Summertime Entertaining: The Complete Guide to Adding Color to Your Tabletop

Summertime Entertaining: The Complete Guide to Adding Color to Your Tabletop

Summertime Entertaining: The Complete Guide to Adding Color to Your Tabletop

Summertime Entertaining: The Complete Guide to Adding Color to Your Tabletop

We’re finally in the midst of summer and celebrations are in full swing. Whether you’re hosting causal gatherings outside, such as picnics and BBQ’s, or you’re bringing everyone together for a more formal dining affair inside, the Julia Knight Collection has you covered with a wide range of color for every occasion.

Creating summer statements with happy, joyful colors only adds to the celebratory feel of each occasion. Starting with the serveware options, you can then build on these colors, by layering in foods that have a vibrant palette, linens that add depth and richness and flowers and plants that add texture and drama. If you prefer lively colors that announce a happy occasion or you adore soft tones that bring a subtle sophisticated style…or even if you appreciate a neutral palette that accentuates the adventurous colors of the food and décor surrounding it, curated serverware can really bring your party to life!

The Julia Knight Collection is meant to be mixed and matched, with every color and each individual piece completely playing off each other to create tabletops that are rich in layers and depth. Enriched with lovely hues that speak to happiness and joy, spirited colors completely bring a social gathering together. Seeped in rich layers of hand crushed mother of pearl infused enamel, these colors have a beautiful iridescent look that is simply stunning.

From large serving bowls to petite and sweet little bowls, from unique serving dishes and stunning serving trays with handles or without, our wide range of pieces in the diverse mix of color palettes will ensure you have a party that will please even the pickiest guests.

Bold and Beautiful

No one does bold and beautiful color like Julia Knight. Decadent Teal, Cobalt or a Raspberry finish are just the start! And each collection is designed to thoughtfully play off each other to layer and mix and match collections for a unique style that is all your own. The Classic Collection and the Peony Collection both offer the Teal finish, in some of the top selling styles. Pair these pieces with a neutral palette to add excitement to your storyline and you’ll have a tablescape that is absolutely beyond.

Sophisticated figural pieces charm and delight guests when you use the gorgeous colors from the Flowers Collection, partnered with the delicate nature of the Peony Collection. Vibrant petals that softly cascade and bend are so lifelike that it’s as if you’ve brought nature inside and are serving it up at your table! Layered looks of the Peony collection are reminiscent of the multi-faceted petals after a soft summer rain.


Pretty Pastel Palettes

Pretty pastels are still in fashion and completely trend worthy. A soft pastel is simply when enough white has been mixed into a color to lighten the hue, while still softly celebrating the colorful personality. Some of the most popular pastel color palettes of the Julia Knight Collection include the newest color, Glacial Blue and classics such as Surf, Aqua and Hydrangea. Collections that contain these top selling finishes include the modern elegance of Astra, the urban contemporary style of Cascade and the more timeless styles of the Classic and Peony Collections.

Elegant Jewel Tones

Rich and vibrant, jewel tones speak to the wealth of royalty. Sumptuous colors that represent precious gemstones, the Emerald, Pomegranate, Sapphire and the Amethyst finishes in the Julia Knight Collection are chosen for the luxurious feelings they convey. Saturated tones that appeal to the discerning eye, these colors are often paired with the intensity of a textural gold and truly exemplify regal sophistication. These colors can be found in such collections as the Gold Florentine, Luxe Lodge and our expansive Holiday Collection. And dolloped in a small smattering in our Flowers Collection and the Peony Collection.


Gracefully Neutral

There is something so sophisticated and chic about a styled space that is thick with layered neutrals. And that look definitely carries over to a stunning tabletop at your latest soiree. Neutrals can call into the category of warm and lush creams such as Snow or Cloud, or the cool and moody strength of grays, including Platinum or Mist.


When you start with a palette that is neutral, it’s easy to add vivid colors through intensely bright hors d’oeuvres, fragrant soups, full embodied main courses and perfectly pretty desserts. Serving dishes in a neutral style serveware shows restraint, while letting the food become the focus of the occasion.


When moving forward with this look, it’s best to lean into the achromatic look but still add a variety of textures and patina’s, to give this style elevated panache. Examples include adding nubby vases with dried flowers or tying napkins with twine or burlap ribbon. Slipping in subtle accents of gold with candle holders or flatware will completely take this style to the next level.

Modern Metallics

Metallics are still all the rage and can become the focal of the party or accentuate your soft or bold color palette. From the dazzling sheen of silver to the warm tones of gold…and the textural touches of the layered bronzy finishes, the metallic finishes of the Julia Knight Collection remain tried and true. Don’t miss out on the Silver, the fabulous Frosted finish or the classic Gold finish. And definitely don’t overlook the amazing movement in the metal of the Rainbow Bronze, the Graphite, the Steel Blue or the Bronze finish. Each of these various finishes offer a cutting edge look that is sophisticated and refined, yet approachable and inviting.


Collections that contain these exquisite color palettes include the Sierra Collection, the Eclipse Collection and the Cascade Collection. Each of the collections create a style that is chic and stylish and a stand out at every event.

No matter what your style or color preference, or even if you like to change up the look for every occasion, at Julia Knight we offer a vast array of colors and finishes designed to highlight each other, ensuring that your tablescape is truly representative of you!