The Best Ideas for Brilliant Dining Tables

The Best Ideas for Brilliant Dining Tables

The Best Ideas for Brilliant Dining Tables

The holidays are upon us and more than ever, the gathering of family and friends seems more important than ever. Bringing loved ones together, gathering across the table from each other, sharing stories, laughing over memories, creating new moments is what this season is all about. And the table settings that you have created over the years become traditions that guests look forward to. And adding thoughtfully updated touches, combined with the joyful classic customs, can create a memorable experience like no other.

From rustic modern, to cottage chic, to luxe looks or classic colors, this year, anything goes for this holiday season. Simple details like playful place cards, color blocking color palettes, curated greens and fresh things, golden and glitzy candles. And don’t forget those especially stylish take-a-ways, such as artisanal crafted ornaments, small, sweet treats for the ride home or a beautiful bibelot to be cherishes all year round. At Julia Knight, we’ve created some of top things you can create that will definitely elevate your season of cheer.

Colorful Style

Before you begin setting the table for your guests, first and foremost, it’s important to determine the style of your party or event and then hone in on your color palette. These two things can be determined by the style of your home as well as what you might currently have in your entertaining repertoire. Does your home tend to lean more traditional, modern, rustic or coastal? These styles will already lend themselves to an existing viewpoint. Look around your home…what colors do you see or do you see a more neutral palette? Again, this will help you determine the style of your décor as well as the theme that will carry throughout the party.

Holiday Collection

Pro Tip: If you want to see your current inventory with a fresh eye, invite your best friend over, pull out your serveware and glassware and ask them how they would pull a tabletop scenario together.  

Pro Tip II: See what your best friend also has and create an updated look that is fresh and exciting!

Pro Tip III: Make more an impact by adding in old and new, such as vintage glassware or traditional silver pieces. Combining carefully curated pieces adds a layered richness that is timeless, yet dynamic.

The Linens Set the Stage

Wood tables, marble tables and glass tables can easily be softened with a tablecloth in neutral linens. Or make them come to life with a vibrant pop of solid color or wildly fabulous patterns that are bold and beautiful. Table linens offer the perfect groundwork and can really set the stage for the type of party you are going to have. Casual, colorful, sophisticated, elegant, playful…the style of the party is indicative of how you set your table.

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An alternate to a full tablecloth, would be a lovely, interesting table runner. This gives you the opportunity to showcase a stunning dining table while adding a gorgeous centerpiece. For the holiday season, capture glam with a luscious white faux fur runner, or add a touch of joy with a sparkly beaded silk or satin runner. For something more casual with a rustic viewpoint, a natural fiber, such as burlap or a woven material are the perfect way to ground the table, and set mood.

Napkins and Napkin Rings

Napkins and napkin rings are the “jewelry” of the dining table and truly accent your tablecloth. This is the ideal place to be a little fun and flirty and go for it! For napkin rings that really wow, add vibrant color, three-dimensional style, live components or brilliant stones and crystals. Mix these showstoppers with napkins that coincide with the style or brazenly buck the look and carefully contrast, and you’ll add drama and style to each place setting.

Centerpieces – Fab Function or Awe-Inspiring Awesomeness

When it comes to centerpieces, there are two tough choices you should consider. It comes down to whether you will display your thoughtfully prepared meal or if you will serve your meal “buffet” style at a stylish serving station nearby and create a dynamic display that’s sure to delight.

If you opt for the latter, the easy go-to that is always on point, is adding fresh flowers or greens. Instead of adding a simple vase of flowers, consider creating a wonderland of beauty from one end of the table to the other end. For the holiday season, pick up a faux green garland, fluff it and fill it out and snake it throughout the table. For a touch of magic, add battery operated twinkle lights and mix in fresh seasonal greens, such as evergreens, holly or eucalyptus.

Florentine Collection

For a functional centerpiece that is absolutely stylish and super sensible, we love layering height, color, texture and style through fabulous food served on stunning serveware. Decorative serving platters, large stainless steel bowls, two and three tiered servers, as well as large serving trays with handles offer a wide range of beautiful options that can cascade through the center of your table. Julia Knight offers the most dazzling and delightful styles and colors that can create a centerpiece that will keep guests focused on what’s important, spending time with family and friends. With the food placed in the center, guests will be able to stay seated and stay happily engaged in conversations and colloquy.

By the Sea Collection

Consider the traditional design esthetic and look to the Julia Knight Collections, such as the Classic or Peony Collection. Both Collections are timeless beauties and are original to the Julia Knight Collection for a reason…stunning colors, the signature thumbprint swirl, hand cut and hand finished detail that has stood the test of time. Both collections contain the most exquisite serving pieces that will truly embrace your table.

Flowers Collection

For gold glamour and glitz, the Florentine Collection represents opulence and elegance. For a more modern take on sumptuous glitzy style, look no further than the Sierra Stainless Steel Collection or the Cascade Metallic Collection. Both Collections offer gorgeous stainless steel serving trays and large stainless steel bowls.

Sierra Stainless Steel Collection Sierra Stainless Steel Collection

Don’t forget to add in a little sophisticated whimsy with the Holiday Collection, the Luxe Lodge Collection, the By the Sea Collections and the Flowers Collections. These specific collections offer a figural viewpoint that is thoughtfully designed, yet sophisticated and chic.

 Holiday Collection

No matter how you decide to decorate while entertaining this holiday season, don’t get wrapped up in the details. Remember, your guests are there because they want to spend time with you. Embrace each moment and focus on what’s important…the warmth and joy of those we love.

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