How To Choose Right Home Accessories: 5  Must Have Home Accessories

How To Choose Right Home Accessories: 5 Must Have Home Accessories

How To Choose Right Home Accessories: 5 Must Have Home Accessories

Whether you’re a seasoned party planner or busy hostess who hides the deli containers seconds before guests arrive, with Julia Knight, the most stylish soiree is only five minutes away. The secret to the art of creating memorable moments is pairing what’s on hand with a touch of homemade and presenting these dishes on the beautiful Julia Knight serving pieces. Here the five hottest “must-have “pieces for your picture-perfect party…in just five minutes!



A staple in every home, everyone needs a large, versatile tray. Your tray is the flawless foundation for almost every scenario and makes layering a snap. Whether you’re dressing up a coffee table or a dining table, an oversized tray adds style and panache to a traditional charcuterie or your family’s favorite roast beef and potatoes. Ditch the plastic veggie tray, add a smaller bowl for dips and sauces with the perfect pair of Julia Knight serving utensils, and you’ve made your table a pretty talking point at your party!



Functional and fabulous, a 12”-15” bowl is your go-to for a stunning mixed green salad with goat cheese, caprese penne pasta, and more. Pair your large round bowl with a matching Julia Knight salad serving set alongside a pair of salt and pepper shakers and make this trio the star of your table every night.



Platter perfection! Use a Julia Knight platter for appetizers or sides and create an elegant (but easy) work of art for your guests. Prepare an appealing platter that is sure to please. To create a fantastic “5 Minutes to Fabulous” appetizer, start with fresh French bread and fill small bowls with your favorite olive oil and balsamic vinegar. You’ll leave your guests wondering, just how does she do it? 



A 6” bowl is a pretty and practical must-have for every day. To create interest and height, start with a rectangular, round or square tray and layer the small bowl on top or an enamel bowls are great. Create a visual contrast of color with some fresh green guacamole topped with diced tomatoes or rim the bowl with iced shrimp and add cocktail sauce for a quick, easy appetizer. 



Serve up a dazzling dish and delight guests with a stunning salad serving set. Easy to use and even easier to accessorize with! Pair your salad serving set with a 12” or larger serving bowl for an eye-catching (and functional) duo. Create the freshest spring salad mix with walnuts and strawberries. Partner with a small bowl of dressing and a cocktail spoon for a salad that’s sure to please your guests.