Hostess Gifts for the Holiday Season

Happy Hostess Gifts for the Holiday Season!

Happy Hostess Gifts for the Holiday Season!

Preparing for the lovely parties and events that are knocking on our door this holiday season is truly one of the joys of this festive season. Finding a special token or bibelot from the Julia Knight Collection for the host and hostess should be simple, yet inspiring. We’ve created our top go-to list for gifts that will appeal to even the most particular person. From traditional, to modern, casual, coastal or even gifts that represent the holiday season, we really have you covered. And if your gift receiver prefers to serve artisanal breads with oil, or veggies and dips, or even better, candies and sweet pastries, the Julia Knight Collection offers a broad range of items to suit every style of entertaining.

The Merriment Maven

We all have that one friend…she has the perfectly color coordinated and decorated Christmas tree, with a stunning garland, door wreath and centerpiece to match. We definitely love her vibe and support her holiday cheerfulness. For this friend, the Holiday Collection by Julia Knight is an automatic gift go-to. From deep Emerald greens or a bright and shiny updated Mojito, to a rich, vibrant Pomegranate or even a classic Snow white, the color palettes are unstoppable and ooze with that classic holiday feeling.

Smaller Scale Christmas Styling that are Sure to Delight

The Holly Sprig Collection offers the most lovely array of classic holiday styling. Reminiscent of the holly bushes that surrounded Julia’s childhood home, this collection is quite a stunner. Every piece in this collection is a sure fire way to show real appreciation of the efforts of your host and hostess. Some of the perfect gifts for these party planners include the following:

  1. Holly Sprig 5.5” Petite Sleigh Bowl or the Holly Sprig 8” Sleigh Bowl. Sophisticated whimsy, these bowls represent the perfect St. Nick sleigh. Beautiful interior detailing of these bowls represents the lovely holly bush, red berries included. The sleigh has upturned runners with a subtle slope from the front of the sleigh to the back. These bowls are perfect for Christmas candies, mixed nuts or dips and seasonal sauces.Petite Sleigh Bowl
  2. Classic Holly Sprig Bowls or the Holly Sprig Sauce Boat. Timeless, yet with a vintage feel, the Holly Sprig Bowls come in a variety of sizes. For those with a bit of updated styling, the Mojito finish is bold, bright and beautiful, while the Emerald finish appeals to a more traditional clientele. The smaller scale bowls are ideal for chocolate covered nuts or Christmas mints that melt in your mouth. The Holly Sprig Sauce Boat has a naturally composed handle that will help simplify the pouring process of savory gravy or dipping sauces.                   Petite Sleigh Bowl
  3. Holly Sprig Starflake 6” Bowl. Sweet and petite, this bowl comes in the two stunning colors…the Emerald Green finish or the Mojito color palette. This pretty little perfect gift also comes in an iridescent white Snow finish. This little bowl is the perfect size to act as a salt cellar or even show off your favorite delectable dip. Petite Sleigh Bowl
  4. Holly Sprig 6” Ornament Bowl. A fairly recent addition to the Julia Knight, this holly sprig ornament bowl has lovely detailing and a sweet little detailing on the top. The bulbous shape allows for a little more space for you to fill with all your little extras. Whether it’s hummus, virgin olive oil and vinegar or a collection of condiments, the Holly Sprig Ornament Bowl is the perfect space saver on the table, yet goes miles for style. Petite Sleigh Bowl
  5. Poinsettia 5” Bowl. A luxurious Pomegranate finish, the Poinsettia 5” Bowl has a leaf-like edge with a pretty green center that is really beautiful. The depth of this bowl is actually quite nice and enables a little more space for such things as a savory cheese ball or a heated artichoke dip. Pair this bowl with a Poinsettia Spreader, and you have the most ideal hostess gift. Poinsettia 5” Bowl

Special Seasonal Hostess Gift Ideas that Wow!

  1. Holly Sprig 16” Tree Platter. During dinner parties and social seasonal gatherings, there are ever enough platters to really showcase all the fabulous cuisine. Take a little pressure off of your host or hostess, while also adding a little magic to this joyful time of year. Create your favorite family cookie or bar recipe, decide which green finish you prefer on the Holly Sprig Tree Platter and show up bearing sweet treats. This will not only ensure you’ll get an annual invite, but each time they reach for their go-to serving tray, they will think of you and your gracious gift giving. Holly Sprig 16” Tree Platter
  2. Holly Sprig 16” Tray. These gorgeous subtle “S” shaped tray is a ideal host or hostess gift! The small scale handles make it easy to carry from counter to table to sink, while the length makes it possible to add an abundance of colorful veggies, stacks of crackers and cheese or petite gourmet truffles. Add a smaller scale bowl, such as the Holly Sprig Starflake Bowl for dips and sauces. Or even a Holly Sprig Spreader and you will have the prefect trifecta of good, gracious gift giving. 
  3. Holly Sprig 13” Round Platter. This pretty serving platter is the ideal size for creating an awesome holiday tray. Whether you want to create something savory, such as a mixed meat and cheese charcuterie or a sweet tray of treats, like miniature tortes and triple berry scones, the size of this platter will make this your grab and go platters. Available in three festive colors, this tray also looks amazing stacked with a tiered cake or family pie. No matter what you decide, the Holly Sprig 13” Round Platter is a must have for all hosts and hostess.  Holly Sprig 16” Tree Platter

No matter what you decide this holiday season, the Julia Knight Collection offers stunning, heirloom quality serveware pieces that are sure to become cherished pieces year after year.  From smaller scale stocking stuffers or medium to large serveware pieces, no one puts on more of a show than our beloved Julia Knight!