Serving Bowls for the Seasoned & Aspiring Entertainers

Serving Bowls for the Seasoned & Aspiring Entertainers

Serving Bowls for the Seasoned & Aspiring Entertainers

Serving Bowls for the Seasoned & Aspiring Entertainers 

Spectacular serving bowls in a variety of styles and sizes make every celebration a special occasion. Whether you’re having a dinner for two, the Sunday family meal or a stylish soire, being able to reach for the perfect serving bowl for the perfect dish makes hosting simply divine. Check out below for the ideal options for each and every occasion.

Serving Bowls Fit for Every Moment 

The Julia Knight Collection offers the widest selection of the prettiest bowls, for every course. Petite bowls in the size of 4”, are perfect for sauces, dips, or even salt cellars at each place setting. For sweet treats, like the creamiest ice cream, or a strawberry shortcake, with fresh cream and berries, consider the 6” bowls. The 8” bowls to the 10” bowls are great for a collective of side dishes for smaller gatherings. For a larger number of guests, consider 12” + for main courses, such as hearty garlic mashed potatoes, spaghetti and meatballs or savory seasonal squash.  

Large Serving Bowl

Large serving bowls are an essential addition to every seasoned or aspiring entertainer. Perfect for main courses, such as shrimp scampi or delicious chicken parmesan, a large serving bowl can serve all your guests at once, without leaving the conversations at the dining table. Large serving bowls are also ideal for side dishes. Prepared to be served along the main course. Side dishes often include salads and casseroles, made with pasta, grains or even bread. Pair these dishes with flavorful meats for a well- rounded, nutritional meal.

The organic modern serving bowls of the Eclipse Collection have a warm “reiki” like movement within the metal. The Bronze finish is a chestnut, metallic copper color palette and the Steel Blue has a cool rolling azure-indigo finish. Causally organic, yet sophisticated, the Eclipse 15” Bowl is the perfect style for hosting a gathering of family and friends at a large dinner table. Spaghetti Carbonara with fresh shaved parmesan and artisanal French bread make a stunning and robust meal served within these beautiful bowls. To serve main courses or side dishes, include the Eclipse Salad Serving Set. These beautifully twisted utensils are the perfect dining table accessories and are sure to add the final touches to your family dinner.


Salad Serving Bowl

Salad serving bowls are the perfect complement to every occasion. Forget the plastic bowls with disposable serving utensils. Create an awe-inspiring tablescape with beautifully crafted artisanal bowls and dining table accessories.

One of the newest additions to the Julia Knight collection is the absolutely lovely Astra Collection. This collection has the prettiest curvature that embraces the celestial movement of the stars in sweeping arcs in the night sky. The Astra 16” Oval Bowl in the Glacial Blue finish is reminiscent of a soft blue sky, empty of all powdery cotton white clouds. This beautiful bowl is the perfect width and depth for showcasing a fabulous family recipe, a side of garden-fresh veggies or a sumptuous dessert.     


The Classic Collection is a tried-and-true timeless collection of beauty and elegance. Hand cut mother of pearl pieces accent the edges of each bowl, and the interiors are graced with the signature thumbprint of the hand crushed mother of pearl infused enamel. The Classic 15” Round Bowl is sure to be a showstopper on every tabletop for every occasion. Brilliantly beautiful, this bowl will present your salads and sides with luxury and splendor. Guests will be in awe of not only of the time and energy of your hard work of planning and cooking, but they will also appreciate the details and the pretty presentation of your dishes. `

Serving Bowl Set

Simply stunning, yet highly practical, the serving bowl sets are designed to safely store and tuck away in cabinets with self-storing and stacking. Julia realizes that fabulous and functional go hand in hand, therefore, most of not all of the bowls in the entire collection are meant to easily stack and store within each other. You can stash a plethora of bowls in a small footprint of space, and when you need them, simply spread them out across your table or counter, add your fare and serve! Stylishly sensible.

Nothing is sweeter than the stunning Peony Collection by Julia Knight. Ode to her precious Grandmother Eleanor and her favorite flower, the peony, this collection is reminiscent of the beautiful fragrant bouquet that was the center of entertaining and parties. The soft scalloped edge mimics the curve petals of the peony and when the bowls are stored and stacked within each other, the many layers embody the delicate detail of the peony in full bloom. From petite 4” sauce bowls in square shapes or rounds to bold and bodacious bowls that are 15” round or 16” oval. This beloved collection is one of the original styles and has one of the broadest selections of finishes, shapes and sizes. Something for every dish, style or occasion.


Serving Bowls:  Designer Tips for Entertainment 

Tip #1

Don’t get caught up in the humdrum of matchy-matchy. The Julia Knight Collection is designed with the idea of playful mixing and matching. Many of the collections complement each other. For a style that’s sophisticated coastal with a soft modern classic edge, pair pieces from the By the Sea Collection, with the Classic and the Peony Collection. For something with a little more rustic vibe, the warmth of the Eclipse Collection, with the chic styling of the Sierra and Cascade Collection create an eye-catching viewpoint. 

Tip #2

Coordinate colors for a look that’s clean and cohesive. This does not mean that every color has to match but keeping the shades within the same family with add a bold yet playful punch to your table. Think Azure, Cobalt, Glacial Blue, Teal and Sapphire. Mixing colors from the same palette will add the “wow” the every hostess needs.


Tip #3

Pull out grandma’s vintage platters, shine mom’s silver and grab your favorite antique glassware set. Mixing in the old with the new is back and better than ever! (Although, we at Julia Knight, say it never left.) The combination of these beloved pieces brimming with precious memories, will create a stylishly sentimental viewpoint that truly represents you and yours.