4 Must See Bath Trends that Make a Powder Room Shine

4 Must See Bath Trends that Make a Powder Room Shine

4 Must See Bath Trends that Make a Powder Room Shine

Powder rooms and bathrooms are being transformed into the most stylish retreats. And as this trend evolves, we’re seeing some incredible styling with bold statements and beautiful spaces. Check out the on-trend bathroom décor ideas of 2020!

Bathroom Trends & the Perfect Accessories to Compliment!

1.Natural Wood Tones that Warm Your Room

Warmth and spa-like retreats are emerging with a vengeance! As people spend more time at home, they want spaces that are soothing and relaxing, and this holds true for bathrooms and powder rooms, too. Natural hues and creamy tones, mixed with organic textural pieces, such as a wood chair or stool made of distressed timber for the showed, build on this viewpoint.

The luxury bathroom sets from the Cascade Bath Collection from Julia Knight, is the perfect addition to this trend. The mixed metals of the frosted silver and the organic hand beaded gold edging, paired with the splendor of the mother of pearl infused enamel in the Cloud finish, accentuate the luxurious feel of a weekend retreat. For a more organic traditional feel, consider the Classic Bath Collection with hand cut mother of pearl and hand applied infused mother of pearl in the velvety Snow finish. The naturalness of the creamy colors of each collection, create a calming mood and ensure you carry through this relaxing feeling from top to bottom.

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2.Black is back!

Bold, modern, yet fresh and minimal, this trend is here to stay. Bringing in tones of black, versus creating an entire black bathroom is key here, especially for an ensuite bath. White tiles still remain strong and are a mainstay in a modern bathroom. The bold contrast from dark to light, creates a cohesive balance with the dichotomy of the colors. Whether your mixing black tiles with white, or updating your bathtub with a matte black finish, add details, such as sconces and artwork with a dark, contemporary look to create a harmonious feel.

Embellish with plush black towels and stunning pieces from the Classic Bath Collection from Julia Knight. Details, such as a Soap Dispenser, bathroom Vanity Tray and the Waste Basket in the luscious black Caviar finish, exude stylish details that only extenuate this daring lifestyle. For a soft, yet bold modern feel, the Mist finish in the Cascade Bath Collection with add elevated styling that's truly your own!

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3.Rich Opulent Classic Styling

Classic styling has once again stepped into the forefront and is announcing its comeback with colors and looks that are fresh and updated. Gone are the jewel tone colors from the late 80’s and back in are luxurious, deep blues and bright cobalt, sumptuous aubergine and opulent greens, such as avocado and kelly. These stately colors are accentuated with large patterned wallpaper and lavish paint colors, and are reinforced with the beauty of warm, opulent gold tones.

To compliment this decadent trend, allow the colors to speak for themselves, and accent with the Cascade Bath Collection by Julia Knight. Warm mixed metal materials with the opalescent Cloud finish, make for a flawless combination. And for a more traditional space, the Classic Bath Collection, has hand cut mother of pearl accents with hand applied mother of pearl infused enamel, with the most stunning finishes that complete every powder room.

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4.Big, bold and beautiful!

The perfect room in the house for all out drama is the bath. Bright colors, mixed hues and overall excitement create a happy space to unwind after a long day. Whether you call out color in floor and wall tiles, focus on an accent wall or bring in accessories and art to make this space shine, color is all the rage of 2020. Tying in hues of a predominate color creates a cohesive space that is exciting and inviting.

To accent your space, consider shades of pinks, blues, greens or aqua bathroom accessories…either way, the Julia Knight Collection has you covered. With traditional or modern styling, the Classic and Cascade Bath Collections, with the Soap Dispenser, Soap Dish, Vanity Trays, Tissue Box and Wastebasket, add just the perfect color and finishes touches that really make your space a statement space!

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No matter how you decide to design your bathroom, the goal is to create a space the resonates with you and how you love to live in your space!