Eclipse Enamel

Eclipse Enamel

The Eclipse Collection adds beauty and organic refinement to every dinner party. This collection contains a vast selection of decorative serving bowls in stainless steel and enamel bowls, in every size. From 4" dipping bowls to large scale 15" round bowls for spaghetti and meatballs, and every size in between. The 6" bowl is favored for dips, such as oils and vinaigrettes, hummus, or the perfect aioli. The 11" and 13" bowls are perfect for two, for your coveted pasta or fruit salad. Pair the 14" tray with the 4" or 6" luxury serving bowl and you've created an excellent combo for meats, cheeses, crackers, and dips. And don't forget about the stackable trays in a plethora of sizes, great for small snacks, or a quick lunch. The Eclipse marble cheese tray with cheese knife will always be the star at every party or soiree. Put this tray in the refrigerator or freezer for an hour before guests arrive and serve your favorite cheeses, chic and chilled. Top off your guests' water glasses with a mint and cucumber water in the modern Eclipse water pitcher. The Eclipse Collection comes in the hand-applied mother of pearl infused enamel in a variety of soft finishes or the striking metallic finishes, both collections will be revered for years to come.

After many requests to branch into the world of modern tabletop and serveware, Julia took an inspiration trip to New York City, and there, spent an intensive period immersed in the rich esthetic of the artistic underground. On the last hour of the last day, as she was ready to dash to the airport, she was stopped dead in her tracks, by a Japanese sculpture. Mesmerized by the subtly of an infinity band, she immediately thought how stunning it would be to create a collection with the infinite movement of an infinity ribbon, supporting the thickness and the intricate blend into the thinness, completing a full circle on each piece. With sand-cast aluminum, every piece of the Eclipse Collection is hand-poured and every edge, hand-finished, creating a refined, sophisticated beauty. Whether you choose the hand layered, signature enamel infused crushed mother-of-pearl, or the metallic finishes with the rukku-like styling, you can be assured, no two pieces are alike and you'll leave a memorable impression on your guests. The Eclipse Collection is food safe and can go into the freezer and the oven up to 250 degrees.

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