Summer Kitchen Decor Ideas: How to Bring the Sunny Season into Your Home

Summer Kitchen Decor Ideas: How to Bring the Sunny Season into Your Home

Summer Kitchen Decor Ideas: How to Bring the Sunny Season into Your Home

Summer Kitchen Decor Ideas: How to Bring the Sunny Season into Your Home

Summer is here and at Julia Knight, we have the most stunning summery, sunshiny selection of happy summer kitchen décor for every occasion. From whimsical to joyful to simply pretty, we offer a vast selection of colorful pieces to fill out your tablescape and bring the bright and cheery summer season inside.

Summer Kitchen Décor Ideas

It’s time to make the switch from cold and dreary to fresh and fabulous for the summer season in your kitchen. There are many ways to add subtle nuisances to this room to create a space that is happy, bright and joyful.

In preparation for your summer overhaul, the first goal would be to eliminate as much clutter as possible. Now, this does not mean simply throwing everything on your counter into your junk drawer. (Although, we all have to admit, when company comes to visit last minute, we set no rules and pass no judgement while you quickly prepare!)

Clearing clutter starts on the countertops. Editing items that you have on the counter can have a big impact on your site line in your kitchen. Eliminating the chaos that often happens on surfaces due to utilizing counters as the “drop zone” for everything from handbags to homework is key. To do this, take a true assessment of what you use on a daily and weekly basis. If you don’t use something within two weeks, move it to a new accessible location, not on your countertop. You’ll be amazed how quickly access space is created.

Once you’ve cleared the clutter, it’s important to dig in and do a deep clean. For summer, select a natural cleanser that has a light, citrusy scent. Not only will you be preparing your surfaces for your new summer kitchen décor, but you’ll also embellish the air with a fragrant smell that is bright and refreshing.

Understated Color with Big Impact

Adding finely edited visual cues of summer will bring you moments of pleasure in your kitchen, whether you’re passing through, creating a brunch for the girls or preparing the latest bounty from your summer garden. It’s not about grand, obvious gestures but more about providing a hint of cheerful “pockets” carefully placed throughout your kitchen.

Countertop Color Decor Ideas

When determining the color palette of the décor accents, select classic colors such as navy and white and then add pops of complimentary colors like yellow, orange, fuchsia or pale green. These colors will create a kitchen that is joyful and jubilant and will bring the outdoors inside.

Once you’ve determined the color palettes, then collect a range of the primary colors in a variety of décor accents, and curate a bold and beautiful collection of these items in one place, such as on the center island or a kitchen table. Consider a collection of small accent bowls from the Peony Collection in the Teal, Aqua or Azure Finish. These brilliant blue tones, gathered together on the Peony 22.5” Rectangular Tray with Handles in the Snow Finish are the perfect place to add a summer mix of colorful sweets and snacks. Add your great grandmother’s crystal vase of vibrant sunflowers or a punch of pink with the latest peony garden blooms and you’ve created a lively kiss of summer.


Fruit and Citrus

Fresh fruit or luscious citrus displayed in a unique bowl offers a vibrant, natural element to a dark counter corner or a large kitchen island. For a large family, the Lily 20” Bowl in the Snow finish is perfect for a mix of bright yellow bananas, happy granny smith green apples or soft peachy tones of a Georgia peach. For a more modern style, the Rose 12” Bowl in Snow is radiant when it’s filled with farmers market lemons. For a juxtaposition of color, the Lily 15” Bowl in Raspberry, overflowing with plump juicy oranges, makes for a bold blocking of color.


Happily Herb

For the vivacious cook, you’ll definitely want to have a fresh herb garden readily at your disposal. Thyme, basil, parsley and rosemary add a fresh look to your countertops, yet are a critical must-have for every budding or advanced chef. Utilizing simple white containers to grow these tasty herbs keeps the look clean, while gathering them all together on a lovely tray, like the Peony 14” Rectangular Tray, elevates the look to a sophisticated viewpoint.

Fresh Cut Flowers

Nothing says sunshine and summer more than the seasonal cuts of fresh flowers from your local market. Long stems of tiger lilies or a bouquet of dazzling gladiolus make a colorful statement on your counter or kitchen island. Since these arrangements are often tall, it’s important to add a variety of smaller sizes and scales below to create a cohesive, finished look. Gathering a collection of items on the Classic 25” Rectangular Tray with Handles in the Aqua finish, with a stylish and fragrant array of colorful flowers is the perfect start to the ideal island centerpiece. Next, add the Peony 14” Cake Stand in the Snow finish and for a pretty touch, add a collection of antique dessert plates, carefully stacked on top. For the finishing touch, add the Peony 16” Oval Bowl in Snow with a mix of the seasons freshest strawberries, blackberries and blueberries.

 Mix and Match: Vintage Modern

Another pretty countertop idea is gathering a mix of round platters and plates, carefully layered, leaning up against the tile walls. Start with a larger scale item, such as the more vintage modern Cascade 13” Round Tray in the Frosted Finish. Next add a smaller scale round plate with a beautifully bold pattern in your primary color palette. Finally, stack a smaller scale circular plate in one of your accent colors. Take all three of these pieces, tie them with a striped bakers twine, stack them on a plate stand, so the many layers will be able to be seen and admired, and them place these pieces gently against a more modest backdrop, such as subway tiles or cool marble tones.

No matter what you decide to do to refresh your kitchen and bring forth the visual cues of summer, keep colors complimentary and the flowers and fruits fresh and fab! And you’ll have the perfect combo of casually summer and sophisticated sunshine.