The Flower Collection is a vibrant collection of lily and rose luxury serving bowls in a variety of sizes and colors. Each enamel bowl is reminiscent of the lovely petals of each flower…the drooping lily petals and the soft curves of a rose petal. These pieces are stunning bowls for centerpieces! Present a sumptuous fruit salad in the enamel serving bowl, such as the 20" lily bowl, add a 15" watercolor stargazer bowl with your favorite green salad and offer a 4" petite rose bowl with a sweet cupcake and you've created a "wow" tablescape. The small lily bowl and the petite rose bowl are the perfect size for vanities, nightstands or desks, to hold precious jewelry. No matter which flower bowl in which color, you are bound to have your guests buzzing for more.

 With her love of all things beautiful, Julia would be remiss if she didn't fashion a collection evoking the stunning gardens that surrounded her throughout her life. The Flower Collection is an inherent representation of the lily and the rose, with each petal varying, some curve up while others dip down, to truly depict the organic beauty of nature. With vibrant colors and joyful shapes, this collection makes even the simplest foods look special and creates a dazzling statement on any table, at any time of year. The one-of-a-kind crushed mother of pearl infused enamel with the signature thumbprint swirl on sand-cast aluminum, make this a gorgeous bouquet of beauty on every table. The Flower Collection is food safe and can go into the freezer and the oven up to 250 degrees.

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