Serveware Essentials: What Your Kitchen is Missing

Serveware Essentials: What Your Kitchen is Missing

Serveware Essentials: What Your Kitchen is Missing

Serveware Essentials: What Your Kitchen is Missing

You’ve taken the time to design the invitation, create the party theme and put together the ideal menu, so don’t risk poor planning when it comes to setting and styling your tabletop. Whether it’s a casual affair, a formal sit-down dinner, a fabulous fete or a gorgeous gala, we’re ready and prepared to show you the way to create experiences that are bold, beautiful and thoughtfully curated.

The Secret to Stepping up Your Serveware

The secret to stepping up your serveware and standing out at all your parties, celebrations and events, is to find collections that you truly love and adore, and going all in. Finding a serveware style that speaks to you is key to creating a tablescape that is simply magnificent and simply you. Finding a style that is exquisite, charming and stunning and makes you happy to set a table and will ensure you’ll find lifelong pleasure in being the hostess with the mostess.

Serveware for a Casual Dining

The simple gathering of family and friends is easily one of the most recurring occasions to happen. These are the kind of parties that are often impromptu and strictly about spending time together, enjoying each other’s company, laughing, conversing and being in the presence of those we love. While we can create a table that is elegant and elaborate, those closest to you don’t concern themselves with the pomp and circumstance. This kind of gathering is warm, welcoming and come as you. Casual is key!

One of the freshest collections in Julia Knight, to hit the serveware scene, is the alluring Astra Collection. This bold and modern collection celebrates the celestial bodies that arch throughout the night sky. With classic colors like Platinum and Snow, and an updated color, called Glacial Blue, this collection offers a current viewpoint that is causally contemporary. With serveware sets that layer and nest within each other, this collection is pretty and practical and pairs well with additional collections such as By the Sea, the Classic Collection or the Peony Collection.

Serveware for Dinner Parties and Events

Beautifully bold and bodacious, dinner parties and big events are the time to pull out all the stops and really create an experience that will engage and enchant your special guests. These are the type of parties where those invited wear their finest suits, dresses and jewels, where elegance is on fire and every detail is planned out to a tee. Nothing is overlooked and the crème de la crème is the stunning tablescape that is thoughtfully curated with coordinated colors, vibrant flowers, luscious linens and absolutely the most jaw-dropping statement serveware pieces.

Let us draw your attention to one of the most unique collections, the By the Sea Collection. This unique assortment of sophisticated coastal style also has a touch of magic and whimsy. Stacked and layered Sea Horse Pedestal Bowls add elegance and beauty to a delightful tabletop. Scallop Starfish Bowls, Tahitian Clam Bowls and Conch Shell Bowls are enchanting pieces that serve dips, shrimps, seafood salad and more. The Coral pieces offer an elegant serveware style that is elegantly refined and tasteful. Dynamic and divine, the By the Sea Collection will surely make a splash at every occasion!

Serveware for a Fabulous Feast

Hearty and heartfelt, a fabulous feast is a maker of memories for all those involved. It’s a throw down of family recipes, the favorite tried and true dishes and the most flavorful creations that everyone has absolutely been dying to share. This meal is almost experiential in flavor and demands bowls of every shape and size and platters and severs in every color and texture. Guests contribute with their favorite dish and the hostess provides these special sides with their own beautifully created, table worthy serving vessel.

When it comes to style, timelessness and pure range of product, the Classic Collection is the way to go! This eye-catching collection is an original founding collection in the Julia Knight family and still remains one of the most popular. From bowls in every size, to platters for every meal, and utensils and servers for every dish, the Classic Collection offers something for everyone and every event! This collection also pairs incredibly well with the Peony Collection and By the Sea Collection, expanding the range of mix and match serveware options exponentially.

How to Pick the Perfect Serveware Set 

After you’ve found that special collection that you’ve absolutely fallen for, next consider they types of parties and events you enjoy being the host of. If it’s more of an hors d’oeuvres and cocktail kind of gathering, than you’ll want to make sure you have a variety of serving trays in multiple sizes, with plenty of serving utensils. As well as a stocked selection of cocktail glasses and fabulously functional barware. If you tend to host dinner parties, consider having a wide range of serving bowls and large platters. These pieces are ideal for hearty main courses and side dishes of family favorites. For those that go big and bold, it’s ideal to have specialty pieces in your repertoire that will not only be dynamic but will be practical as well. Punch bowls, tiered servers and bold colors and finishes will surely make a lasting impression on guests.

Once you’ve determined the depth and breadth of the parties you’ll be hosting, consider your current inventory of your existing collection of serveware pieces. Create a faux menu for a faux event and make sure you have the range of tabletop pieces in your collection that will fill this party out. Once you’ve completed this, take a look at the missing holes and make your list of items you’ll need to fill out your complete perfect serveware set. Having a physical list on hand will act as a guide for you as you begin to curate your missing pieces. Check it often and stay ahead of the curve for your favorite severware sets!