Serving Bowls for the Seasoned and Aspiring Entertainers

Serving Bowls for the Seasoned and Aspiring Entertainers

Serving Bowls for the Seasoned and Aspiring Entertainers

Serving Bowls for the Seasoned and Aspiring Entertainers

Summer brings sunshine, socializing and soirées. Whether you’re a seasoned host or hostess, or you’re dreaming of the day of when you’ll have more than one event under your belt, the Julia Knight Collection will ensure you have the most stunning tabletop for your guests to savor.

Serving Bowls Fit For Every Moment 

From causal gatherings to more formal affairs, it’s important to have a wide assortment of serving bowls on hand, in a mix of sizes, colors and styles. Ideal for starters or snacks, large bowls thoughtfully scattered in a variety of places throughout your home, make mixing and mingling for a guests a breeze, and will also ensure that guests aren’t crowded in one location at your party. For a dining buffet or formal sit down dinner, providing an array of bowls for sides, salads or main courses will create a bold and beautiful tablescape. To create an aesthetically pleasing table, pay attention to the details and don’t forget petite and small scale bowls for spices, condiments or sauces. Having a wide range of serving bowls on hand and in your repertoire will help you create a stunning experience that all your guests are sure to enjoy.

Large Serving Bowl

Whether you’re having dinner for two, or creating a large family style affair, large serving bowls will be your saving grace. A large serving bowl is perfect for you and a guest, for a large, tossed luncheon salad, with the freshest ingredients from the local farmers market. For a more casual occasion, large serving bowls are perfect for savory miso carrots, or a beautiful tangy Greek salad, overflowing with kalamata olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion and feta. A plethora of sides, such as loaded scalped potatoes or the perfect garlic mashed potatoes, served at a dinner party, are all the more appealing in lovely selection of gorgeous large serving bowls. For a party that’s a little more formal, consider an extra large serving bowl for a sweet and vibrant punch, with edible flowers, frozen in ice cubes.

The Classic Collection is one of the original selections from Julia Knight and has one of the most striking and popular assortments available. Hand-cut and hand applied mother of pearl accents on the edging on the Classic 15” Round Bowl with hand crushed mother of pearl infused enamel in the interior of the bowl, make this a stunning favorite. The enamel is hand applied with the signature thumbprint swirl, making each piece a one-of-a-kind heirloom piece. The opening of this bowl provides ample space for your favorite go-to recipes and the eight finish options will provide enough style to suit every décor style.


Elegant and sumptuous, the Florentine Collection has a textural gold edging that that is warm and luscious, yet highly functional and fabulous. Formal affairs will be memorable for the use of the Florentine Gold 21” Gala Bowl. Perfect for your favorite bubbly, this bowl can easily hold six or more full size bottles of champagne. Or for a pop of color and drama, consider a sophisticate punch, such as a ruby red pomegranate punch, either NA or with a little kick of whiskey. 


Salad Serving Bowl

Fresh from your garden, spring greens, carrots, sweet colorful cherry tomatoes, yellow and green peppers, topped off with a freshly squeezed orange vinaigrette, make the perfect summer salad. Pair this with a beautifully colorful salad serving bowl, and you’ll create a lasting impression on guests. From gorgeous stainless steel serving bowls with texture and movement, to bright and bold enamel bowls with an iridescent glow, the Julia Knight Collection offers the most illustrious selection of serving bowls for every occasion.

Whimsy and wonder surround the bright and beautiful Flowers Collection from Julia Knight. Vibrant and pastel colors surround beautiful sides and salads, creating a dramatic, happy tablescape. Perfectly pretty, fruit salads or fresh veggie salad in the Lily 15” Stargazer Bowl or the robust Rose 15” Bowl, will warm and delight guests.


Lovely and alluring, the Peony Collection from Julia Knight is refined and functional. Soft scalloped edging, with the hand applied signature thumbprint swirl, the Peony 15” Round Bowl will quickly become one of your favorites. Not only can this bowl hold its own, but it pairs well with other collections, such as By the Sea, the Classic Collection or the Flowers Collection.


Pasta Serving Bowl

Rustic, warm tones or classic colors and styling, the Julia Knight Collection has a gorgeous array of stunning bowls to suit every meal, salad or side. And pasta serving bowls are no exception to this! Large, bowls with

With infinite movement within the metallic finish, the Eclipse Collection is reminiscent of the style of raku pottery. Warmth and depth are mesmerizing, and become a focal point of every table or occasion, whether you choose the Eclipse 15” Bowl in the Bronze or the Eclipse 15” Bowl in the Steel Blue finish. Both color palettes are absolutely remarkable and, with the wide opening, are the perfect size for a family meal of spaghetti and meatballs.


Serving Bowl Set 

Pretty and practical bowls are incredibly fabulous and a must have for everyone. At Julia Knight, we understand how important it is to collect your favorite bowls, no matter how many you need. And because of this, Julia has created space saving collections and made sure each and every bowl can self store within each other, with stacking serving bowl sets.

The Cascade Collection is the perfect example of the awesome functionality of the stacking serving bowl sets. Not only is this set stylish with the hand hammered stainless steel finish and the hand sponged mother of pearl infused enamel, but it also takes up less space in your cabinets. Room to collect them all!


Serving Bowls:  Designer Tips for Entertainment 

Tip #1

For ease and function, partner every large serving bowl with stunning Salad Serving Sets. Within the Julia Knight Collection, Julia has created Salad Serving Sets to compliment every collection. Fabulous can still be functional!

Tip #2

Stainless steel bowls make the perfect mixing bowls! Lightweight and easy to work with, the Cascade Metallic Collection and the Sierra Collection can be used for serving salads or sides or even creating that special meal.

Tip #3

Mixing and matching pieces can add charm and drama to every table. However, too much variety can feel a little overwhelming and chaotic. When mixing pieces together, consider a “grounding” viewpoint. Whether that is keeping to one color palette, or utilizing a certain finish, such as ceramic or wood. Keep the chaos under control with carefully curated styling.