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Must-Have Salad Serving Bowls for the Spring Season

Must-Have Salad Serving Bowls for the Spring Season

Spring is up and coming and summer is just around the corner. And nothing says spring or summer like a fresh salad overflowing with the most amazing seasonal fruits and vegetables. Whether you’re finding fresh finds at your local farmers market, growing your own plentiful produce or cherry-picking items from the grocery store down the street, having a beautiful yet perfect sized vessel for your bounty will make the experience so much greater. And who says you have to wait for warmer weather? Summer salads in the midst of winter months leaves us thinking of spring and the joy we have when we’re finally able to gather outside with friends and family.

Over the last couple of years, the pandemic created a shift in how we eat and entertain. As we slowly emerge into a new version of the old world, we’re beginning to spend more time out with friends and family, enjoying meals, music and celebrations. However, due to supply chain issues and rising inflation, we’re still embracing the idea of eating at home. And when we do, we want to break up the mundane with global flavors and aromatic spices, that leave each meal a total immersion of joy.

One of the hottest trends right now that doesn’t seem to be slowing down, are rainbow salad bowls. Variations also include the healthy grain bowls or the build your own bowls and are really meant for an individual meal, versus trying to feed a larger group. The simple idea is based on creating beautifully colorful bowls with a broad range of vibrant ingredients. These ingredients not only wake up the palate and leave your taste buds asking for more, but they focus on healthy ingredients that pack a punch through protein and nutrients. 

Astra Collection

These bountiful bowls are unique to each person and therefore, should be experienced in a bowl as unique as the meal. Julia Knight has created the broadest selection of the most stunning salad serving bowls, pretty yet functional salad serving sets and aluminum serving trays.

For an individual serving for lunch, consider the 6” or the 8” serving bowl. For a style that leans a little more traditional, yet has a soft modern feel, the Peony 8.5” Round Deep Bowl or the Classic 8” Oval Bowl are perfect! Pretty yet, practical, these bowls are perfect for the plethora of colorful veggies and fruits. For a look that is decadent and rich, the Florentine 8” Oval Bowl, will truly host your ingredients in a classic style.

Oval Bowl Oval Bowl

For a look that is a bit more modern with traditional styling, definitely take a look at the stainless steel bowls, such as the Cascade Collection or the Sierra Collection. The Cascade Collection in Metallic or Enamel, has a 6” Bowl that is perfect for individual rainbow salads. The finishes boast bold metallic palettes with a variety of intense tones and movements. The enamel surfaces range from soft coastal hues to a deep rich cobalt that is sophisticated and chic.

 Oval Bowl Oval Bowl

If you prefer a look that is regal and opulent, the Florentine 8” Oval Bowl can’t be missed. The ornate textural edging is finished in a warm gold color with “arches” running on the outside. And for those with a whimsical flair, the Rose or Lily 8” Bowl will add a punch of bright and beautiful prettiness to your already fresh summer salad. Let’s not forget about the lastest addition to the Julia Knight serveware family, the Astra Collection. This collection has a contemporary finish that will work with your day-to-day use as well as hold its own at a table for something a little more formal.

 Oval Bowl

Flowers Collection Flowers Collection

For groups of four or more, the Julia Knight Collection has an awesome selection of stunning salad bowls, in a wide range of incredibly useful sizes. If you love to leave a little room for tossing, make sure to reach for the mid-to-large range bowls. These sizes are ideal to toss in (no pun intended) your ingredients and grab one of the many Salad Serving Sets to thoroughly coat your crafted salad in your favorite vinaigrette or dressing.

Flowers Collection

Some of the top selling pieces in the Julia Knight Collection, across the board, in every collection are primarily the 12” to 15” Bowls. Whether they are from the Peony, Classic, Florentine, Eclipse, Cascade, Flowers, or Sierra Collection, we have a style that will appeal to every taste. The array of bowls in this size, fall into great selection of round bowls, deep bowls, shallow bowls and even oval bowls.

Hosting and entertaining is easy with salad serving bowls from Julia Knight. It doesn’t matter if you have two guest or twenty, we have a bowl for every dish. Classic Caesar salads with a rich, creamy dressing, or a light and vibrant Mediterranean salad with bursting tomatoes and fresh-out-of-the-garden cilantro. If heartier salads are your fave, consider a roasted cauliflower and farro salad with feta and avocado or a winter chicken and kale with Brussels and blue cheese.

Flowers Collection Eclipse Bowls

And let’s not forget pasta salads! Bust these summer salads out for your main course go-to dishes for bold flavors and textures. For a light, yet flavorful dish, we suggest the pesto pasta caprese salad with zesty basil pesto sauce, with rotini pasta, tomatoes ad mozzarella. For something a little more hearty, right from the grill, the grilled ratatouille pasta salad is devine. Grilled eggplant, zucchini, penne pasta and fresh tomatoes, herbs and mozzarella make this dish a summer favorite. And if you can’t wait for summer, pop out the grill pan and go for it! You won’t be disappointed.

Eclipse Bowls

Because Julia believes beautiful serveware should also be functional, she’s designed all of the collections to have easy storage simply by stacking and nesting, largest to smallest. From the breadth of the gorgeous styles, wide range of sizes, and soft to bold color palettes, we’re sure to have a breathtaking bowl that will appeal even to the most particular person and have you immediately hungering for spring and summer!

Cascade Enamel Bowls