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Three Phenomenal Ways to Gather Friends & the Serving Sets to Style These Moments

Three Phenomenal Ways to Gather Friends & the Serving Sets to Style These Moments

What are the hottest trends in entertaining family and friends and what are the most complimentary ways to serve your guests? Luckily, Julia Knight is the guru of events and can share some of the sweetest ideas that are truly unique and simply fabulous. 

1.Picnic Perfect

It’s so easy to plan the perfect picnic and fall is the person season to pull it all together. With cooler weather, less bugs and beautiful views, an autumn picnic is idea. And, using the Five Minutes to Fabulous approach will make the process easy and super satisfying.

First stop! Your local grocers. Hit up the deli and select the most savory luncheon meats and the most appetizing sides. Our favorite go-to is an Asian slaw and a three bean salad. Next, make a stop in the fruit and veggie department and pull seasonal options, such as apples, blood oranges or papaya. Make a quick trip to the bakery and peruse the luscious sugary treats…a mix of small sweets is perfect for an on-the-go picnic! And don’t forget a French loaf! As you head up to the check out, don’t miss out on the sharp and smokey selection of gourmet cheese. On your way home, grab a lovely red wine or rose', to top off the menu.

Once home, grab your go-to cooler and travel bag. Now is the time to pack these tasty treats and to bring it all together. Keeping with the idea of ease, reach for stylish and lightweight Stainless Steel Collections, such as the Sierra Collection or  the Cascade Collection. And the first thing to pack is one of the decorative serving platters, such as the Cascade Rectangular Tray or the Cascade Round Tray. The lightweight stainless steel, either in the enamel finish or the metallic finish, is ideal for travel and perfect for pretty picnics. Smaller stacking bowls, such as the Sierra Stainless Steel Collection or the Sierra Oval Bowl are complimentary options that will hold an abundance of fruits.

Sierra Oval Bowl Cascade Round Tray

Grab a squishy blanket, wine glasses, plates, utensils and a sharp paring knife, and you are all set for a lovely afternoon, early evening picnic for you and your significant other or best friend.

2.Flirty and Feminine Ladies Luncheon

Nothing is more special than gathering your besties together all under one roof. And keeping it easy and real, so you can enjoy catch up time is the ideal solution. In fact, asking each of your ladies to stop at the deli to pick something up, or requesting that they each bring a tried and true family recipe will build into the idea of an eclectic smorgasbord.

In preparation, pull out your favorite serving trays with handles, the marble serving tray and the decorative serving platters. A happy, fresh and beautiful selection of inviting bright colors will really set the stage. Vibrant and charming, a perfect reach-for would include the Peony Collection, the Flowers Collection and the Classic Collection. Unabashedly feminine, these collections are soft and sweet or bold and bodacious. And pulling select pieces from each collection will really set the mood for laughter, conversation and celebration of your friendship.

Peony Collection

As friends arrive, collect their contributions and begin plating your pretty presentation. Small hors d’oeuvres plate perfectly on the Peony Two-Tiered Server while larger sandwiches or petite sliders fill the Classic Rectangular Serving Tray with Handles. Satisfying salads looks stunning in the Classic 15 Round Bowl or the Peony Oval Bowl. For individual servings of confections and pastries, the Rose Petite Bowl adds a kiss of color to every table. 

 Peony 16

 Classic Serving Tray with Handles Flower Bowls

For a splash of fun and unexpected joyful moment, consider creating a specialty cocktail. For ease in planning and prep work, batch ahead. Or for playful enjoyment, use specialty pieces from the Barware Collection, such as the Classic Cocktail Shaker or the Classic Jumbo Double Ice Bucket with Tongs.

Barware Collection


3.Mad, Marvelous Mornings

Move over brunch! And welcome mad, marvelous mornings! Mad mornings start earlier and hit all your favorite breakfast moods. Bring together your posse, whether it’s friends, families and kids, the mad morning is ideal because you can spend your morning socializing, sharing in a buffet style banquet and get-up-and-go as guests wrap up. This gathering allows your company to spend quality time together and then leaves everyone to the rest of their day.

Mad Mornings are made up of anything and everything breakfast! To start, pancakes infused with organic blueberries and walnuts, savory waffles with hand cut bacon or pecan encrusted French toast with hand mixed, whipped cream. Proteins consist of turkey sausage patties, pork links, and applewood smoked bacon. No need to “style” on a mad morning…grab your Julia Knight Eclipse decorative serving platters or your Eclipse serving trays with handles and start stacking and gathering these amazing meal time dishes. For a touch of variety, utilize the gorgeous Eclipse Collection Stacking Bowls and fill with fruits, cream or sprinkles. And for flavored syrup options, the Eclipse 3-Part Server is the perfect go-to!

Eclipse 3-Part Server Eclipse 3-Part Server

Eggs served in a plethora of options! Eggs glorious eggs! Scrambled eggs with green onion and cream cheese, poached eggs, eggs over easy or even deviled eggs. There are no bad eggs. And to partner up these eggs, a French loaf out of the oven or an artesian crusty loaf from your local baker is perfect! The various sizes of the Eclipse Stackable Square Trays will showcase these beautiful egg dishes.

Eclipse Stackable Square Trays Eclipse Collection

Bring in the hearty version of mad mornings with some fragrant, fried potatoes. Hashed, peeled and sliced, perfect home fries or a sweet potatoes skillet offers a satisfying, salty style to the table that will compliment the sweetness of the cakes, waffles or French toast.

No matter how you decide to gather your family and friends, the important thing is that you actually gather them. Let go of the “have-tos”, the “must haves” and the “must-be-dones” and just go for it and get your people together! Gathering the people you love and care about should be easy, simple and stress free. And having the loveliest of serveware can streamline that process, and keep you where you need to be most…out of the kitchen and surrounded by loved ones.

Julia Knight Collection