Our Story


Mesmerized by the rare process of layering richly colored enamels to sand cast aluminum, Julia fell madly in love with the traditional techniques of the artisans of India. From crushing the mother of pearl shell by hand, to hand finishing each and every detail on the sand case aluminum, to lovingly applying the signature opalescent enamel thumbprint swirl, every piece is truly one-of-a-kind.

Stainless steel, cut and shaped, hand hammered finishes, hand beaded edging, and the remarkable proprietary finishes ensure you have an extraordinarily unique piece. These techniques are passed down through centuries of generations, ensuring that you will have a beloved heirloom piece that will stand the test of time.


The collections that I create speak to me intimately. Each one has a story to tell -whether born from a study in nature, a random cabbie chat on a Manhattan street, or a dialogue with artisans in Italy and India. Once these pieces manifest in full brilliance, they begin to “talk” to one another, through the beautiful layering of colors, texture and themes.

You’ll find the sentiments are as flavorful as the places and experiences themselves: Unabashedly bold. Flirty and fun. Glamorous and glowing. Inviting and irresistible. Definitely conversation starters at every social moment in your home.

I respect and honor the beauty of gathering with friends and family, and the quality of these experiences deserve quality serveware that lasts a lifetime. That’s why my signature is one every single piece, guaranteeing our quality and that you’ll have a piece that will be enjoyed for generations to come!

My Best,



Julia Knight was born to make things happen! Schooled in Providence and Paris, raised in New York and nourished by her love for global travels, her ability to find beauty in the everyday details of the world around her has made Julia the innovative visionary she is today. Julia has the uncanny capacity to conceptualize ideas that move and inspire her, and then make these ideas a reality. From the remarkable launch of the industry-changing frozen baby food company, Growing Healthy, to the edgy and stylish, Stampede, Julia has always been ahead of her time. Reminiscent of her time in Paris, Julia realized the small things, like a simple cup of soup in a lovely bowl, can bring luxury into each day, each moment. It was a trip to India, filled with vibrant colors, and inspiration from her Grandmother Eleanor’s evenings of entertaining that really captivated Julia and drove her to create the stunning Julia Knight Collection.