Luxury Powder Room Decor Ideas (and Tips from a Luxury Designer)

Luxury Powder Room Decor Ideas (and Tips from a Luxury Designer)

Luxury Powder Room Decor Ideas (and Tips from a Luxury Designer)

Luxury Powder Room Decor Ideas (and Tips from a Luxury Designer)

Luscious Luxury Powder Room Décor

Let’s face it, your bathroom may not be the first room that every guest sees when they visit, however, they are definitely one of the most important spaces that almost every guest is sure to visit. And in today’s design world, these are the rooms where we can create the most drama or impact, from boldly colored wallpaper to fanciful tiles, down to the loveliest bathroom accessories. The details in each of these spaces can leave guests in awe or shock of this functional room and we personally prefer the first option.

The Cascade Bath Collection

Whether you’re a long-time collector or a first-time admirer of the Julia Knight Collection, the Cascade Bath Collection is a lovely addition to your home. From kitchen to dining to office to bath, the Julia Knight Collection offers a breadth of products that create and support a stunningly simple, yet sophisticated lifestyle.

The Cascade Bath Collection brings luxurious beauty to one of the most frequently used rooms in your home, the powder room. The hand-beaded edging on these pieces brings a stylish beauty that is both modern and classic, yet, clean, fresh and updated. Two toned, stainless steel metal paired with the hand layered enamel with infused hand crushed mother of pearl, create a look that is absolutely striking. With color palettes ranging from soft Glacial Blue to refined Rainbow Bronze, we offer a lovely variety of colors to suit every powder room and bath in your home.

Fabulously Functional Must-Haves

The most in-demand pieces of the Cascade Bath Collection are so pretty and absolutely practical and will add the perfect finishing touches to every powder room, bath or half bath in your home. Bath products not only need to be fabulous but they also need to be functional. (After all, what’s the point of pretty if the products don’t work?)

One of the most popular, must-have products near every sink in your home is the Cascade 7.5” Soap/Lotion Dispenser. The soap and/or lotion dispenser is ideal for liquid soap in your powder room, dish soap by your kitchen sink or for hand lotion on your desk or next to your bed. This special soap/lotion dispenser is handy for a multitude of places and spaces.

Gorgeous and gracious, the Cascade 5” Tissue Cover makes functionality fabulous! With a stylish mix of silver and gold stainless steel, you don’t have to worry about matching your finishes, because the two-tones blend effortlessly with almost every style. Perfect for your powder room, your nightstand, end table, in your guest room, on your kitchen counter or at your desk…anywhere you need easy access to a tissue!


Often overlooked or simply ignored, the stylish and highly purposeful Cascade 9.75” Waste Basket is an essential piece to every luxury powder room décor collection. Offered in a wide range of fresh, updated colors, this piece is perfect for every powder room, each bedroom, by every desk…in fact, there isn’t a room this waste basket can’t go in to!


Organization Has Never Been so Lavish!

Tidy, collected and cohesive, the Julia Knight trays are perfect counter space containers for critically controlling the chaos on your sink, vanity, dresser or desk. Smaller scale and stylish, these beautiful trays add elegance to every surface, while gathering your much needed daily necessities in one place.

The Cascade 12” Vanity Tray is a quintessential piece for every surface that might need a little detailed organizing in a limited amount of space. Perfect for perfumes or makeup and makeup brushes in the bath or on the vanity or utilize for incoming mail or as a catch-all in your office or even serve guests their favorite sweet treats…there’s nothing this chic vanity tray can’t do!


The Cascade 9” Guest Towel Tray is the perfect place to leave a lasting impression on guests. Two-toned metals paired with multi-layered mother of pearl infused in enamel, create a lovely place to gather hand milled soaps with hand rolled guest towels in every bath and powder room. For a stylish soiree and that special touch, simply add your finely designed disposable paper guest hand towels that coordinate with your event. And don’t be shy! This Guest Towel Tray is multi-functional! This tray is also the ideal size for places with small surfaces, such as on your desk as a letter tray or on an entry console table, as a catch-all for keys, wallets, sunglasses and your phone.  


Worker Bees of the Bath

The Cascade Bath Collection wouldn’t be complete without some additional pieces that provide highly functional uses, all while looking quite lovely and lavish.

The Cascade Toilet Tissue Covered Holder is elegant and totally accessible for you and your guests. This piece is a fabulous addition to every powder room or bath and is the perfect way to stash additional toilet paper rolls in a discrete way that is stylish and yet approachable. Long and lean, this pretty addition to your bathroom can sidle up next to your toilet or near your vanity for easy accessibility.


As a matter of fact, we all know that all powder rooms and baths need a healthy scrubbing and sanitizing from time to time. The Julia Knight Collection offers the best kept secret in your powder room…the Cascade Toilet Bowl Brush. Stylish and stunning, this hush-hush product is readily at your disposal for a quick clean and stash day to day or prior to every event.


Perfect Powder Room Trick and Tips

Tip #1

Keep make up brushes or toothbrushes and toothpaste cleanly collected in a highly practical tumbler. The Julia Knight Collection, Cascade 5” Tumbler is pretty and petite and keeps unkept items kept up in a chic and stylish way.


Tip #2

Keep a covered canister to stash everyday tools, such as Q-Tips or cotton balls. Keeping a lid on these day to day necessities will make upkeep simple and clean up a breeze. The Cascade 5.5” Canister by Julia Knight is deep enough to hold a plethora of items while still small enough to leave the counter clear and tidy.


Tip #3

Utilize items that can do double duty. The perfect example is the Cascade 6” Soap Dish by Julia Knight. Perfect for it’s original use, this petite soap dish is raised up on footed pedestal and will hold the prettiest guest soap. But add this piece next to a sink or on a vanity and it easily holds your most precious pieces of jewelry. Or pop it on your desk and collect all your loose paper clips, push pins or rubber bands. Think beyond the original concept and jump into fabulously functional with multi-functional pieces.