8 Ways to Use Your Serving Tray In Every Room (2021)

8 Ways to Use Your Serving Tray In Every Room (2021)

8 Ways to Use Your Serving Tray In Every Room (2021)

8 Ways to Use Your Serving Tray in Every Room

Design chic spaces that are not only stylish but will keep everything ship shaped and organized. Serving trays serve a function in every room in your home and eliminate clutter and create grounded vignettes. Check out some of the traditional uses below as well as some unexpected ideas that will have your home feeling pretty and polished for the new year!

1. Livable Living Rooms

Living rooms are often times one of the most lived-in spaces of the home, and coffee tables become the “catch-all” of these rooms. From remote controls, home accessories, beverages, etc…the best way to gather the chaos is with a stylish and functional tray. Julia Knight offers a wide selection of large serving tray with handles, such as the Sierra 20” Rectangular Tray or the Classic 25” Rectangular Tray with Handles. And if you prefer no handles, the Classic 16” or 20" Octagonal Tray and the Cascade 13” Round Tray are a perfect solution.   


2. Devine Dining Rooms

The dining room is not only the place to gather family, but it is also the mecca for entertaining guests. Create a focal point on your dining table, transport items to and from other places in your home or host a pop up bar! To manage larger scale table or experiences, the Cascade 20” Tray with Handles or the Classic 21” Beveled Tray with Handles are ideal!


3. Clutter-Free Kitchens

Whether you’re cooking a family meal or simply creating a clean, fresh space, a tray of any size or shape is ideal in the kitchen! Gather loose cooking accessories such as oils, herbs, lemons, vinegar and even cutting boards, to create a purposely organized space. To manage space, consider the Cascade 13” Round Tray or the Florentine 16” Rectangular Tray. Stylish and sensible never looked so good!     


4. Beautiful Bedrooms

At the start of a new day or the end of a long day, the bedroom can often times feel a little busy with loose ends and disorder. Placing a tray on your dresser, or a smaller tray on a nightstand, helps gather all the little things that can gather in this space. For the perfect size nightstand tray, consider the Classic 12” Vanity Tray or the Peony 14” Rectangular Tray. And for larger surfaces, the Classic 16” and 20” Octagonal Trays are timeless.  

5. Bougie Baths

Prevent clutter in your bath or powder room and keep essentials organized in one location, with strategically placed trays. Whether you’re gathering lotions, powder, soap or guest towels, you can bring it all together with a beautiful tray. The Cascade 12” Vanity Tray or the Cascade 9” Guest Towel Tray is ideal. For a more traditional style, consider the Classic 12” Vanity Tray or the Classic 9” Guest Towel Tray.       


6. Favorable Entryways

Don’t spend time looking for your car keys or wallet! Utilize the perfect place holder at your entryway, with the Classic 14.5” Petite Bowl Tray or the Peony 14” Rectangular Tray. The size of these trays are ideal for smaller scale items, and look fashionable while being highly functional.   

7. Organized Offices

Creating a practical work environment has never been easier! With a plethora of styles of small to large scale trays, Julia Knight can help you be more productive. And let’s face it, we can all use a little extra help with our desktops! Organize all the littles that get in the way of your creativity with the Eclipse Stackable Trays, the Classic 14.5” Petite Bowl Tray, or the Classic or Cascade 12” Vanity Tray.     


8. Creative Craftspaces

Creating beauty comes through with the elimination of clutter. Gather all of your creative tools, such a paint, paint brushes, pencils and anything else you use to bring your artistry to the world, in one place. Contain the chaos by separating your tools in pretty cups of your choice, then gather them in one space with the Florentine 15” Square Tray, the Eclipse 14” Tray or the Cascade 13" Round Tray.