The Tiered Cake Stand Your Baked Goods Deserver to be Presented On

The Tiered Cake Stand Your Baked Goods Deserver to be Presented On

The Tiered Cake Stand Your Baked Goods Deserver to be Presented On

The Tiered Cake Stand Your Baked Goods Deserver to be Presented On

How to Pick the Perfect Tiered Cake Stand

First and foremost, determine how you will (typically) use your new cake stand. Will you strictly use it for cakes? Or other sweet treats, such as pies or cupcakes? Will you also use it to layer savory snacks or create a raised charcuterie platter?

Determining the use of the cake stand will also help you to determine the correct size for your confection. There are two trains of thought here. The first idea is to find a size that the edge of the cake will line up with the edge of the cake stand. Keeping it clean and tidy. If you are going to add additional external embellishments, then you will want to select a cake stand that is a little larger, so the cake can be placed in the center, and there will be enough space to add the pretty details like seasonal flowers, frosting and other decoration.

Once you’ve determined how you will use your cake stand and the size, next, look at the durability of the cake stand. If you know you’ll be showcasing showstopper cakes with multiple layers, consider stands that can manage the weight. Metal, wood or even glass are great materials to utilize for hearty cakes. For lightweight cakes with single or double layers, consider melamine or tin.

Now that you’ve thought about how you would like to utilize your cake stand and the size you’ll need, determined the weight and the scale of the cake or dessert, now think about the style of the cake stand you would like. Do you prefer something with cleaner lines and more modern? Or do you prefer something more rustic and casual? Is your style classic and refined or do you tend to lean a little more playful and whimsical? Or are you all of the above? I mean, honestly, can you have too many cake stands?

And finally, if you love to entertain and host friends and family, consider adding a two or three-tiered cake stand to your repertoire. These types of cake stands make for really creative use of vertical space that are fun, fabulous and incredibly functional. And totally not limited to cakes or desserts, but can be expanded to savory starters, make-your-own ideas and even something as simple as stacks of plates, forks, napkins or condiments.  

2-Tiered Cake Stands

Whether you’re creating your own two-tiered cake stands by stacking small to large cake stands atop of each other, or you’re buying a pre-existing cake stand with two tiers, you’re sure to maximize space with these space saving scores.

Perfectly pretty, the Peony 14” Cake Stand, really takes the cake! With a scalloped edging that is simply lovely, the Peony Collection has been in the Julia Knight Collection since the beginning and still remains a crowd favorite. Classic yet true, this collection has a  beautiful array of pieces that will suit every stylish situation.  

For something a little more “put together”, reach for the Peony Two -Tiered Server in Snow Gold. The two-tiered items in the Julia Knight collection are absolutely stunning, whether you’re simply adding to your collection or it’s the first time you’ve been introduced to the Julia Knight Collection. For the more elaborate, yet elegant option, the Florentine Two-Tier Server in Snow Gold will completely haunt you. Beautiful details all wrapped up with the most stunning selection of product, that’s the Julia Knight Collection.

3-Tiered Cake Stand

Greatness comes in large packages! And in extra pretty styles! The three-tiered cake stand is three layers of goodness, all in one vertical masterpiece. Master the art of layered styles within three serving cake stands, all in one place. Who says cake stands need to simply hold cake? Create an elaborate looking charcuterie platter, with each layer focused on meets, cheese and accoutrements. Or create a coffee and coffee cake bar with coffee, milk, cream on the top platter. The second tier is ideal for vintage coffee mugs, loaded with napkins and silver utensils. And the bottom tier (or the third level tier) is great for coffee cake and mini bars, such as lemon or 7-layer bars.

The super sweet Peony Collection is a timeless, yet classic collection of beauty. Heralded for its ability to pair and partner with most of the pieces in a collection, the Peony Julia Knight Collection, would be the ideal piece to add to your existing repertoire. 

Following suit, the Florentine 3 Tier Server is the ideal way to celebrate the beauty of the collection. Highly functional, this piece is so pretty, and will ensure you plan the perfect party for every occasion.


No Tier, No Problem

For low riding options that will show off your delectable dessert, the Julia Knight Collection has a wide range of stunning trays and platters that can really elevate your dessert game. The Cascade Collection offers an updated modern stainless steel round tray with hand beaded edging. This tray is modern and fresh with a sense of style and is the perfect, lightweight option for larger scale cakes

Cake Stands for Simple, Yet Elegant Presentation

Nothing is more stylish than two of the original collections from Julia Knight; the Classic Collection and the Peony Collection. They have a wide range of versatile pieces that mix and match within a variety of collections throughout the entire line. And from these collections, Julia has created cake stands to add and embellish every occasion.

The Classic 14” Cake Stand is a stunning piece that has hand cut and hand applied mother of pearl edging, with gorgeous hand crushed mother of pearl infused enamel in the Snow finish. This breathtaking serving piece is perfect for a 4 layer cake or a rich and decadent torte.


For a sweeter and softer cake stand option, the Peony 14” Cake Stand in the Snow finish, is absolutely precious with a scalloped edge. This piece ideally frames your beloved baked good and allows you to announce the celebration through this pretty pedestal.

For smaller scale confections, the Peony 10” Cake Stand in Snow, will give a small treat a big punch! Share and showoff your pastry with this pretty, pretty cake stand.

No matter what your occasion, cake stands are here to stay and offer a versatile way to use them. From starters to dessert, you're sure to put your best foot forward with the cake stand collections from Julia Knight.