Simple & Elegant Dinner Parties

Simple & Elegant Dinner Parties

Simple & Elegant Dinner Parties

Entertaining is about making the perfect occasion perfectly effortless.

It's about a spectacular soiree full of sophisticated show-stopping statements, dazzling dishes and sparkling centerpieces that make your guests happy. Find out how you can be unabashedly bold yet flirty and fun and even glamorous and glowing, all at the same time. With careful planning, you can create a dinner party that is exquisite and uniquely beautiful. Julia Knight pieces offer unique, handmade sculptural work of art that stir the imagination and inspire beautiful experiences for any dinner party.

round bowl 

The Right Start

Begin by deciding your guest list at least 4-6 weeks in advance. The number of guests will be determined by the size of your home. Ideally, 10-16 guests will be manageable and will make them feel the appeal of effortless, stylish indulgence. A formal invitation helps your guests feel welcome even before they arrive.  

Deciding on a Table Setting

Your table will be the focal point of the entire party. You want something that is gloriously glam, luxurious and eye-catching with beautiful details that will be unforgettable. A Peony 14.5" pedestal gala bowl offers the ideal shimmering centerpiece. Pair with a classic 16" hors d'oeuvres tray, plates and aluminum bowls to make a stunning statement that is inviting and irresistible. Add rich hues of endless color to any tabletop with items such as the peony spreader knife in vibrant purples and greens.

Creating a Menu

Once you've decided on a guest list, it's time to create an elegant menu. A prism of color and beauty should be in your thoughts. Consider dishes that will show off your own family recipes and allow you to demonstrate your abilities as a style maker and tastemaker. Artisan and handmade items, such a breads and desserts, are sure to please your guests. Remember, entertaining is in your nature! Once guests arrive, treat them to wine, chilled in the classic 8” wine chiller…perfectly pretty and practical! Start with a salad in a dramatic bowl. For a main course, consider something hearty such as a roast or a pretty and practical whole grilled salmon adorned with lemon and springs of dill. For dessert look for something that will be five minutes to fabulous with a chocolate mousse served in the beautiful eclipse 4" bowls. 

round-bowl  Classic Salads

Deciding on Seating

Good conversation is integral to any successful dinner party. Look for guests who share the same interests. One guest may admire items that have been handcrafted and painted by artisans. Another may love music and the ballet. Consider pairing people who have never met before or those who are known to be old friends. Think about pairing singles together so they may discover what they have in common.

Setting a Mood

Above all else, you want to set a mood that begins the second your guests walk through the door. Finding pieces like that from Julia Knight means making your home inviting for all those who enter. Details are important. For example, music can help set tone for the entire party. For a dinner party where people will be seated for much of the dinner, it's best to think about unobtrusive music that guests can hear but will not interfere with conversation. A mix of low-key classical or jazz elements can help people relax and feel good while not making it hard for them to be heard.  Another way to help create a mood is with the use of subtle color. Candles add light that's soft. Place several groupings of candles on a classic 25" rectangular tray with handles or use votive candles in an array of petite bowls.  Silver and gold also help bring in color that adds a touch of luxury at the same time. A gold Florentine 24" oval bowl makes an ideal place to hold fruit while also adding a touch of understated elegance at the same time.

oval bowl oval bowl

With the above attention to detail, your guests are ensured a lovely evening filled with many memorable moments.