2021 Spring Florals for Spectacular Soiree's!

2021 Spring Florals for Spectacular Soiree's!

2021 Spring Florals for Spectacular Soiree's!

2021 Spring Florals That Make Spectacular Settings!

Julia finds beauty in everything. And nothing was more inspiring than the breathtaking gardens that surrounded her in her childhood. It’s no wonder that the Julia Knight Collection has an absolutely lovely array of lily’s, stargazers and roses. From the distinct petals of the rose to the subtle curve of the lily, Julia has managed to capture the intimate details of each flower. With vibrant colors in every size, the Flowers Collection is a stunning statement for every occasion.


Appealing Appetizers Served up Stunningly!

For savory starters, such as breads, olive oils and dips, smaller scale pieces make the ideal serving source. Consider partnering the Peony 14” Rectangular Tray or the Peony 15” Hors D’Oeuvres Tray with the Rose 4” Petite Bowl or the Lily 4” Bowl. These pieces partner well to create the prettiest plates for guests to enjoy.

Create the Most Charming Table

Guests will love the magic you’ll create when you mix the Flowers Collection with the Peony or Classic Collection from Julia Knight. Carefully curated pieces from these three collections will have guests joyfully discovering lovely magical moments within your tablescape. For height and drama, start with the Peony Two or Three-Tiered Server. These pieces are ideal for sweet, colorful confections. Mix in your favorite flowers, paired with robust berries and you’ll have a spectacular start to your table.


Stunning Bowls for Simply Perfect Dishes

Present your families favorite recipes and create a lovely mix of sides and salads that will speak to your guests. No matter the size of the party, Julia Knight has you covered! For larger gatherings, the Rose 15” Bowl, the Lily 15” Bowl or the Lily 20” Bowl will give you room for family size servings, that are absolutely show stopping. Perfect for fruit salads, savory pasta sides or gorgeous greens…and don’t forget the Salad Serving bowl Sets from the Peony Collection. For more intimate parties, the 12” or 8” Rose Bowl, or the 11” or 8” Lily Bowl, create a pretty presentation, perfect for smaller serving sizes of mixed greens, tossed salads or hearty noodle salads.


Tables that WOW!

Create a showstopping viewpoint by layering and stacking multiple pieces from multiple Julia Knight collections. Bright, bold colors, or soft subtle hues…no matter your style, the Flowers Collection will enhance every party! Sweet accents and statements are abundant from the Peony Collection and timeless styling by the Classic Collection are sure to showcase your marvelous main courses, savory dishes and delectable treats. We think spring soirées are on the menu this season!