Ideas and Inspiration for Dining Alfresco

Ideas and Inspiration for Dining Alfresco

Ideas and Inspiration for Dining Alfresco

With glorious spring there are more opportunities than ever to host the perfect alfresco dinner party with Julia Knight.   Alfresco, or outdoor dining, is something that every party-goer loves and that is certainly going to stay a huge part of the spring party scene. So how do you pull off the perfect alfresco dinner party for two or 20? The process is simpler than you might imagine with the help of signature Julia Knight pieces.  And all of our pieces are unbreakable make them perfect at the pool, the patio or the boat.


The True Outdoor Experience

The first thing you want to do is define your outdoor space. The location in which you plan on dining alfresco should be close enough to the house so that you can get food in and out quickly and easily. This will make the event much more efficient for the hostess and allow guests and hosts to easily be entertained. You’ll also want to make sure you have adequate seating, places to eat, and places to entertain. Patios are a great option as they are close to the home and still far enough away that you can get a true outdoor experience. 

Another thought you’ll want to keep in mind is the timing of your event. Spring early morning can be dewy and chilly, afternoons can bring spring showers and evenings could get quite cold. However, there are ways that you can remedy each of these issues. If you want an early morning alfresco dining experience, try eating on a deck that is not on ground level, this will reduce the amount of dew. Provide guests with a charming lap blanket, so they’ll stay cozy and warm. For the afternoon, adding rain protection in the form of an umbrella, shaded patio, or even a canopy can help protect from unexpected showers and allow you to eat outside. Lastly, a good fire or some citronella candles in the evening can help keep bugs at bay and can help warm up your outdoor eating space.

Setting the Table and Setting the Mood

After you have your location and timing chosen, you can then start to consider your place settings. Though using paper plates may be tempting, it takes away from the experience. Using a stunning place setting that is well made, high quality, and beautiful is going to give you the look and feel of indoor dining without having to keep your party indoors. The Julia Knight enamel bowls and trays are practical and beautiful. You can also choose place settings that reflect a theme or that are a certain color or style to add more personality to your party and to make things truly beautiful. 

Knowing how to stage your party is one thing, you also need to consider your menu. Unless you have an outdoor kitchen, you might want to consider foods that need little heating. Salads, fish, grilled foods, and even pizza are great for alfresco dining because they are easy to make and easy to eat. Though it may be tempting to show off your culinary skills and create a marvelous four course dinner, with alfresco, simple is better. Take the time to tailor your menu not only to your skills and your space, but also to the time of year, weather and what is in season. Fresh veggies and fruits are always welcome at any great alfresco dining experience.

Alfresco dining is the perfect way to bring additional entertaining space to your home and expand on your guest’s experience. And it opens up an entirely new world when it comes to hosting a fete’ with family and friends and allows you to truly be the epitome of the gracious host.