Luxury Bathroom Accessories

Classic Versus Contemporary: Luxury Bathroom Accessories

Classic Versus Contemporary: Luxury Bathroom Accessories

Drab to Fab: Luxury Bathroom Accessories

The living room, dining room and bedroom tend to be the most designed rooms of your home. While the bathrooms and powder rooms are often a second thought, with only the basic design needs met. And considering they tend to be the busiest room of the house, we have some great ideas to help you level up your powder room styling.

Whether your look tends to lean traditional or a little more updated modern, the Julia Knight Collection has you, and your powder room, covered with the most extensive range of luxury bathroom sets. Take drab to fab with a variety of choice bath products to enhance your space.

For those with a timeless viewpoint, the Classic Bath Collection offers hand applied mother of pearl infused enamel with the signature Julia Knight thumbprint swirl. The thumbprint swirl is hand applied, one thumbprint at a time, by artisans, giving each piece a unique, one-of-a-kind appearance. Each piece has hand cut, hand polished and hand applied mother of pearl “tiles” embedded in the sand cast aluminum body. The finish of the metal, as well as the mother of pearl, is completed by hand polished to give a stunning sheen to every piece. The vast array of color options gives you the opportunity to find an elegant color palette for every bath in your home.

Classic Bath Collection

If you enjoy a more updated modern style, definitely check out the Cascade Bath Collection. This collection boasts a hand applied iridescent mother of pearl infused enamel with a mixed metal gold and silver on a stainless steel body. Bold, exquisite and clean lines enhance a delicate appearance and make this collection a Julia Knight favorite.

Classic Bath Collection


1.Fight Clutter:

Bathrooms have the highest level of traffic in every house. And because of their daily use, they often end up the most messy as well. Cotton balls, make up brushes, perfumes, soaps and wash clothes leave bathrooms chaotic and cluttered. Make your bathroom neat and tidy, while still looking stylish and stunning, and completely offering practical use of space.

Gather loose items, such as hand towels, soaps and lotions in the Cascade or Classic Vanity Trays. These beautiful trays are the ideal size for bathroom counters, dressers and vanities and still leave enough space to gather all the loose ends that tend to gather. Hand crushed mother of pearl infused enamel that is hand applied by artisans, ensures each piece is absolutely beautiful and unique. For guests, a simple stack of hand towels in the Guest Towel Tray in either the Classic or Cascade Collection, leave a space looking clean and cohesive. For a non-traditional use of the Guest Towel Tray, consider placing decorative paper hand towels for guests. This will not only add a pop of color, but it will also add texture and interest in the small space.

For loose make up brushes or toothbrushes and toothpaste, consider the Classic or Cascade Tumbler. Chic in style yet spaciously conscientious, the tumbler is the perfect way to contain those things you reach for on a daily basis. The Tumblers are also an awesome addition to every desktop, filled with pens, pencils, markers and scissors.


Keep your counters orderly with the use of the Covered Canister, in the Cascade or Classic Collection. This lidded container holds cotton balls, Q-tips or discreet items you would like to keep a lid on.


2.Marvelous Must-Haves:

Don’t miss out on the top selling bathrooms pieces from each collection. If you prefer to mix and match when styling your powder room, each piece is a true masterpiece in this space. Or consider creating a designer feeling and make your selection by pairing up the must have pieces from each collection...the Classic Bath or the Cascade Collection.

The Soap/Lotion Dispenser is an absolute mandatory piece for every bathroom or powder room. Obviously, perfect for hand soap, but did you know this dispenser is also great for hand lotion. Keep this in the bath, by the kitchen sink, on your desk at the office, a little squirt will keep your hands luscious and moist for all seasons.

If you prefer a bar soap, the pretty Soap Dish is raised up on dainty feet and will hold a plethora of soap sizes. This dish also doubles as a jewelry holder, perfect for the powder room, by the kitchen sink or next to your bed. In the office, this bowl hold paper clips, rubber bands or push pins. And don’t forget the perfect hostess gift…just pick up your favorite luxurious scented soap, select a Soap Dish in one of the many gorgeous colors, grab a pretty gift bag and you are ready to give!

Tissue Covers that are pretty and purposeful for every room! These beauties dress up each and every tissue box. The size is designed for the standard square box and acts as the perfectly pretty cover.

Classic Bath Collection Classic Bath Collection

Waste baskets are an absolutely mandatory! The size and scale of the Julia Knight wastebaskets make these pieces and absolute must have for every full bath, half bath or partial powder room. Lightweight and lovely, they stand alone as a gorgeous addition to your bath, office or bedroom.

Classic Bath Collection


3.Fab Functionality:

When designing your home, don’t forget about taking time to thoughtfully plan out the baths and powder rooms, as much as you would your main spaces. Creating elegant, playful or timeless spaces in the most used rooms in the house will create a truly lovely experience for you, as well as your guests. Take a room and truly enable it to be practical for your every day use. And add a designer feeling with luxury bathroom sets or luxury bathroom experiences.

The Julia Knight Collection Bath Collections provide an updated look that will suit all your styling needs. In addition, you will be able to provide additional extra touches in a space while creating unity and cohesion. The smallest room of the house can be where you take the largest design risks, and truly hone in on the details that will enhance your space.

Classic Bath Collection