Serving Utensils

Stunning Must-Have Serving Utensils

Stunning Must-Have Serving Utensils

Stunning Must-Have Serving Utensils

The holidays are all about the sweet details that make each occasion special, and no one knows the details better than Julia Knight! Most people who love and adore the Julia Knight Collection are passionate about the exquisite tabletop and serveware pieces. Often overlooked, are key serving utensils that beautifully complement each of the Julia Knight Collections and finish out the complete look of a stylish dinner party.

Bold Basics

The Julia Knight offers bold basic serving utensils that are anything but basic! Top selling, and understandably why, spreaders of every style, are the perfect complement to every dish. Even better, pair one of the many spreaders with a gorgeous bowl or platter, and you have the perfect hostess gift for the holiday season. Ideal for spreadable dips, such as hummus, olive tapenade or simply spreading cream cheese on bagel from your local bakery, spreaders are the number one go-to for everyone.

The fashion forward stainless-steel Cascade and Sierra Collection have the most beautiful spreaders with hand-crumpled handles in either the solid Silver finish or the Gold and Silver, mixed metal finish. Partner these with the Cascade 4” Bowl and the Cascade Rectangular or Round Tray, and you have the perfect trifecta! For a dash of color, select from many of the gorgeous enamel finishes in the Cascade 4” Bowl or the Cascade 6” Shallow Bowl. These pieces coupled together, create a lovely gift that will be appreciated for years to come. For a unique presentation, consider the Cascade 3-Part Server with the Cascade or Sierra Spreaders, and select a mix of your favorite dips or oils, as the perfect hostess gift. Figural spreaders, such as the By the Sea, Seahorse Spreader Set, the Coral Spreader Set or the Sea Turtle Spreader Set, are a playful addition to every table, and utilized with bowls or any of the serving trays with handles, make for tastefully stylish.

Salad Serving Sets Peony Salad Serving Sets

Stylish Salad Serving Sets are all the rage yet remain timeless and incredibly functional. And no one has such a wide selection of styles other than Julia Knight! From urban organic, updated modern, classic viewpoints or fabulously figural, we really have something for you and everyone on your list! From the graceful curves of the Peony Salad Serving Sets or the traditional styling of the Classic Salad Serving Set, each of these collections offers a wide range and depth of bowls in all sizes, to meet your requirements.  Figural Salad Serving Sets, such as the coastal classics of the By the Sea Collection with the Sea Horse Salad Serving Set or the mixed metal Coral Salad Serving Set provide sophisticated whimsy and delight.

 Salad Serving Sets Florentine Cheese Set

Fabulous Cheese Sets are a hit when it comes to the trendy luxurious charcuterie boards! The rich elegance of the Florentine Cheese Set in the textural Gold or Silver finish are absolutely wow! And the perfect complement to the magnificent Florentine 11” Marble Cheese Tray. Gourmet cheeses and fresh fruits are lavishly framed within the serpent-like patterned edge of the tray, while cool, white and gray marble serve up extra style. Pro tip: Chill the marble in the refrigerator before guests arrive, keeping all items served, cool and crisp, for a longer period of time.

Florentine Cheese Set Florentine Cheese Set

Classic Necessities

Step up your entertaining game by adding these classic, well-loved serving utensils to your party repertoire. Reminiscent of times gone by, of Sunday family dinners, or elegant cocktail parties, these pieces will become a well-cherished addition to your serving style.

For starters, nothing is more appropriate than the Cocktail Fork and Cocktail Spoon, in the Peony or Classic Collection. Perfectly petite, the spoon will scoop up your favorite dip, jam or even pickled olives or mushrooms and neatly carry it to artisanal breads, crackers or plates. The serving Cocktail Fork is a favorite with the By the Sea Collection and a plethora of seafood options. It’s also a beauty, serving canapes and mini desserts from the many tiered serving pieces the Julia Knight Collection has to offer.

Serving SpoonServing Spoon

For serving main course meals, the Serving Spoon or Meat Fork from the Classic or Peony Collection are simply flawless. Beautifully sweet, iridescent enamel with an alluring glow, the Serving Spoon compliments many of the large serving bowls from the Classic, Peony, Flowers or By the Sea Collection. For savory Sunday hams or Thanksgiving Turkey, the Meat Fork in the Classic or Peony Collection has the perfect width and length to assist in the serving of a special family gathering. For a dramatic “wow” factor, use the Serving Fork with the large Classic 21” Beveled Tray with Handles or the Classic 25” Rectangular Tray with Handles.

Cocktail Fork and Cocktail Spoon Cocktail Fork and Cocktail Spoon

Lovely ladles are a charming addition to every party, fete or family affair. For Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, or Christmas, the Peony Ladle will serve up your cherished family gravy recipe in style! The ladle is the perfect serving size and will have everyone fighting over the last scoop of that savory goodness! For pretty punches, don’t miss the mark with an average pouring ladle! Consider the elegant Peony 14” Punch Ladle. Quite lovely, with the opulent mother of pearl infused enamel handle, this ladle will certainly complement any aromatic punch, within one of many of the Julia Knight serving bowls.

 serving utensils serving utensils

Sweet Temptations!

Delight in the perfectly pretty cake serving pieces from the Classic Collection, the Peony Collection and the Florentine Collection. Elegant, timeless and exquisite, these pieces are beautiful works of art that fully function to serve a handmade pie, tasty birthday torte or stunning wedding cake!

Step one starts with the Cake Knife followed by the Cake Server from each collection. Sharing dessert should be based on a moment that encapsulates the entire experience or event. It’s the time of the night that will leave the lasting impression on guests, and how you serve this experience will create warm, loving memories.

 serving utensils Cake Server

Serveware doesn’t start and end with the bowl, platter or tray…it has the occasion to move from one time and place, such as appetizers to the main course and finally, the sweet ending of dessert. And through this process, adding the specialty designed details, such as thoughtfully selected serving utensils that speak to the occasion, provide your guests with an overall awe-inspiring evening that will be cherished a lifetime.

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