Beach House Kitchen Must-Haves: Coastal Designs & Décor for Homes by the Sea

Beach House Kitchen Must-Haves: Coastal Designs & Décor for Homes by the Sea

Beach House Kitchen Must-Haves: Coastal Designs & Décor for Homes by the Sea

Beach House Kitchen Must-Haves: Coastal Designs & Décor for Homes by the Sea

Bold and beautiful, the By the Sea Collection by Julia Knight has been a stunning inspiration for those who live near the ocean, sea, lakes or any kind of coastal environment. This sophisticated yet whimsical collection is truly personal for Julia, as she has many cherished family memories of collecting shells on the beaches of her favorite childhood shores. She was fascinated with the textural details of each unique seashell and the innate beauty of the iridescent finish that nature provided. From these fond memories, Julia designed this lovely collection that could be cherished from generation to generation.

Beach House Coastal Kitchen Design Staples

Entertaining coastal style is filled with panache, finesse and the fabulous details that make an evening magical and overflowing with ambience. And finding your core go-to tableware is key to creating a successful soirée. From stylish serving bowls for sides and salads, to enchanting trays and utensils, the By the Sea Collection offers a wide variety of tabletop pieces that will be sure to enhance your event.

The Seahorse Collection is one of the most dramatic product selections in the By the Sea Collection. These absolutely beautiful pieces have intricate details that capture the true miracles of these enchanting creatures. The Seahorse Pedestal Bowls come in 10”, 14” or 20” and can be used individually or stacked and layered for drama and effect. You can stack the 10” Seahorse Pedestal Bowl on top of the 14” bowl or the 14” bowl on top of the 20” bowl. Or better yet, stack all three atop of each other and build a stunning tablescape centerpiece. Layer these oceanic pedestal bowls for a chic and stylish seafood tower. Load each bowl up with ice, then pile on the clams, oysters, shrimp and lobster for a striking seafood extravaganza!

Sensationally stunning, the Scallop Starfish Deep Bowl is sure to please! The three sizes include the 4”, 8.5” and 15” are a must have for every occasion. The nubby surface and the three dimensional details of the starfish add a special touch to these highly functional bowls. The 4” Scallop Starfish Deep Bowl is perfect for dips and sauces, such a warm, melted butter for lobster dipping. The 8.5” bowl is great for jumbo shrimp or seafood salad. And the robust 15” bowl is ideal for a large party or a celebratory gala! Load this beautiful bowl with ice and layer in jumbo shrimp, clams or oysters for a coastal feast!

One of the most popular bowls in the By the Sea Collection is the Tahitian Clam Shell Bowl. This beautiful bowl reflects the subtle scalloped edging of the natural elements of the Tahitian Clam. The wide range of sizes include the 5”, 8”, 17.5” and the 25” bowl and each one is a showstopper for any occasion. The smaller bowls are perfect for sauces or dips and are the ideal complement to larger By the Sea pieces for seafood remains, such as shells or tails. The larger bowls are fabulous for large-scale fetes, piled high with freshness from the sea.

Beach House Kitchen Ideas

Designing a coastal kitchen that is sophisticated, yet whimsical, takes the right balance of beauty and boldness, style and sass and plain old functionality. No matter what your existing kitchen looks like, adding a few special touches will delight and inspire you for years to come.

Happy Hardware for the Win!

Changing out the hardware on your cabinetry doors and drawers is a simple and fairly inexpensive way to amp up your coastal style. For a warmer feeling, consider a woven rattan, matte gold or a rubbed bronze. To speak to the cooler side of things, utilize a matte or shiny silver or solid black finish. For a more elaborate style, a textural coral in gold or a hand carved mother of pearl pattern lends itself to a sophisticated style that is truly unique.

Next, consider design styles. Classic viewpoints such as a rope and tied knot or linear mixed metals speak to a more elevated style. For something a little more casual, yet chic and playful, consider seashells, starfish or even an octopus style. These viewpoints add a lot of style and really read as a beachy feeling.

Coastal Coloring

Color palettes can set the pace for how your home feels and the vibe it gives off to guests. Of course, something as easy as changing paint colors can refresh a space and give it an updated look. However, adding color to a space doesn’t have to mean an entirely new paint job. Creating a coastal look can be as easy as adding or updating your color palette through new accessories or art. Colors that lend themselves to a coastal vibe include rich, deep tones, like navy or teal. For a softer sea-style, pale blues or green-blue palette, paired with a luscious and inviting creamy tone make for a wonderful hip beach house viewpoint. Mixing in a primary palette and a supporting second palette, will create a well-rounded look.

Once you’ve determined your color preference, bring in subtle additions of these color palettes to the kitchen. This can be done with dishes, such as pieces from the By the Sea Collection, with the warm and inviting coastal colors. A bold big bowl on your kitchen island is a perfect place to introduce your colors as well as share your favorite family fruits. Adding soft goods in your color choices in the dish clothes or hot pads will add a subtle hint of fun. No matter where you add pockets of your color palette, taking a balanced approach and applying the less is more concept will bring your coastal spirit forward.

A Designer’s Take on the Beach House Coastal Kitchen Collection

The most important point of a beach house or coastal vibe is to not take yourself too seriously. Leaning info a coastal viewpoint can be accomplished simply by adding in pieces that make you smile and bring joy into your life. If you focus on the joy and delight, each day you’ll start from a place of gratefulness.