult to keep a track of every single thing, in such a case, having the right bathroom accessories tray can become very crucial to your bathroom setting and aesthetics.

Organize all your important items on a vanity tray to keep better track of them. Add the Classic 4.5’’ Tumbler Ice Pink next to your Classic 12’’ Vanity Tray Snow to make for a perfect set. If you’re feeling extravagant you can go ahead and get the whole set which includes the Classic 5’’ Tissue Cover, the Classic 9’’ Guest Towel Tray, the Classic 7’’ Soap Dish, the Classic 7’’ Soap/Lotion Dispenser, and the Classic 9.75’’ Waste Basket to tie it all together. You can even get each item to match the rest by picking one from our Classic Collection colors, be it Platinum, Snow, or Pink Ice - you just can’t go wrong with Julia Knight’s Classic Bath Collection.

Shop Luxury and Designer Bathroom essentials below!

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