Quick Tips to be Thankful for this Thanksgiving

Quick Tips to be Thankful for this Thanksgiving

Quick Tips to be Thankful for this Thanksgiving

Quick Tips to be Thankful for this Thanksgiving

The countdown has begun for Thanksgiving! With so many to-dos on the To-Do List, the goal is to do everything you can to create a stress-free experience for everyone…including yourself. To help you nail down the details of this Thanksgiving fete, we’ve taken the time to compile some tips and tricks for a smooth holiday dinner party.

Shop Your Kitchen First, then Shop the Store

Before you begin menu planning, be a thoughtful hostess and reach out to guests to confirm any allergies or dietary restrictions. Once you’ve done this and created your menu, confirm the recipes, and look through your refrigerator, your pantry and the spice rack for items from your grocery list. Pro tip: don’t forget to add additional Tupperware containers with lids, for leftovers for you and your guests.

When you’re sure you’ve made a thorough list, (and checked it twice,) make sure to take 30 minutes prior to grocery shopping and clear out and reorganize the refrigerator. Since you’ll be preparing a variety of hors d’oeuvres, sides, and desserts, you’ll want to make sure you have the space to store all of your work and efforts. Once this is complete, head on out to the grocery store. Or better yet, pour yourself a glass of red, skip the lines and the chaos of last-minute shoppers and shop online, utilizing the online pickup curbside service.

As the hostess with the mostess, remember, it’s not necessary to make every single dish from scratch. When you have a lovely selection of Julia Knight serveware, store bought sides or desserts will make an absolutely lovely impression on guests. As a starter, chop and slice a colorful array of veggies served high on the Peony Two-Tiered or Three-Tiered Server. Select an artisanal pumpkin pie and dollop with homemade whipped cream, with a dash of vanilla. Serve on the stunning Classic 14” Cake Stand or the pretty Peony 10” Cake Stand.

Peony Two-Tiered Server Peony Two-Tiered Server   Peony Two-Tiered Server

As a gracious host, allow guests to contribute to the meal prep. This will give them the opportunity to contribute and feel included in this grand meal and share one of their traditional family holiday dishes. Whether they bring their specialty dish ready to serve, or you are styling their food, now is the time to reach for a family size serving bowl from the Julia Knight Collection. For a more modern look, grab the Sierra 10” Bowl or for a more unique viewpoint, grab the Sierra 18” Oval Bowl and pair either piece with the Sierra Salad Serving Set. If your look is more tradition, opt for one of the top selling bowls, the Classic 15” Round Bowl or the Peony 15” Round Bowl. For large gatherings that speak to opulence and glamour, the Florentine Collection offers a wide array of stylishly stunning selections.

Sierra Serving Tray with Handles Sierra Serving Tray with HandlesSierra Serving Tray with Handles Sierra Serving Tray with Handles

Let’s Talk Turkey!

It’s two days before Thanksgiving, so if you haven’t already picked up your delicious bird, make sure you select one that is small enough, allowing enough time to thaw. Or consider going to your local meat market and selecting a fresh turkey that has already been thawed. If you’re not set on the final presentation of an entire turkey as a centerpiece, you can also choose smaller parts of a turkey as well.

Typically, 1- 2 pounds per guest is ideal. One pound will ensure all the turkey will be eaten. If you’d like some leftovers, 1.5 pounds per person is great. And for a lot of leftovers, you’ll definitely want to go with a two-pound bird.

When planning your cooking schedule, it’s important to know that, on average, you will want to consider 13 minutes per pound of turkey. And don’t forget to add in 20 minutes into your schedule for resting time!

Serve the Bird in Style

To make that grand entrance extra grand, Julia Knight offers the most beautiful large serving trays that will suit every style and every turkey. For a large golden bird, you’ll definitely want to reach for a hearty tray with handles.

With the large rectangular shape, the Florentine 23” Beveled Tray with Handles will handle any sized turkey or ham. The warmth of the serpent-like textural edging is the perfect frame for the main course. For a softer approach, the oval shape of the Florentine 22.5” Handled Tray will still support your main protein. Both of these trays have the signature Julia Knight swirled thumbprint application in the mother-of-pearl infused enamel and come in a deep, rich Sapphire finish or the creamy Snow finish.

Florentine Rectangular Tray with Handles Florentine Oval Bowl

For a more feminine style, consider the Peony 22.5” Rectangular Tray with Handles. Scalloped edging, reminiscent of a peony petal, this tray will make a lovely centerpiece at your Thanksgiving table. The Classic 21” Beveled Tray with Handles or the Classic 25” Rectangular Tray with Handles are elegant and timeless and have a coordinating Classic Meat Fork.

Florentine Oval Bowl Florentine Oval Bowl

For a more modern take on turkey, grab the Cascade 20” Tray with Handles or the gorgeous Sierra 20” Rectangular Tray. Both of these pieces are stylish in stainless steel, have hand crumpled handles and hand beaded edging. Whether your style is bold and beautiful or tastefully timeless, Julia Knight will be able to present your dish in a way that makes you shine.

Florentine Oval Bowl

Take-Your-Time Tablescape

Creating a welcoming “wow” dining table takes time. It’s important to determine your overall look and feel, while considering the existing pieces you already own and the additional ones you might want to add. Instead of setting the table amongst the wild chaos on the day of Thanksgiving, while you are you are trying to multitask and manage every little detail and every little timer, we suggest styling and setting your dining table the night before. This will give you the time you need to carefully curate each place setting, write out place cards, place the flowers or greenery and embellish with beautiful details. Doing this the evening before Thanksgiving also gives you the opportunity to simply set food in place once it’s completed and ready to be served.

A Time for Family and Friends

No matter who you gather with on Thanksgiving…an intimate gathering of immediate family, a robust arrangement of extended family, a “Friendsgiving” or a mix of all the above, we are Julia Knight are thankful to be a part of creating memorable experiences that will last a lifetime.

Florentine Oval Bowl