By the Sea

By the Sea

This lovely coastal collection is ideal for those who leave near the ocean, sea, or lakes. It's also perfect for those that have fond memories of growing up by the shore, along the coast or seaside, and ideal for entertaining and home décor, such as bowls for centerpieces. The large seahorse pedestal bowl is a striking addition to every table and paired with the medium and the small seahorse pedestal, you have the most dramatic tabletop for every occasion. The oceanic pedestal bowls look stylish and chic as a seafood tower, loaded with ice and shrimp, clams, oysters, and lobster and are sure to wow guests! Other uses include a cornucopia of vegetables and dips, fruits and cheeses, and the sweetest dessert trays. Create a bold statement with the Tahitian clam bowls, from extra large to small, these bowls are ideal for seafood on ice, such as shrimp or clams and are the epitome of luxury serving bowls. Combine the larger bowls with the smaller bowls and you have an excellent pairing for dips and warm butter. Add a seafood salad in the conch shell bowls or the scallop starfish bowls and a pair of coral serving sets and you'll round out every table display. The scallop starfish bowls are awesome for seafood, such as oysters or lobster, and partnered with the smaller coral bowls for shells and scraps, are a dynamic duo. Create a showstopping charcuterie platter, meat and cheese platter, fruit tray, or dessert tray on the coral tray. Don't forget the sweetest sea turtle bowls for tips or sauces. Add a spreader for easy use and pretty details.

Growing up on the waters of Long Island in New York, Julia would spend endless hours with her family on the shore. Whether she was collecting clams, searching for sea glass, or hunting for the coveted shell of a seahorse that had washed up onto the sand, the magic of the ocean was easily cinched for Julia as a small girl. The first piece designed for the By the Sea collection was the clam. It was important for her to authentically respect the true beauty that nature had already created, so she kept the gnarly hinge of the clam and the asymmetry of the outer layer of the shell. She then paired the natural accurateness of the colors of the sea with the signature styling of the hand-applied thumbprint swirl of the crushed mother of pearl infused enamel on sand-cast aluminum. This attention to detail makes this collection a one-of-a-kind, dynamic, sophisticated coastal experience for every event. The By the Sea Collection is food safe and can go into the freezer and the oven up to 250 degrees.

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