Dessert Tables

Curated Dessert Tables for Every Occasion

Curated Dessert Tables for Every Occasion

Dessert tables continue to be a fabulous hit for all occasions, from intimate luncheons to upscale weddings. Whether you’re hosting a bridal shower or hosting a rowdy group for the big game, a thoughtfully curated dessert table, filled with the appropriate treats for the occasion is definitely the way to go. And the Julia Knight Collection has the widest array of color, styles and shapes to make your party memorable!

Creating the perfect sweet treat table isn’t as easy as you might think. It can quickly go from chic to chaos in a matter of minutes, without putting a little effort into the planning and execution. Check out these simple tips and you’ll have guests asking when your next soiree is!

  • Decide on the concept for your dessert table. Is this a formal affair? A casual get together? A specific event or celebration? No matter what the occasion, decide on the theme, colors and styling of the occasion and keep this concept throughout the planning and execution. For example, if you are planning a bridal shower, you might want to consider using the colors that are already selected for the wedding. If you are planning treats for the big game, something more casual, with the color palette of your team, may be more appropriate. Serveware from the Julia Knight Collection gives you a wide range of pretty products, styles and colors to choose from…perfect for every event!
  • Determine how many delicacies you’ll need. How do you determine that? Finalize your guest count, and assume each guest will have 2-3 treats. Julia Knight offers a variety of Rectangle Trays, Hors D’Oeuvres Trays, Petite Plates, Platters and Serving Trays with and without handles, in a variety of colors and sizes, to fill out every tablescape.

Rectangle Trays

  • Based on the dessert count, now is the time to create the menu and start creating your showstopping tablescape. Start with the star of the table and select specialty patisseries that will be the wow. Whether you choose to make something from scratch or pick something up that’s already made, you can add embellishments, such as sifted powdered sugar or fresh berries, to make each dessert shine. The quantity of these pieces is determined by how many guests you have. Second tier treats include things such as bars, brownies, mini cupcakes, look especially lovely when you layer in chocolate dipped strawberries or candied orange peels dipped in rich dark chocolate. The goal for the second tier of treats, is to keep these pieces smaller scaled and finger foods. Easy to grab and easy to eat. The final tier of goodies include truffles, chocolates and delicious candies. This is the perfect place to add color and texture while adding little grab-and-go treats for guests as they peruse the table.                        
Classic Collection  Classic Collection 
  • Plate up your desserts and treats with stylish dishes, such as decorative Platters and Rectangular Trays, Cake Stands from the Peony and Florentine collection, and Dipping Bowls for berry compote. The lovely Peony Rectangular Tray with Handles creates a feminine backdrop for darling confections and paired with the stylish Two-Tiered Cakes Stands, makes a bold and beautiful presentation. Dripping down from the top, your star cake or torte, leading guests to tasty sweet morsels of brownies and bars, with sweet fondant bonbons on the lower tier, cascading into trays of mini desserts, such as banana beignet bites, petite rum cakes and morsels of apple strudel cheesecakes. Add dollops of chocolates and sprinkled powder sugar and you’ll give guests a feeling of loving homemade goodness. For a dynamic color statement, color coordinate pieces with the luxurious palettes from the Julia Knight Collections. The sumptuous signature styling of the hand crushed mother of pearl and infused enamel make the perfect backdrop for pretty patisseries. Select pieces with various textures, and choose assorted sizes and shapes to make a stunning dessert table. Whether your style is modern, organic or traditional, we’ve got you covered. 
Classic Collection  Classic Collection  Classic Collection
    • Create layers of drama and style…and start with the Julia Knight Collection! Since you’ve taken the time to choose the perfect selection of sweets, now is the time to start designing your table. It’s not enough to simply put the desserts on the table. To build a stunning display, you’ll need to layer your desserts through height, depth and scale. For a sophisticated coastal story, the By the Sea Collection will add a “wow” element with figural seahorses and seashells, opalescent colors reminiscent of the sea and true statement pieces with height and depth. For a more opulent look, make sure to showcase the Florentine Collection with warm textural gold or silver accents, with rich jewel tones and traditional styling, this collection is sure to make an impact at your next event. Start with building your height first by stacking the Peony or Florentine cake stands, and then, cascade down. Instead of sprawling the decadent sweets across the table, tighten up each serving using  hors d’oeuvre trays, serving trays with handles and rectangle trays, so it looks more deliberate and abundant. Add depth from the bottom up and fill in with color and textural treats and candies.       
          Classic Collection                
    • Add the finishing touches with serving utensils, such as Cake Servers, Serving Sets and Scoops. For an extra element of elegance and interest, add pretty paper goods with appropriate labels and signage. Style with coordinated napkins, paper or cloth, and decorative dessert plates. And for an elevated surprise, add edible flowers, such as pansies and johnny-jump-ups, to the tops of desserts. This will soften the look and be a lovely addition to the table. Don’t forget to add curated flowers in vases to fill out the foliage. 

    Classic Collection  Classic Collection

    Viola! A beautiful dessert table, filled with guest favorites, that is a stunning , eye-catching display of style and decadence. And a memorable table of treats for your guests to ooh and ahh, over.