Sophisticated Coastal Decor Ideas: How to Bring the Sea Breeze into Your Home

Sophisticated Coastal Decor Ideas: How to Bring the Sea Breeze into Your Home

Sophisticated Coastal Decor Ideas: How to Bring the Sea Breeze into Your Home

Sophisticated Coastal Decor Ideas: How to Bring the Sea Breeze into Your Home

Stylish and always in style, the By the Sea Collection offers an expansive selection of the most stunning sophisticated coastal tabletop décor. Whether you’re near the ocean, the shore or even dream of being close to water, the Julia Knight Collection offers charming figural pieces that will easily transport you to your favorite waters.

Growing up on the waters of Long Island in New York Julia would spend endless hours with her family on the shore. Whether she was searching for sea glass, collecting seashells or hunting for the elusive shell from a seahorse that had washed upon the shore, the magic of the ocean has always been in Julia’s heart, starting as a little girl.

The first piece Julia designed for the By the Sea Collection was a figural clam. It was important for her to authentically replicate the true beauty of the gnarly hinge of the clam and to recreate and respect the asymmetry of the shells outer layer. She then sourced the most naturally accurate colors of the sea to create a dynamic, one-of-a-kind sophisticated coastal collection.

Easy Breezy Entertaining

Sunshiny summer has arrived and it’s the ideal time to entertain and bring the joys of this happy season to your tabletop. Julia has created a seaside collection that is both beautiful and bold as well and perfectly functional.

Create the most dramatic and stylish statement for guests as they enter the party and begin to socialize. The Sea Horse 10” Pedestal Bowl, stacked on top of the Sea Horse 14” Pedestal Bowl, stacked on top of the Sea Horse 20” Pedestal, loaded with ice and layered with shrimp, clams, oysters and lobster, is an impressive “wow” statement! These figural sea horse pedestal bowls are delightfully detailed as they proudly hold the bowl atop their heads. Not only are these bowls perfect for seafood, but they’re also stunning with a cornucopia of vegetables, dips, fruit and cheese or serving the sweetest dessert treats.

For a brass and bold statement, partner the pedestal bowls with the large Tahitian Clam Shell 25” Bowl or the Tahitian Clam Shell 17.5” Bowl, filled with ice, loaded with shrimp, clams or seafood salad. Bring in the smaller scale bowls, such as the Scallop Starfish 4”Deep Bowl or the Sea Turtle 6” Bowl, for dips and warm butter and you’ll have the ideal pairing. Add a vibrant salad in the Conch Shells or the Scallop Starfish Bowls, mated with the Sea Horse Salad Server Set of the Coral Salad Serving Set in gold. Bring in the Coral 7.5” Bowl in Snow for shells and scraps, pretty yet practical. A seafood feast fit for your family and friends!


The By the Sea Collection has the most remarkable coastal color palettes to choose from. The finishes bring us back to warm, salty waters on a sunny day, shimmering diamonds dancing across the waves. The soft palette of Hydrangea and Kiwi or the bright blues of Azure, lend themselves to the times of seashore experiences. Pretty, perfect and remarkable.


Pretty Powder Rooms

Coastal styling doesn’t need to be restricted to entertaining, it can also be thoughtfully placed throughout your home, including the powder room. Adding carefully curated pieces to your vanity, will give a hint of style, without overplaying a “kitschy” theme.

Depending on your counter space, consider the Conch Shell 13.5” Bowl for folded guest towels and small, fragrant soaps. Add a smaller bowl for a candle or to hold gorgeous guest soaps, such as the Tahitian Clam 5” Petite Bowl or the Scallop Starfish 4” Deep Bowl. Bring in hand towels in seaside color palettes, top off with a vase of sea grass or a bowl filled with scented shells and you’ll have a welcoming powder room perfect for family or friends.


Small Spaces and Pretty Places

Vanity space, nightstands, kitchen counter space, and more will all be served much better if you have a place to stash and store your functional items. At the nightstand, consider a smaller bowl to gather all your bedside necessities, such a talcum powder, ponytail holders or chapsticks. A bowl that has a little more space but will not consume that much more space on your end table is idea. Consider the Scallop Starfish 8.5” Bowl or the Sea Turtle 10” Bowl for this bedside needs.

A vanity or a dresser is the ideal place to “gather” all of your lose items and control the chaos. The Coral 15” Tray in the Snow finish is the ideal size to gather toiletries, powders, perfumes and looks absolutely gorgeous with the three-dimensional textural gold coral flanking the corner, and is an elegant way to reclaim your space while still incorporating sophisticated coastal décor.

Office Décor and Organization

From home office, to a “cloffice” to a work office, desk surfaces are truly a catch-all place to dump your daily items onto. And if you don’t provide place to put some of the loose ends, you will soon be working in total chaos, unsure of why you can’t stay focused or productive.

One of the keys to getting your workspace in order and clutter free is finding homes for everything that seems to be afloat. Small things, such a paper clips or rubber bands can easily be contained in the Tahitian Clam 5” Petite Bowl or the Sea Turtle 6” Bowl. Gather lose papers on the Coral 15” Tray…the perfect size to collect your tasks, to-do lists and incoming or outgoing mail. For writing utensils, consider the Conch Shell 8.25” Bowl. Deep enough to collect a plethora of pens, pencils and markers but the scale is small enough to tuck into a corner on your desk. Fabulously functional and totally immersion coastal.

When marrying a new look into your home, the key is to edit, edit, edit. Add carefully considered pieces to lend to the illusion of a coastal vibe and make sure you don’t cover every surface with kitsch. Following this simple rule of thumb will help you bring the sea breeze into your home!