Timeless Home Decor Essentials: Designs You Will Admire for Decades

Timeless Home Decor Essentials: Designs You Will Admire for Decades

Timeless Home Decor Essentials: Designs You Will Admire for Decades

Timeless Home Decor Essentials: Designs You Will Admire for Decades

Nothing makes a house a home more than adding timeless home décor that is stunning and adds special details to each and every room. From wallpapers and paint colors to floor coverings and hand woven rugs, vivid art and the smallest accessories, styling your home is a snap when you utilize items that speak to you. The Julia Knight Collection offers a wide array of breathtaking pieces that are stand out additions for every room.

Luxurious Dining Rooms

For homes that are styled in lush manner, large, luscious bowls from the Florentine Collection, in rich, decadent colors of Sapphire, Emerald or Snow are absolutely breathless on dining tables or hall entry tables. The Florentine Gold 21” Gala Bowl creates “wow” and drama, filled with dazzling tall faux fuchsia orchids and vibrant green moss rocks.


For a more traditional home, consider the timeless décor from the Classic Collection. The hand cut mother of pearl edging with the soft color palette with the signature thumbprint of the Classic 15” Bowl makes for an amazing center piece. Generously fill this bowl with moss balls, glass globes or rattan spheres for a look that is fresh and updated.


If you lean towards a more modern viewpoint with a traditional twist, the Sierra 18” Oval Bowl is the way to go. With unique finishes such as the Rainbow Bronze or the Graphite, this piece offers a statement look without being ostentatious. Add decorative balls or build a faux plant centerpiece, and you’re sure to find years of enjoyment.


Coffee Table Charisma

Coffee tables are the absolute perfect place to add timeless décor that will help you tie in the other elements of the room. To create a look that is thoughtfully planned out, consider the dominant and secondary color palettes of the room, assess an accurate reading of the scale of the space and select items that add height, texture and color. And to ensure this look is carefully pulled together, the ideal starting point is a tray.

The first thing to consider is the size and shape of the coffee table. Do you have a round coffee table with a metallic base? Or is your table a large rectangular wood table with a distressed finish? Whatever the materials are and the shape is, will determine the size and scale of the tray you should select. A smaller scale round or oval tray, a thin narrow style tray or a double handled rectangular tray are all great options to build your focal point on.

Round trays placed on a smaller scale rectangular or square table create a softness to the hard edges of these styles of table. For timeless home décor done right, the Cascade 13” Round Tray with hand beaded edges come in a wonderfully decadent array of finishes. For a look that’s clean yet has a touch of tradition, the Rainbow Bronze finish will add warmth and style to every space. For those of you with a more modern look, the Graphite finish or the Frosted finish, will bring a cool vibe that is chic and stylish.


With a larger rectangular coffee table, we suggest the larger scale rectangular trays that give a feeling of substance. If you intend to move the tray more often than not, we advise that you go with a double handled tray, such as the Classic 21” Beveled Tray with Handles or the Classic 25” Rectangular Tray with Handles. These beauties have gorgeous hand cut mosaic mother of pearl edging with the signature thumbprint swirl on the tray surface.


If you lean towards a look that is bold and brilliant, the Sierra 20” Rectangular Tray with Handles is a true beauty. This tray has a hand beaded edge with hand crumpled handles in a variety of metallic finishes. For a striking organic modern style, the Eclipse 21” Rectangular Tray with Handles has a fluid Raku type finish in a warm array of finishes.


Elegant Accent Tables

Accent tables or side tables often get overlooked as a place to add special décor. But the key is to add functional elements that will enhance your guests’ experiences in your home. Accent tables or side tables are the perfect accompaniment to every event or dinner party! They are the place holder for guests while they socialize in a seated grouping, and they become the ideal place for that fruit infused martini or small plate of canapes.

A necessity for every side table, and coffee table, is an amazing set of coasters. The Julia Knight Classic Coaster Set comes with four hand created coasters which are neatly self contained in a gorgeous and easily accessible round vessel. These coasters are available in the timeless colors of Platinum, Snow and Toffee and compliment any style and décor.


Add a little sweet or salty treat to side tables and accent tables, so guests can easily access without pomp and circumstance. Whether you choose to share a classic family go-to, such a mint squares, or you want to offer a salty bit of substance to guests in the form of mixed nuts, finding the correct size and scale of the container is critically important.

Charm and delight guests with savory and salty treats with the figural squirrel collection from Julia Knight. This sophisticated yet whimsical bowls have three dimensional squirrels offering up a small scale bowl of tasty treats. For smaller scale side tables, the Squirrel 3” Bowl is the ideal accompaniment. For tables a smidge larger, the Squirrel 8” Bowl has a little more open space, ensuring there is less time to refill the bowl, leaving more time socializing with your guests.


For a look that is perfectly pretty, the Flower Collection offers a wide range of floral accents in soft or bold color palettes. The Lily 4” Bowl or the Rose Petite 4” Bowl are the perfect addition to every small scale surface. Pop in a little sweet treat, such lemon drops or colorful M & M’s for a touch of goodness for all your guests.

Keep it classic with the unique styling of the Classic 6.5” Pagoda Bowl, in a variety of top selling colors that will suit any space. The uplifting eaves of this beautiful bowl are decorated with a stunning mosaic mother of pearl border and an inset that is rich with color through the hand applied signature crushed mother of pearl infused enamel and thumbprint swirl. The size of this bowl is perfect for tasty tidbits, but can also double as a placeholder for jewelry on a vanity or catch-all place at an entry table.

No matter what your style preferences are, the Julia Knight Collection is sure to offer you brilliantly beautiful and timeless home décor pieces that will make your home truly unique.