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Are you someone who loves hosting dinner parties and high teas for your friends and family? Do you often find your home packed with people, having guests over almost every other day? Then you are no stranger to seeing tiny little bowls with small snacks and finger foods around the house. That having said, it is important to have the right kind of bowls that fit your style.

Tableware and décor play an important role in portraying how your home feels to you and how you wish to welcome and entertain your guests. This is why Julia Knight designs some of the most exquisite tableware collections to help you make your house and home.

Here we present to you our unique and exclusive Bowl Collection ranging from our “By The Sea”, “Cascade Enamel”, “Holiday” and “Eclipse Metallic” Collections.

Why are enamel bowls still one of the leading choices for consumers all across the world?

Enamelware is one of the oldest types of dinnerware; something all of us have used growing up. Enamel has amassed this huge following and is a household article and a name due to many benefiting factors.

Enamel dinnerware is extremely hard-wearing as such it can stand being heated to a fairly high temperature and can even withstand below freezing conditions without cracking which makes enamel one of the most durable materials used for making dinnerware and utensils alike. Enamel is steel fused with porcelain, which forms the outer layer of the bowl making it extremely durable and giving it a smooth finish.

Enamel, in fact, is so durable that would definitely not have to worry about it breaking if our kids accidentally happen to drop it from your hands. That is probably why you will find the same enamel dinnerware in your kitchen cabinets now that you used to have as kids. Our enamel products will last for years and could even grow up with your children. You might find a tiny corner chipped off now and then from constant usage or it having dropped but it’ll take a lot more than that to crack or shatter enamelware.

Apart from being among the toughest, enamelware is also easy to clean, is food safe, retains heat, and makes for great aesthetics! Enamel dinnerware, due to its having a smooth finish, does not attract or hold on to food particles which makes it effortless to wash either by hand or in the dishwasher. Either way, they take away the trouble of scrubbing or employing excessive cleaning agents.

Due to its ability to retain heat, enamel dinner plates and enamel bowls are perfect to serve food in. They also do not react with the food particles, having been layered with porcelain, so you can serve hot food for long in enamel kitchenware. Many also find use in cooking food directing on enamel utensils; perhaps a light stew or a brew. Enamel bowls can resist high temperatures and make for an excellent server. These features are seldom found together in the same material which makes enamel one of the best choices for dinnerware.

Why salad serving bowls will never go out of style?

At any dinner party, you will always find a signature salad by the chef which is a culmination of all the subtle skills that were brought together to create the perfect salad for you, the guest. Salads are the most versatile cuisines one can make and as such there are a wide variety of salads that many cultures and ethnicities make all across the world, making salads one of the most popular dishes!

That having said, your salad is your own personal creation and as such must be presented the right way so as to give an accurate description and feel of what you’re trying to convey when you serve your creation to your family or guests. Let’s say for an instant you’ve made a delicious shrimp and papaya salad, you could serve it on our Classic 13’’ Ying Yang Bowl Toffee that will make your salad more all the more appealing and inviting. If you’re serving a vegan salad then you will find that the 12’’ Mist Bowl from our Cascade Enamel Collection is the perfect bowl for your salad. There are plenty of salad serving bowls in our numerous collections for you to choose from so you are bound to find the one that suits you best.

Are centerpiece bowls still in fashion?

Very much so, I shall say. It would be an understatement to say that centerpiece bowls can be used in almost any corner of the house. Need to put candy around the house for Halloween? The Cascade 10’’ Bowl Rainbow Bronze would blend right in and make for a beautiful candy bowl. Got olives to go with your martini? Put them in the Holly Sprig 6’’ Starflake Bowl Snow. It has the perfect color to compliment any barware set and can make for a beautiful addition to your prep bowl set too. In order to have the perfect setting for a dinner or an occasion at home you need a 2-tier cake stand for, of course, any cake, but they can even serve as hors d'oeuvres and appetizer stands but centerpiece bowls are a must. Centerpiece bowls make for a great fashion statement as well making it imperative that you get your kitchen space and dining area the perfect centerpiece bowl.

Julia Knight has created a number of collections with intriguing dinnerware, barware, and tableware collections that serve a wide range of style and flair. Get yourself and your home the perfect dinnerware set from Julia Knight Collection.

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