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Brilliant and Bold Bath Accessories that Make Powder Rooms Beautiful!

Brilliant and Bold Bath Accessories that Make Powder Rooms Beautiful!

Brilliant and Bold Bath Accessories that Make Powder Rooms Beautiful!

Make a statement with luxury classic bathroom accessories that are updated and fresh, yet timeless and enduring. With the Cascade and Classic Bath Accessory Collections from Julia Knight, you’ll have an endless selection of stylish accessories in a wide array of color options.

When you’ve taken the time to create a luxurious spa like feeling in your private master bath, you’ll definitely want finishing touches that make you feel pampered and nurtured, almost as if you’re a guest in your own home. For the universal family bathroom that everyone uses, you want to make sure you’re adding functionality and practicality, as well as beauty and elegance. And for that smaller half bath powder room for visiting company or guests, creating a charming oasis that will appeal to a wide audience.

Your master bathroom should be designed as a private oasis for you to retreat after a long hard day…your sanctuary to relax and unwind. Long gone are the days of having a bathroom that is purely functional for showering or brushing your teeth. This bath is also typically designed to be used by two people at a time…so expect a double vanity or a soaking tub and walk-in shower. Whether you have a large space or a petite space, the goal of a main bedroom is to create an ambience of calm and serene. A place where troubles are left at the door and peace of mind replaces them.

The “everyday” bath is the most used room in the house! (Next to the kitchen.) It’s the go-to for a quick wash of the hands, your morning shower, your place to apply makeup and prepare for your day. It’s the place that the daily preparation for your day begins and ends. It’s the workhorse of your home. This is the room that function prevails and fashion tends to take a step back. But with pieces from the Julia Knight Collection, you are able to have on-trend styles that provide you with all the necessary accessories to support you and your families busy lifestyle.

Pretty and petite, the guest bath is the place to have a little fun and punch it up! This room is often a half bath, with a commode and a smaller sink for washing. Typically located on the first floor, near the main public gathering places, such as the living room, kitchen and dining room. Simply put, the guest powder room is located where guests can easily have access while you are entertaining.

How to Select the Perfect Accessories for Beautiful Bathroom

luxury classic bathroom luxury classic bathroom

First things first…consider the style of your bathroom. Is it modern? Coastal? Casual? Traditional? Or something in between? At Julia Knight, we offer the Cascade Bath Collection and the Cascade Bath Collection. Within these two collections, we provide a large selection of finish color options to meet your needs. These color options re-create a new look within each collection, simply by changing the scope of the finish. We also provide a complete range of bathroom accessories, to suit your needs.

Next, consider the size of the room…is it large, medium or small? And what kind of counter space you have. Do you have access to any additional space, such as by the bathtub or the shower? These questions will help guide you to which products will best suit your needs and work best within the confinements of the space available.

Then, look at the current color palette that you currently have. Is it bright and airy? Dark and moody? Colorful and cheerful? Coastal and calming? The Julia Knight Bath Accessory Collection has a color palette to suit every style and every mood. Between the Classic Collection and the Cascade Collection, we are sure to find a style that will complement your bathroom.

luxury classic bathroom

Finally, how do you use the space? Is this a private retreat where the head of household uses to relax and reflect? Is it the main morning throughfare everyone uses to get ready for the day and then bombards at the end of the day? Or will is it the small room, specifically for guests, rarely used, except for entertaining family and guests?

 Vanity Tray

Making Final Selections: Which Collection Tells Your Story?

Once you’ve reviewed and thoughtfully answered all the above questions, now is the time to determine which collection to start with. If you have more than one bathroom, feel free to mix and match collections because Julia’s collections are meant to complement and play off each other.

With the signature thumbprint swirl in the mother of pearl infused enamel, and the hand cut mother of pearl, the Classic Collection tends to lean a little more traditional. However, with finishes like Caviar and Platinum, these colors can lend themselves to a more modern design. For a fresh, updated viewpoint, the Aqua and the Pink Ice finish are the perfect complement to a soft contemporary look.

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Due to the mixed metal look of the silver and gold metal, the hand beaded edging, textured finish and hand sponged enamel and mother of pearl finish, the Cascade Collection gravitates towards a more up to date transitional style. Having said that, with their sophisticated finish, the Rainbow Bronze and the Mist finish can easily suit any contemporary room. While the Glacial Blue, the Surf and the Pink Lace accent or encourage a pop of graceful color.

Cascade Guest Napkin

Functional Fabulous: Which Accessories Speak to You?

Unsure about whether you need the bathroom Vanity Tray or the Aqua bathroom accessory, well we’ll break it all down below and help you make the most difficult decisions easily.

The top must-haves of every main bathroom or high-traffic family bath include the following:

  1. No questions asked, this is a standard and non-negotiable accessory required in every bath or powder room.
  2. Tissue Cover. No matter what bathroom you have, the Tissue Cover is a fabulously functional luxury bath accessory.
  3. Soap/Lotion Dispenser. Eliminate the eyesore of the disposable soap pump and supplement with a stunning dispenser for every bath in your home.
  4. Vanity Tray and/or Guest Towel Tray. Fantastically functional and practical, these trays will become the catch all for jewelry, make up, make up brushes, perfume, shavers, cosmetics, etc… you name it, it can be used. And both of these trays can pull double duty, holding guest towels or paper guest napkins.
  5. Covered Canister. Hide unsightly tools and other bathroom tools with the Covered Canister. Whatever you’re storing…cotton balls, q-tips, etc.. keep the chaos in-check by simply popping the lid on!
  6. Toilet Tissue Covered Holder. Keep additional rolls on hand and easily accessible for you, your family and guests.
  7. Soap Dish. Petite and pretty, this Soap Dish boasts a pretty pedestal or a footed base and is the perfect size to hold your favorite scented bar soap.
  8. An easy accessory, made to gather toothbrushes and toothpaste or make up brushes. Great look and great size, perfect for the vanity.
  9. Toilet Bowl Brush. Keep it clean while keeping your bath pretty and practical.

Cascade Guest Napkin

No matter what style your bathroom is, the Julia Knight Collection has you covered. We’ll take you from drab to fab, with still focusing on the functional way of life.