Luxury Bathroom Sets, Bathroom Vanity Tray

Luxury Bath Accessories

Day in and day out working hard to make a perfect life. A perfect home for you is a path filled with challenges. You’re always on your feet, hustling to get things done so you are able to give yourself and your family the life you all deserve. Even when you’re at work, sitting at your desk for long hours can cause a lot of problems.

Did you know that on average, an adult sits for 50% of their day?! After working hard for 8 to 10 hours and your muscles become stiff and unresponsive, you must be craving for that soothing shower which is your only true hope for distressing. If so, you’re going to love this. 

Does a bath mean more to you than just rinsing your skin and getting ready to head out? If not, then Julia Knight Classic Bath Collection is the one for you.

Indulge yourself in the bliss of a heavenly bathing experience brought to you by Julia Knight.

The hand-cut Mother of Pearl edging brings a sophisticated beauty that is timeless and classic to this luxury bathroom décor. With a stylish array of color palettes featuring Aqua, Pink Ice, Platinum, and more we're able to match every powder room and bath in your home and create luxury bathroom accessories that add fervor to your interiors.

Why do you need a bathroom set?

You might ask yourself why you need a bathroom set? Well, the use for a bathroom set isn’t limited to just your bathroom. Your set can include anything from a lotion dispenser to a toilet tissue cover holder. You can, of course, buy all the elements of your set individually but where’s the fun in that. A bathroom set is all about engaging aesthetics. Every piece of your bathroom set needs to correspond with each other. Your bathroom is the one place you have to yourself - your safe haven. It is up to you to make the best safe haven for yourself and finding a bathroom set that speaks to you and compliments your current bathroom is a dream come true now.

Is luxury bathroom sets worth it?

Yes, every cent of it. A luxury bathroom set is designed to enhance the ambiance of your powder room. If you do all your make-up in your powder room then you must spend ample time in your bathroom. Your bathroom set can come real handy if you think about it. You can place all your brushes in our Classic Collection Tumbler, to begin with, which comes in Aqua, Toffee, and other interesting colors. Gather all your gadgets such as your phone charger and your hair straightener and have them neatly arranged on our Classic Collection bathroom tray with handles. These trays are big enough to accommodate all your vanity essentials and then some. Losing little things like your hair clip and bobby pins is now a thing of the past. Categorizing your nail paint bottle and making sure you don’t lose your contact lenses is also a lot easier.

If you thought that your beautiful bathroom décor would only be restricted to your restroom then you are limiting its use. Our Classic Bath Collection is designed to allow you to use the different pieces of the set ingeniously. Need a tray at the door for all your letters and keys? We’ve got just the perfect one. Need a wastebasket that doesn’t make your room look dull, that you can place anywhere and forget about it blending it because it just looks that good? We’ve got you covered there too. All items on our Classic Bath Collection are made to meet your diverse needs.

Why do you need a bathroom vanity tray?

A bathroom vanity is about the most important piece of the Classic Collection that you must own! Our collection isn’t just for your powder room. You can just as easily use our Classic Collection Bathroom Vanity Tray in your office to keep your whiskey organized for when you need to take the edge off or showcase your cologne and perfume collection on your dresser. For a look that's dynamic and beautifully detailed, the Classic Bath is an excellent choice for your desk and office. Our bathroom vanity trays were created with one goal in mind – to make your interiors come alive, to help you craft the perfect home for you and your family.

Whichever way you decide to use the Classic Bath Collection, one thing is for sure; your guests are bound to notice the small details, the organized and chic designs that speak for who you are, and finally the finishing touches that make your house a home.

What led to the creation of our favorite Classic Bath Collection?

Having spent many years in the mountains, the climate was conducive to having a tissue box in every room of the house. Because of this, Julia quickly realized the market was missing luxury bathroom sets in an elevated style and set about changing that. Spinning off her number one selling collection, the Classic Collection, Classic Bath emerged.

With the hand-cut Mother Of Pearl Mosaic and infused enamel, the signature thumbprint swirl, and rich lively colors, this collection quickly became a timeless edition to baths and offices everywhere. From a powder room to a gentleman's study, the Classic Bath collection has the versatility to add the finest aura of luxury to every space, leaving you and guests appreciating even the smallest details.

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