6 Cocktail Party Must Haves for Home Entertaining

6 Cocktail Party Must Haves for Home Entertaining

6 Cocktail Party Must Haves for Home Entertaining

 Top 6 Must Haves for Celebratory Cocktails for Home Entertaining

It’s that time of year when we begin to take a look at how we’re going to celebrate the holiday season. And now, more than ever, that might look a little different than it has in the past. From cocktails to chip and dip bowls, if you are planning on entertaining a small circle of friends and family at home, we’ve compiled the top must haves for your intimate soiree.

6. Chill Out!
Whether you're serving your favorite white wine or popping the cork of your ideal bubbly, the Classic Wine Chiller is a definite essential for every home bar. Timeless style with updated elements, this piece is not only stunning, but it’s absolutely functional, with its removable insert. Simply perfect for replenishing ice, emptying melted ice or cleaning. Hand cut mother of pearl mosaic paired with crushed mother of pearl infused enamel, with the Julia Knight signature thumbprint swirl, guarantees you'll celebrate day-to-day or at your next soiree!


5. Don’t Whine About the Wine Ring
The ideal accompaniment to the ideal bottle of wine, the Classic 6” Wine Coaster is the perfect accessory for your bar, or as a gift for your favorite wine connoisseur. Don’t worry about the drip of the red on your linen tablecloths, or the ring on your wood top table…the Wine Coaster will catch the run-off and look stunning while it does. The Wine Coaster is the perfect finishing detail for a bottle of a celebratory champagne. Hand created with hand cut mother of pearl and crushed mother of pearl infused enamel, this piece is a lovely addition to a timeless collection.

4. Ideal Ice
The Classic 3-Quart Jumbo Double Walled Ice Bucket with Tongs is a must-have for every event, dinner party or simply, a delightful dinner for two. Sophisticated and functional, this piece is definitely a go-to in the Julia Knight Barware Collection. A simple tip…pair this piece with the Classic Ice Scoop and you have a power set for every party! The gorgeous mother of pearl infused enamel, with the hand swirled thumbprint is classically styled, and the iridescent finishes are sure to leave memorable impression on your guests. Incorporate one of the stunning salad serving bowls with a gorgeous salad serving set, and you’ll be the hostess with the mostess!


3. Coasters Galore!
Timeless style with updated elements, the Classic Coaster Set is the ideal accessory for every beverage. Whether you’re serving crafted cocktails, sweet tea or lemon water, you’ll shine as the perfect host with the perfect attention to detail. These beautiful coasters come in a striking holder, making them the perfect tabletop accessory where you typically host your guests.


2. Here’s the Scoop!
One of the hardest, yet most necessary entertaining accessories to find is a chic styled ice scoop. Enter, the Classic 6” Ice Scoop from the Julia Knight Collection. Partner this beauty with the Classic Wine Chiller or the Classic 3-Quart Jumbo Double Walled Ice Bucket and your favorite nosh, served on the beautiful marble serving tray, and you’ll have the perfect party guests!


1. Shake It Up!
Shake things up this holiday season with the Classic Cocktail Shaker. Perfect for an intimate dinner for two or a dinner party for ten, this fabulous, yet functional piece is sure to help create memorable moments. Partner this piece with Classic Coaster Set and the Classic Cocktail Pick Set and you’ll have the loveliest curated cocktail collection in town!