Marvelous Mixing Bowls

Marvelous Mixing Bowls You will Love for 2021!

Marvelous Mixing Bowls You will Love for 2021!

Mix Up Your Table with Marvelous Mixing Bowls!

At Julia Knight, we specialize in creating the most stunning tabletop for entertaining. But did you know, our pieces are also fabulous for preparing for dinner parties, dinner for two or simply using day to day?

Our Cascade Stainless Steel Collection in Metallic Finishes or Enamel Finishes offers a large variety of sizes in three finishes. Whether you love Metallic finishes and the warmth of the Rainbow Bronze finish, the cool moody undertones of the Graphite Finish or the textured mixed metal of the Frosted Finish, you’ll love the depth of each bowl. Or if you prefer a pop of color, the Enamel Finishes offer a lovely selection of soft tones to a classic deep blue Cobalt color. The two largest bowls, the Cascade 12” or the Cascade 10” are the ideal depth for stirring and folding your cherished family recipe in. Or create a savory salad with fresh veggies and fruit with your favorite protein, add your delicious dressing and toss, using the Salad Serving bowl Set from the Cascade Collection.

Cascade Cobalt Collection  Cascade Cobalt Collection  Cascade Cobalt Collection 

Making your favored meal time recipe has never been easier when you use the smaller Julia Knight bowls to gather your ingredients. Creating the ideal mise en place organizes all of your ingredients together, keeping cooking at mealtime simple and easy. The Classic 4” Petite Bowl, the Eclipse 4” Bowl or the Peony 4” Petite Bowl are the perfect size for your pinch of salt or teaspoon of turmeric. Do you have a cup of flour or two cups of rice? Reach for the Peony 8.5” Round Deep Bowl, the Eclipse 6” Bowl, the Cascade 6” Bowl or even the Sierra 6” Bowl. All of these collections make meal time effortless. And storage is just as smooth, as every collection has pieces that stack within each other, keeping storage space coordinated and tidy.

Cascade Cobalt Collection Cascade Cobalt CollectionCascade Cobalt Collection Cascade Cobalt Collection

With a dash of salt to a bit of sugar, the Julia Knight Collection offers a plethora of bowls to suit your needs. Whatever your needs are, we can take you from meal prep to meal pretty in no time! And have your family clamoring for seconds.