Elegant Dinner Party Table Decor: Designer Picks, Tips and Tricks for the Ultimate Dining Experience

Elegant Dinner Party Table Decor: Designer Picks, Tips and Tricks for the Ultimate Dining Experience

Elegant Dinner Party Table Decor: Designer Picks, Tips and Tricks for the Ultimate Dining Experience

Elegant Dinner Party Table Decor — What Your Setup Needs

Nothing says warm and inviting more than a carefully curated elegant tablescape greeting your guests at your dinner party. And there are a few key elements that cannot be missed or overlooked! First and foremost, think about the style of the party. Will it be causally elegant? Updated traditional? Modern elegance? Once you’ve narrowed down the theme, create and send the invitations out. A gentle reminder…the invitations are the peek into the style of the event and they will tantalize the guests with what they can expect.

Once invites are sent out, start planning the menu. Will this be a sit-down dinner? More formal, with place cards? Will it be more of a buffet, where guests can help themselves to plating? Or will you simply have passed hors d'oeuvres? Finalizing these details will start you on the road to menu planning. And from menu planning, you’ll start to get into the details of the table décor, flowers, place settings, and music. Focusing on the small details will create big impact and will leave a lasting impression on guests.

Elegant Dinner Party Table Decor: Serveware

For an elegant dinner party, planning the table décor is critical to creating a stunning and impactful table. A dining table that is beautifully decorated, brimming with candlelight and flowers, will be a place where guests will enjoy lingering in conversation, cocktails and cuisine.

For refined elegance that is luxurious, decadent and bold, the Florentine Collection is a must have. This collection absolutely has the most showstopping pieces, such as the 21” Gala Bowl that holds 12 full bottles of bubbly, or the Three-Tiered Gold Server that will display your most precious desserts or savory starters.


Inspired by a snakeskin pattern on a stunning gold bracelet, found while visiting a jeweler in Florence, Italy, Julia knew she wanted to create a collection honoring this breathtaking piece. Every edge of every piece in the Florentine Collection is “wrapped” in a luscious gold serpent-like pattern. And the intricate arches on the exterior of each piece represents the arches of the bridges of the Ponte Vecchio, over the Arno River in Florence, Italy.


For a look that is chic, stylish and timeless, the Classic Collection boasts of hand-carved mother of pearl inlaid edging, with mother of pearl infused enamel in the loveliest array of color palettes. One of the original collections, the Classic Collection remains a favorite among collectors and new lovers of Julia Knight. With a vast selection of serveware, this collection offers the most expansive, beautiful pieces for every meal and occasion. With stunning serving utensils, such as Spreaders or Salad Serving Sets, to the most unique dishes, like the scooped Pagoda Bowl or the fabulously functional Yin-Yang Bowl, the Classic Collection will become your go-to for every celebration.

Elegant Dinner Party Table Decor: Serving Trays 

Charcuterie platters, appetizer trays with dips or crafted cocktails, serving trays are a must have for elegant party table décor. From more intimate events to all-out galas, the Julia Knight Collection has the most remarkable selection to choose from.

For dinner parties with a higher guest count, definitely reach for the larger, handled serving trays. For a look that reads a little more modern elegance, the Sierra Collection has the most gorgeous finishes in the 20” Rectangular Tray. Hand crumpled gold handles with hand beaded edging, the Frosted finish is cool and hip with its mixed metal look. For a look that is truly special, go the same tray, but switch up to the Rainbow Bronze or the Graphite finish. Both looks have an organic movement in the metal that is truly one-of-a-kind.


No matter the guest count, the Julia Knight Collection has the perfect pairing of 14” trays with a wide variety of dipping bowls in various sizes. These two pieces partnered are ideal for breads and olive oil or cheese and crackers with jams or preserves.


Elegant Dinner Party Table Decor: Bowls

Small, medium or large bowls, the Julia Knight Collection offers the most expansive array of bowls in every size, style and color. From playful and whimsical to timelessly elegant, no matter what your style, we’re sure to become your “new” favorite that you’ll cherish for years to come.

Extravagance is always in style at an elegant dinner party. And creating this ambience is easily achieved with select pieces from the Florentine Collection. Especially stunning, the 24” Oval Bowl in Gold Snow will hold the most scrumptious salad or side. This large scale bowl is truly dazzling and will surround any dish with beauty.


Classic, yet practical, the 13” Yin Yang Bowl marries the functionality of two serving pieces into one exclusive compact serving bowl. With a nod to the two complimentary components of Yin Yang, the smaller of the two bowls is perfect for dips and oils, while the larger bowl holds salads, chips or sides, bringing about the opposite forces within one functional bowl.


Elegant Dinner Party Table Decor: Accessories 

Details develop and enrich the delicate layers of beautiful and elegant dinner party table décor. The smallest piece can contribute the most powerful Ohhh-Ahhh moment for your guests.

The Salad Serving Sets, with the deep salad spoon and large forked fork, are available in every collection. These beautiful pieces add layers of beauty and elegance to every bowl and serving tray.


Spreaders are the underdog of every dinner table. Buttering bread, adding cream cheese to a bagel or slathering a plethora of gourmet mustard onto your favorite sandwich, these sweet and petite beauties are the go-to on a daily basis, for.


Elegant Dinner Party Table Decor: Tips from a Designer 

Tip #1

Support local. Shop local. It’s getting to be the season of farmer’s markets and nothing is more appealing than locally sourced fresh fruits and veggies. And while you’re there, don’t forget to shop the flowers and make selections based on your event them or concept.

Tip #2

Set the expectations, and get ahead of the barrage of questions by thoroughly outlining the event in the invitation. From dress code to directions and everything in between, the invite can be a useful tool to manage everyone’s expectations.

Tip #3

When planning your menu, make sure you’re aware of any dietary restrictions your guests may have. And prepare accordingly. As a rule, it’s always important to offer meat-free and gluten free options that will create an explosion of flavor.