Large Serving Platters for the Host that “Goes Big or Goes Home”

Large Serving Platters for the Host that “Goes Big or Goes Home”

Large Serving Platters for the Host that “Goes Big or Goes Home”

Large Serving Platters for the Host that “Goes Big or Goes Home”

Large Serving Platters for Every Event

As the holidays become a beautiful memory and the season of sunshine and outdoor entertaining unfold, it’s time to really take an inventory of what we have in our cupboards to become the “Hostess with the Mostess.” With spring and summer come some of our most treasures holidays, such as Easter, Mother’s Day, and Memorial Day. Bump into summer and we are ready to celebrate Father’s Day and Independence Day. And don’t forget personal holidays, such as anniversaries or birthday, smattered in-between.

For every upcoming joyful celebration, Julia Knight has you covered with a plethora of large, handcrafted and one-of-a-kind beautiful serving platters. Each serving tray is hand created and hand finished, making every event an extra special occasion.

And as we head into summer, stunning savory charcuterie platters or their counterparts, luscious sweet treats of sugary goodness compiled on pretty platters, are still on trend. Piled high with gourmet cheese, artisanal breads, flavored crackers, epicurean meats with pickled veggies and olives, these gorgeous showstoppers start with amazing platters as their base.


Or if you have more of a sweet tooth and prefer something much more luscious and decadent, than plan to create the most beautiful dessert trays topped with pretty pastries, mini bars and tasty truffles. No matter your preference, savory or sweet, the Julia Knight Collection offers a plethora of elegant serving trays to suite every taste and style for every upcoming event.

Large Serving Platters for Family Dinner

Traditionally, Sundays were the perfect day for the entire family to gather and catch up on their week, share the latest news and spend some quality time with their family. But in this day and age, there is no specific standard for when everyone can gather, which opens up a variety of new times to create special moments. From classic fare, such as ham and scalloped potatoes, to pork roast and mashed potatoes, the Julia Knight Collection has a wide range of handled serving trays to haul your hearty meals from counter to the table. From the Classic Collection, or the Sierra Collection and everything in between, our serving platters with handles come will have guests coming back each day they know you are serving.

Classic Collection

The Classic Collection has a stunning range of large, yet elegant serving trays. For ease and simplicity, the Classic 21” Beveled Tray with Handles is larger scaled and has handles that slope upwards, which makes it easy to carry the perfect family dinner of roast beef, potatoes, and vegetables. For entertaining friends and family, gather barware and glassware on luxurious Classic 25” Rectangular Tray with Handles. The scale is ideal for your go-to Julia Knight Martini Shaker and Ice Bucket, along with your favorite local libations in a classic highball or cocktail glass.


Sierra Collection

Warm and enticing, the Sierra 20” Rectangular Tray is a thing of beauty. Hand crumpled handles, with hand beaded edging, these beautiful stainless steel serving trays come in three different finishes: Rainbow Bronze, Graphite and Frosted. The Rainbow Bronze and Graphite finishes have a subtle movement within the metal that is compelling and mesmerizing. The Frosted finish is a perfect blend of mixed metals of high gloss gold with textured matte silver textures.


Elegant Serving Trays for Special Celebrations

Celebrations of all kinds are truly memorable when all the little details are thoughtfully planned out. And the perfect serveware is no exception. Celebrations traditionally call for cakes or tortes or some other dessert wish of the celebratory recipient/s. And accentuating these magical sweet treats with the perfect serving tray, large or small is a dream come true!

Florentine Collection

For those with a penchant for opulence and elegance, the Florentine 22.5” Handled Tray in Gold is the perfect for the birthday cake, with room to embellish on the sides. Replicating the serpentine pattern of skin of a snake, this platter is a soft rectangle shape with duo handles. Classic colors, such as Snow and Sapphire, pair brilliantly with the bright gold finish of the trays edging and backing.


Peony Collection

Pretty and purposeful, the Peony Collection by Julia Knight is one of the original collections that has stood the test of time. Soft and feminine, the Peony 22.5” Rectangular Tray with Handles has lovely scalloped edges, a softly swirled handle and comes in an attractive opalescent Snow finish. Perfect for breakfast in bed, or best friends and brunch, this beauteous serving tray with become your number one go-to for all special occasions.

Large Serving Platters for the Frequent Entertainer

Frequent entertaining is not for the faint of heart! And to ensure that your guests, and you, have a great time, it’s helpful to have a variety of large serving platters on hand. Ideal for serving bevvies or cocktails, passed or paused hors’ devourers, main meets, such as a Sunday ham, the large serving platters will become the workhorse of your amazing entertaining mecca.

Serving Tray Collections (Fit For All of Your Needs)

There are so many reasons and so many occasions to reach for a large serving tray. In fact, more often than not, you’ll need many at one time, especially if you are the host of your family. The Julia Knight Collection creates pieces that can be bold and beautiful on their own, but are even more dynamic when you mix them with a variety of colors and styles. Smaller scale trays are perfect for tapas or fruits and cheese. For meat and cheese platters, fresh fruit and seasonal veggies, main course dishes or delicious desserts, large serving platters are perfect for any and all entertainment.


Classic Collection

Handcrafted, beautiful serving trays with or without handles, the Classic Collection is truly a standout grouping. This collection boasts hand cut mother of pearl edging inlaid in sand-cast aluminum with hand applied mother-of-pearl pieces, all topped with the iridescent mother-of-pearl infused enamel. This collection is classic in every sense of the word and truly adds timeless beauty to every table or event.

From Bat Mitzvahs, to birthdays, anniversaries or dinner parties, collecting the correct amount of large serving trays with or without handles will be sure to set you apart, but also prepare you for what comes next!