Summer Brunch Beauties

Summer Brunch Beauties

Summer Brunch Beauties

School is winding down and summer activities are starting to ramp up.  Kick off the summer season by hosting a charming brunch with great food and great company. Eliminate the fussiness of this casual affair and create an experience that is lovely and inviting, with these few tips.

Summer is synonymous with “laid-back”.  Often, when we think of a casual summer brunch, we think of paper plates and red solo cups. However, with Julia Knight serveware, you can still have that casual look without sacrificing style. The whimsical collections below are ideal for sunshine, summer, champagne mimosa’s and friends.

The Flower Collection

The most charming way to adorn flowers on your dining table without having to go to the farmer’s market! Julia Knight’s Flowers Collection has a myriad of gorgeous serveware that will bring any summer tablescape to life. This collection is bursting in color and brilliance and adds charm and delight to every occasion. Layer in the vibrant colors and styles for a table that screams summer!

By the Sea Collections

Summer is made for fun in the sun, the beach and waves splashing up on the shore. Why not transport that feeling to your guests and create an elegant splash of that coastal magic with Julia Knight’s By the Sea Collection. From the sweet curve of a seahorse tail on the salad serving bowl set, to the stylish wave of the clam serving bowl, your guests will be delighted with the magic of the sea!

The Classic Collection and The Peony Collection

Sophisticated and elegant, Julia Knight’s Classic Collection and the Peony Collection come in an array of gorgeous summer colors meant to be on display. From the vibrant blues of a summer sky and the soft green of a floral leaf, this collection will provide a relaxing summer feeling that will last all through the day and night.