Kitchen Island Centerpieces: The Easiest Way to Elevate the Heart of Your Home

Kitchen Island Centerpieces: The Easiest Way to Elevate the Heart of Your Home

Kitchen Island Centerpieces: The Easiest Way to Elevate the Heart of Your Home

Kitchen Island Centerpieces: The Easiest Way to Elevate the Heart of Your Home

The kitchen is the often times the heart and soul of the home. It can be the family gathering for morning conversations while the first cup of coffee is brewing or everyone gathering around the center island, doing prep work for the evenings meal. It’s also the guests collecting closest to where their favorite hostess is often serving appetizers and aperitifs. No matter the occasion, the kitchen island is always the hub of the home and easily deserves the most amazing options in terms of kitchen island centerpieces.                                                                                                                                                                                                              Fab and Functional Centerpieces

Let’s talk about the usage of the center island and what types of centerpieces you can incorporate in a way that adds functionality to the space. The Julia Knight Collection offers a wide array of stunning serveware that not only pretty but is very practical as well. The center island is a great place to showcase these special pieces while still maximizing the space to accomplish your day-to-day activities.

Large bowls are the perfect way to corral loose fruits and vegetables and give easy access to kids and adults throughout the day. Tart green apples and juicy navel oranges are readily available for a fresh snack or natural sweet treat. Show off those luscious farmer’s market veggies, like red onions or vibrant peppers of every color, and keep them at the forefront for easy-to-make meals.

On the opposite end of spectrum of the large bowls, small and petite bowls are also a useful necessity to a kitchen island. And since scale matters on a kitchen island, it’s important to provide a place for the “little” items to land so they don’t get lost in the shuffle. Incorporating a tray to gather the everyday items needed to create your favorite family meals is a great way to simplify the cooking process. Small or petite bowls are ideal for garlic, seeds such as pumpkin or sunflower seeds or sea salt.

Maximize the space on your island by utilizing height. This not only generates interest, but it opens up the sightline on the surface of the counter and creates an “open” feeling. Utilizing a single cake stand, a two-tiered server or a three-tiered server will give you the opportunity to mass out a large selection of items, create a wonderful viewpoint, sort a variety of items and minimize the actual counterspace that is being used.

Rustic Kitchen Island Centerpieces

For rustic kitchen islands, the Eclipse Collection offers a stunning selection of large scale bowls in beautiful Raku style finishes. The Bronze finish is a rich tone of warm "rose gold-esque" colors and the Steel Blue has a soft movement of deep blue and gold. Both finishes create a “faux” pottery look, but are incredibly durable, due to the hand finished sandcast aluminum. For smaller families, the Eclipse 11” Bowl and the Eclipse 13” Bowl is the perfect size to keep a fresh assortment of your favorite go-to fruits or vegetables. For families a little larger, the Eclipse 15” Bowl will really give you the space you need to keep a plethora of natural items close at hand.

Gathering some of the smaller scale items is as simple as grabbing your favorite Julia Knight Eclipse tray or platter. For a more petite surface, the Eclipse 9” Stackable Tray or the Eclipse 14” Tray, paired with 2-3 Eclipse 4” Bowls is the perfect place to keep your regularly used items, like garlic, sea salt and crushed pepper. Another option would be the Eclipse 3-Part Server in the Bronze or Steel Blue finish. This gorgeous rustic modern piece has a twisted handle that can easily go from island to counter to dining table.


Timeless Tastes and Styles

The Classic Collection is one of the OG’s of the Julia Knight Collection. With hand cut mother of pearl mosaic edging paired with the signature styling of the thumbprint swirl in the hand crushed mother of pearl and enamel finish, the Classic Collection is truly a classic. This collection boasts a wide array of stunning finishes in pretty pastels or rich vibrant colors to compliment every home.

The Classic 15” Round Bowl is the ideal size to gather the latest fresh fruits from your local co-op. Sweet, plump grapefruits or bright yellow bananas are a stunning addition to this beautifully elegant bowl. The size is also perfect of a mix of moss balls or seashell balls. Beautiful yet functional, this size is also a great catch-all when unexpected guests arrive. Yep, stashing everything that’s collected on the island in a single container, never looked so good!

A dash of this or a smidge of that, the Classic Petite 4” Bowls paired with the Classic Cocktail Spoon are ideal for having those daily necessities on hand. Kosher salt or ground black pepper, gathered smartly on the Classic 14.5” Petite Bowl Tray make for a fabulously functional addition to any kitchen island. To create more of a showstopper look, bump up to the Classic 16” Octagonal Tray or the Classic 25” Rectangular Tray, add your petite bowls of salt and pepper, a large bowl of seasonal fruit and fill it out with a stunning selection of fragrant flowers from your own yard or local floral shop.


For an abundance of items, clean up the look by adding tiers to your surfaces. Julia Knight offers two and three tiered servers from the popular Peony Collection, the fabulous Florentine Collection. And for a simple one level alternative, the Peony Collection offers a 10” Cake Stand or a 14” Cake Stand and the Classic Collection has a beautiful 14” Cake Stand.  The Two-Tier and Three-Tier alternatives leave enough space for locally grown and gathered fruits and veggies, as well as artisanal breads and sweet treats from your nearby bakery. Organize each tier by simply gathering like items together on each tier. For example, all the fruit on one tier, all the vegetables on the other and breads and pastries on the final tier.


No matter what size your kitchen island is, creating kitchen island centerpieces that are not only pretty but also provide an option for practicality will keep your kitchen less chaotic and more calm.