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The Classic Collection is the timeless collection of true beauty and traditional styling. With the broad scope of serving trays and rounds bowls, this enduring collection is still one of our top-selling collections. The iridescent colors of the hand-crushed mother of pearl serving tray infused enamel of the decorative serving bowls, paired with the fabulous yet functional serving sets, are a favorite at family gatherings. The large enamel bowls are perfect for handmade pasta from your cherished family recipe.

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The yin yang bowl is a beautiful decorative serving bowl and a welcomed addition at every dinner party, filled with hummus and veggies, or piled high with artisanal breads with olive oil and vinaigrette. Create the most crowd-pleasing platter with our vast collection of handled and unhandled sand-cast aluminum and mother of pearl serving tray, in a variety of scale, shapes, sizes, and colors.

The petite bowl and the hor d'oeuvres tray are ideal for the most scrumptious olive selections. The octagonal trays, in either size, are great not only for serving but are also a great size on the top of a console table in your living room, on a coffee table or ottoman, or accenting your dresser in your bedroom.

The large Julia Knight trays make the most beautiful serving pieces, whether hosting a specialty cocktail or bringing a collection of savory cheeses and crackers to guests. And to make a statement at every occasion, the classic cake stand will surely make everyone stand up and take notice of your sweet treats. An all-time cherished piece in the classic collection is the dynamic pagoda bowl, superb for candies, and nuts. It's also a beautiful addition to any powder room or vanity and a flawless dish for your cherished jewelry.

Influenced by her Grandmother Eleanor, from a small child to adulthood, Julia has always been intrigued by the gathering of guests. She would watch, fascinated, as her grandmother and grandfather would host an evening in their home, with manhattans, cigars, hors d'oeuvres, and friends. The bonding and building of relationships, over a beautifully plated dish, was the inspiration behind the Classic Collection.

The first of many brilliant collections, the hand-cut, hand polished and hand placed mother of pearl serving tray mosaics, combined with the hand-applied signature crushed mother of pearl infused enamel thumbprint swirl technique on sand-cast aluminum, makes each and every piece uniquely breathtaking and one-of-a-kind. These stunning beauties are based on the original shapes from Grandma Eleanor's table and remain timeless and true to the epitome of the perfect hostess. The Classic Collection is food safe and can go into the freezer and the oven up to 250 degrees.

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