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Do you absolutely despise boring interiors? Do you love to see beautiful décor items that compliment your furniture and your style? Then Julia Knight Serveware Collection is the one for you. 

Our Serveware collection helps you design your spaces - be it the office, the powder room or your living room - helping you keep everything tip-top and organized.

What does an aluminum serving tray bring to the table?

Serving trays are downright one of the most versatile pieces of tableware you can have around. Not only do they add chic to your milieu but also serve a functional purpose. You can use them to organize your table, make everything look neat and clean, and add layers of flair to your setting. Adding style to your surroundings can be done easily with the right kind of serving tray. In Julia Knight’s Classic Collection you will find a wide variety of serving trays with different styles to match different atmospheres that send a different message depending on how you style them.

For example, people who like to have their living rooms looking like they spend a lot of time there or just make it follow a certain style that speaks comfort and home to them and at the same time makes for a space that can allow guests to feel welcome without giving them the idea that they might be in your personal space is a tough balance to find. With our versatile aluminum serving trays, you can style your living room however you like and it’ll still look inviting.

There are a hundred different ways to use the serving trays that can work for you. Let’s say you entertain guests in the living room and also like to relax and kick back with your kids there. You can have a tray that holds all your important items such as the television remote, or your keys and wallet that you may end up losing or misplacing and need to use often, a scented candle or a small vase of flowers, all on a single 20’’ rectangular serving tray such as the gorgeous Sierra 20’’ rectangular serving tray with handles that come in three decadent colors to match almost any theme be it Bohemian, Industrial, Scandinavian, etc.

You can use them in the kitchen and the dining rooms as well. A lot of us like to prep separately before we begin cooking, when in the kitchen, and prepping a lot of items that require a variety of ingredients can become cumbersome to manage on your kitchen counter, especially if you have a lot of pots and pans in action. In such a case you can put the ingredients into smaller salad serving bowls according to size and place them all on a beautiful Classic 16’’ or 20’’ Octagonal Tray to keep them organized, which will take the load off your shoulders when you’re cleaning the counters later. It also makes it easier to keep a track of the little salad serving bowls that often get misplaced.

Our serving trays can also be used to arrange other kitchen cutleries such as a salt and pepper set, a spreader knife, and nut bowls; you can even turn one into a knife and spoon tray to make sure all your favorite cutleries from Julia Knight are looking pretty and ready for use. They can also prove to be really classy and versatile breakfast trays. Throw your morning bacon and sausage platter on our Classic 16’’ serving tray with your hot cup of homemade coffee to make for a serene morning aesthetic which will undoubtedly put you in the right mindset to take on your day with zest and enthusiasm.

Still not satisfied? Well, there are many more ways to use them. Serving trays can be used in the bedroom to glorify your dresser or the nightstand, wherein you can place your favorite and go-to fragrances, your scented candle, perhaps your bedtime book, or even a snack you might want to help yourself to later.

In the bathroom, you can have your lotion dispenser and hand towels along with your grooming set stowed away on a beautiful 20’’ serving tray from the Classic Collection, that will not only help you keep the little things organized but you’ll also never forget where you kept your nail clippers or floss and won’t have to look for them in a hurry.

As you can see, there are numerous ways to use a serving tray. You are in this aspect, only restricted by your imagination.

Why do I need a chip and dip bowl set?

Do you often host parties and gatherings at your place? Do you like to have your kids bring their friends over after school or reserve your weekends for your husband’s games that he likes to enjoy with his pals? Then you’re no stranger to grinding it out in the kitchen and chances are you love to make the food you worked so hard on look fabulous. If so, you’re going to love the Classic Holly Sprig Emerald 13.5" Chip and Dip Bowl. Whether you love a rejuvenating nachos and salsa platter to go with your mojitos to beat the summer heat or can’t resist biting down on hot and crunchy mozzarella sticks with your very own homemade marinara sauce that makes everyone go bonkers, our Chip and Dip bowls are the one for you. These bowls go exceptionally well with our pedestal bowls that can house other snackable while making your kitchen counters and dining tables look exceptionally sophisticated.

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