Cascade 5" Tissue Cover Pink Lace

Cascade 5" Tissue Cover Pink Lace

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Also available in colors

Also available in colors: Cloud, Surf, Mist and Rainbow Bronze. 

Only 36 items in stock!

Gesundheit! Gorgeous and gracious, the Cascade 5" Tissue Cover makes functionality fabulous! With hand beaded stainless steel, and hand layered mother of pearl infused enamel, this piece is also available in a stunning array of fresh, updated colors. Perfect for your powder room, on your vanity, on your nightstand, in your guest room, on your kitchen , at work on your desk...the list goes on! Who says practicality can't be stylish? Create a cohesive style from party to powder room, from tabletop to toilette and complete your bath ensemble. Pair this piece with the Cascade 7" Soap Dish, the Cascade 9.75" Waste Basket and the Cascade 9" Guest Towel Tray for a complementary viewpoint throughout your entire home.


Julia Knight


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