Modern Everyday Dining Table Decor: Top Designer Picks in 2022

Modern Everyday Dining Table Decor: Top Designer Picks in 2022

Modern Everyday Dining Table Decor: Top Designer Picks in 2022

Modern Everyday Dining Table Decor: Top Designer Picks in 2022

Modern dining has taken a big bold move to the front and center of home décor and design. Think of every style you can imagine from, traditional, to elegant, to casual or even farmhouse…every viewpoint has an updated version that is fresh, current and just a little more chic. Updated traditional, modern elegance, casually contemporary and modern farmhouse are all new buzzwords to describe a style that has been given a fresh new perspective.

The Julia Knight Collection has a wonderful array of stunning pieces that will refresh and revive your dining table décor…from everyday to every celebrations, our stunning pieces are sure to create a “wow” experience.

Top Designer Pick: Colorful Collaborations

Color is back and stronger than ever! From bold blues to luscious pinks and intense greens, color is making a heavy appearance in tabletop décor. And color is one of the things that Julia Knight does best!

The Peony Collection has been a tried-and-true classic collection that is one of Julia’s original time-honored assortments. Reminiscent of the peony flower, this collection has soft, scalloped edges that suggest the gently falling petals of the peony after a summer rain shower. With a feminine touch, the Peony Collection is stunning all by itself and is also the perfect complement to a variety of other pieces. Pair this collection with the Classic Collection or the By the Sea Collection. It also goes extremely well with your heirloom pieces, handed down generation to generation.


The Julia Knight signature thumbprint swirl in the mother of pearl enamel comes in the most beautiful color palettes, something for everyone. Bold and beautiful, the Emerald, Pomegranate and the Sapphire finishes are absolutely extravagant. Deep colors of royalty create drama and classic modern styling for your tabletop.

The Cascade Collection is a modern take on the rugged mountain and majestic peaks of the Colorado mountainscapes. This stainless steel collection represents unyielding strength and beauty of the mountains, while the hand beaded edging lends itself to the asymmetry of a mountain range. The dichotomy of the rich finish of the audacious Cobalt color against the modern metallic metal of the shiny silver or the textural Frosted finish, make for a tablescape that is sure to impress.


Top Designer Pick: Modern Metallics

Marvelous metal! Welcome to unusual metallic finishes that bring daring viewpoints to your dining experience. This season, there is nothing more exciting than mixing and matching in a variety of styles and looks, on your tabletop. And adding metal servingware in a courageous and flirty way is sure to draw excitement and energy.

The Cascade Collection, Metallics, was inspired by the beautiful Colorado mountains, and the natural elements of the outdoors. The gorgeous trade secret metallic finishes of the Cascade Collection includes Rainbow Bronze, Graphite and the Frosted finish. Each color truly makes this collection a stand-out modern addition to every dining experience.


Influenced by the shadowed layers of the magnificent mountain skyline, Julia wanted to merge the natural elements of molten gold to a modern viewpoint, hence the Sierra Collection was created. Combining the modern elements of the hand-cut stainless steel with the hand crumpled brass handles and pedestal bases, the Sierra Collection evokes movement, beauty and sophistication. Finishes include Rainbow Bronze, Frosted and Graphite and various pieces have accents of warm gold and bring a modern elegance to dinner parties, celebrations and simply everyday dining.


The Eclipse Collection, Metallics, is a gorgeous modern organic replica of the well-known raku pottery styling. This collection has a slight curvature in the edging and alluring movement in the sandcast aluminum metallic finishes of Bronze and Steel Blue. The finishes are all hand applied and no two pieces are alike, ensuring each piece is one-of-a-kind. The Eclipse Collection has a sophisticated styling that is chic and stylish, and pairs beautifully with the Sierra Collection, retro pottery or even holds it on as the centerpiece on the table.


Top Designer Pick: Subtly Soft and Inspiring

As we embrace the idea of color, it’s good to note that it’s not just bright and bold colors that are making a statement. It’s also the soft subtle pastel colors that are standing out all on their own. Soft hues are delicate and yet, warm and inviting, leaving guests with a feeling of calm and serenity.

The Astra Collection is the perfect mix of celestial color and beautiful, bending arcs and panels that encase and celebrate each individual edge. This collection offers a stunning simplicity that is ideal for modern everyday dining table décor and is built for entertaining. Each color comes in graduated sizes, giving you the option to store each bowl in a nesting style, creating a minimal storage footprint. The soft tones of the Glacial Blue, Snow and Platinum create a bright and warm palette that is perfect for everyday modern living.



The Peony Collection not only offers the opulent gemstone colors, but there is a wide array of soft pastels that are sure to surprise and delight you and your guests. From light coastal hues, such as Hydrangea, Aqua and Azure to richer tones, like glimmering Teal. For something a little more bold and playful, Pink Ice and Raspberry will bring a soft yet spirited viewpoint to your tablescape. And to tie it all together, the Kiwi finish is a fresh kiss of color that is sure to enhance.


Modern sophistication is the ideal way to describe the Cascade Collection in Enamel. This collection offers a shiny exterior silver finish with a subtle hand-hammered dimpling to the stainless steel. The edges are created with a beautiful bold organic hand beading and the hand sponged interior of mother of pearl infused enamel ensures that each piece is truly breathtaking. Soft tones such as the light green-blue Surf and the pale gray Mist, offer a subtle style that is spectacular.


No matter what your style is, you can elevate your tabletop with a mix of these top designer picks for modern everyday table décor!