Stunning Servers and Platters

Serve Up Style with the Most Stunning Servers and Platters!

Serve Up Style with the Most Stunning Servers and Platters!

As we head into fall and the holiday season, now is the perfect time to set up your hosting game with the most fabulous serving bowls, platters and trays. The Julia Knight Collection offers a wide range of stunning styles for every household and every occasion.

1.Casual Gatherings and Spontaneous Soirees!

Nothing is more enjoyable and fun than gathering your favorite group of people together to conversate and partake in tasty morsels of goodness, while sharing in your favored cocktail of the season. Whether it’s last minute, or perfectly planned, bringing together a close circle of friends and family brings great joy!

Plating a plethora of dishes brought from well-intentioned guests has ever been easier than when you have a well-loved selection of Julia Knight pieces in your repertoire. In keeping with the casual gathering, large decorative platters from the Eclipse Metallic Collection, the Cascade Stainless Steel Collection or the Sierra Stainless Steel Collection are an easy go-to.

Sierra Collection Eclipse Metallic Collection

Large beautiful serving bowls are always beneficial in your stash of serving pieces, such as the stacking Eclipse Metallic Bowls or the Cascade Enamel Stainless Steel Bowls. Their stacking nature makes storage a dream and the size options make serving a simply easy and stunning. Ideal for savory sides, sumptuous salads and delicious desserts, these bowls will completely elevate an already stunning dish and showcase your skills as the hostess with the mostess.

Cascade Metallic Collection Cascade Enamel Collection Cascade Metallic Collection


2.Weekend Party Revelations!

The weekend is the ideal time to create that all-out, well executed fantastic function! To help execute this delightful endeavor, reach out to the perfect co-host, your bestie, and you’ll be able to devise a party that will suite even the most finicky friends. Create the joint guest list, develop the menu, build the overall theme and style and send out those invites!

And to support this lovely festivity, take a quick inventory of your Julia Knight pieces! Timeless styling is always in fashion and with the Classic Collection, you’re sure to have the serving bowls and platter sets you need to set the mood. For a sweeter soiree, reach for the pretty servers and platters from the Peony Collection. This collection replicates the delicate nature of the peony flower and the stacking nature of the bowls creates a completed flower. For an even more impactful presentation, mix and match these two beautiful collections. More decorative serving platters and bowls equal a wonderful wow that will ensure your guests feel loved and adored.

Classic Collection

Peony Collection 


3.Thoughtful Themes that Charm and Delight

Nothing is more powerful at a party than the thoughtfully planned details and dynamic viewpoints of the food station. Whether it’s a gorgeous buffet built on a stunning sideboard or table, or a sit-down dinner that guests can feast from, in the center of the table, building a beautiful statement will leave guests captivated and charmed.

The Flowers Collection is a fresh and fabulous way to showcase color, whimsy and style all under one viewpoint. Large serving bowls in the most beautiful array of colors and styles, charm and delight guests. Mix this collection with the Peony Collection and you’ll expand your servers and platters, creating a simply pretty style that’s all your own. From the dainty fall of the flowers petals in the Peony Collection, to the sweetly scalloped edges of the Peony Collection, together, these pieces create a style that’s original and mesmerizing. 

 Flowers Collection Flowers Collection

For a sophisticated coastal view point that’s bound to be reminiscent of the shore, the By the Sea Collection is bold yet refined and offers a fanciful style that is truly breathtaking! Captivating details include the delicate etching of the Conch Shell Bowls, the life-like movement of the Scalloped Starfish Bowls and the stately elegance of the Sea Horse Pedestal Bowls.

By the Sea Collection By the Sea Collection

Layer in the Peony Collection with the soft edging, and tier the large decorative bowls of the Sea Horse Pedestals for drama and height. To create a bold statement on the surface, pull in the large decorative platters from the Classic Collection. The intricate detailing of the hand cut mother of pearl on the edges add texture and beauty that is alluring and graceful. When guests arrive, they’re sure to take a stroll down memory lane, reminiscing of their amazing times visiting the ocean.

Peony Collection Peony Collection


4.Fall Festivities

The leaves are turning bright reds and golds, there’s a slight chill in the air and and the smell of fall is upon us. Deep rustling of leaves can only mean one thing…entertaining is moving from the outdoors to the inside! And no one can showcase the celebration of the autumn better than Julia Knight and the Luxe Lodge Collection! 

The Luxe Lodge Collection by Julia Knight has the most eclectic array of serving bowls and platter sets in the must luxurious colors of fall! A large array of Oak Leaf Bowls and Platters in shimmery Spice and Toffee tones. The luscious Pumpkin Bowls and Platter, paired with the hearty Oak Leaf Petite Bowls make the ideal chip and dip combination, or artisanal bread and dipping sauce.

Luxe Lodge Collection Luxe Lodge Collection

Show your playful side with the Luxe Lodge Squirrel Collection! Perfectly poised squirrels “gather” your goodies and serve your guests crackers, nuts, dips and treats. Little detailed items such as the Acorn Salt and Pepper Shaker, the Acorn Spreader or the Acorn Petite Bowl add those sweet elements that serve up smiles and joy.

Luxe Lodge Acorn Collection


5.Stylish Serving is Always in Style

No one knows hostessing a gathering, party or event, more than Julia Knight. Her attention to detail and her love of all things beautiful, really create environments that light up a space. Her thoughtful design and the intricate details of her sophisticated styling offer a wide range of colors, collections and designs that interweave into each other.

Whether you’re simply a collector of one collection, the depth and curated colors will offer you and your guests a pretty moment with every piece. If you’re madly in love with many collections, the ability to mix and match, and layer collections within collections, will allow you to cast a dynamic experience on every guest.

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